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Spot from wine on a cloth. What to do?

- The Fresh spot during a holiday can be strewed with table salt which will absorb all liquid (and it is even better to mix salt with cold water and to apply this gruel on a spot), then to remove it with a napkin.
- To Blot a spot with wet towel wipes that in it moisture was absorbed. Then to wash a product in cold water, having added to it one teaspoon of liquid ammonia. Repeated washing is carried out in warm water with usual powder or soap.
- In most cases (if fabric does not need delicate leaving) the spot from wine on a cloth and napkins can be removed abrupt boiled water. For this purpose it is necessary to pull a cloth / napkin / other thing soiled by wine and to water the polluted site with boiled water until the spot is washed up (it is possible to add a little vinegar to water or lemon acid).
- For fabrics which cannot be erased spots from wine can be brought solution out of glycerin, vodka and liquid ammonia in a proportion 1:3:1.
- Hot milk or curdled milk perfectly delete wine spots on cotton fabrics. It is rather simple to rub a spot liquid, and then to stretch a product in soap water.
- The Lemon will also help with fight against spots from wine. The polluted site needs to be rubbed a lemon slice, and then to dry a thing on the sun. After the cloth will dry up, it needs to be rinsed in warm water.
- Spots from beer and white wine disappear after washing in warm water with soda addition.
- Old wine spots are brought by means of mix of peroxide of hydrogen and liquid ammonia (at the rate of 1 teaspoon to 250 ml of hot water).
- The Old spot can be removed solution of lemon acid: 2 grams of acid in a glass of water. Wipe a cloth with this solution, and then stretch it in warm water.
- Mix of glycerin and an egg yolk (50:50) will help to remove a spot from wine on a color cloth. You leave mix for a couple of hours on the soiled site, after a product (a cloth / napkin / blouse, etc.) it is necessary to stretch in warm soap water.
- Spots from white wine or champagne are enough to be washed off in cold water or to rub an ice piece then to stretch a cloth in warm soap water.
is not RECOMMENDED: to wash the soiled thing in hot water with soap as the spot can change the color and remove it it will be already much more difficult.
If to you for any reasons was not succeeded to bring a spot from wine out of a favourite cloth, experiment as Aemilia Feys Harnas who draws portraits wine on snow-white cloths. The turned-out masterpiece can be presented to the guest who began a picture))).