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Hernia of an intervertebral disk. What to do?

Hernia of an intervertebral disk are not just complication of osteochondrosis owing to destruction of tissues of spine column. It is the natural final of development of this disease. The final which is capable to result in disability and deprivation of a possibility of independent movement.

Hernia of a disk is most often disability, constant severe pains and threat of surgery. All drug treatment which to you can be appointed after establishment of such diagnosis does not lead to healing. Experts who will observe you even more often will speak after that more persistently about need of surgery. You should not hurry.

Hernia of an intervertebral disk develops gradually (excepting injuries). It occurs in connection with destruction of a disk and vertebras. The major factor disposing to development of hernia is the metabolic disorder, a hypodynamia, a sedentary life, lack of regular trainings gymnastics, excess weight, the civilization benefits etc., etc. As a result the disk loses the depreciation properties from - for losses of elasticity and flexibility.

After loss of depreciation properties pressure upon the struck intervertebral disk continues to increase. There are still big structural changes. The disk at an initial stage of a disease becomes thinner, deformed. Subsequently, if measures to elimination of a cause of illness are not undertaken, there is a protrusion of a disk from intervertebral space. It is also hernia of an intervertebral disk.

of Danger of surgical intervention

In this regard should understanding

that at establishment of such diagnosis as hernia of an intervertebral disk, is required urgent and adequate treatment. Today conservative methods of treatment of this disease are rather poor and represent rather symptomatic treatment. That is are directed to elimination of symptoms of a disease, but not to elimination of the reason causing emergence of a pain syndrome. Most often in this case the anesthetizing preparations, nonsteroid resolvents, rassasyvayushchy substances, vitamins which support a tone of nervous backs are appointed. All this is only capable to facilitate a condition of the patient, but does not promote his healing at all.

Hernia of an intervertebral disk as a result of such therapy remains on the place and continues to develop (to increase). As a radical method of treatment the modern medicine offers surgery. Backbone operation is rather risky action for which successful result any neurosurgeon will not be able to be charged. Statistically, which is extremely unfavourable, 70% which underwent an operation on removal of hernia of an intervertebral disk within one and a half years after operation earn one more or at once several hernias of intervertebral disks.

Alternative treatment

At an operational method of treatment is fine alternative - a kinezioterapiya (therapy by the movement, LFK), specialized (articulate osteopathic) massage, miofastsialny correction where massage plays a role in removal of spasms of muscles and sheaves, improvements of their food, and the physical culture (kinezioterapiya) has the main effect - switching, or, to tell more precisely, inclusion, in work of earlier spazmirovanny muscles, with the subsequent their downloading. At the same time you will be almost completely relieved of negative impact of medicamentous preparations which are appointed to the patient for the purpose of reduction of his sufferings.

The main methods and ways of therapy at treatment of hernia of an intervertebral disk will be directed to elimination of consequences of destruction of a disk and pozvonochnogostolb, and the most important - to treatment of the main problem of people with hernia - hypertrophies of sheaves and an atrophy of muscles of a backbone!

Aftercare prevention

After removal of a pain syndrome by means of massage manipulations the expert will be all the efforts to direct to restoration of the struck disk which as a result of destruction was stuck out from intervertebral space. For this purpose, first of all, the therapy directed to restoration of a tone of muscles and sheaves which support a spine column in vertical position will be carried out.

After achievement of positive result with muscles load of the struck disk considerably will decrease. It will help to slow down and turn back destructive changes. Subsequently the expert will carry out the therapy directed to maintenance of the copular device and improvement of blood supply of this site of a backbone. At the same time he will do everything possible in order that inflammatory processes stopped and process of a rassasyvaniye of hernia and restoration of a disk began. And it also is just many not favourite physical culture. Two - three occupations a week are quite enough that process of treatment was not interrupted.

It is worth noticing that if to interrupt visits of a gym for one or two months, pains can develop again. Therefore it is simpler to people to cut off something at itself, to anesthetize, the main thing, quicker and without long-term tiresome treatment. Especially without being interested that results from such actions. The main thing that was not ill.

You ask whether it is possible that hernia of an intervertebral disk will decrease? Yes, it is possible and confirmed with numerous cases in medical practice.