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How it is correct to select clothes for children?

Very often in the practice I face inability of adults to dress the children. In this case this is not about beauty or correctly picked up size that too is important. It is about correctly sewed clothes for the child, a possibility of clothes to be transformed, quality of material.
First of all we will talk about materials. Fabrics of which the lower clothes are made has to contain not less than 80% of cotton. Buttons or buttons have to be in front or from above products. Do not allow on a kidswear (baud and overalls) of internal lateral buttons. Very often by production of elegant dresses for kids producers dare to install for convenience of clothing buttons behind on a neck. Remember that the buttons located on all length of a dress behind can injure the child`s backbone. If you often spread the kid on a stomach of buttons or buttons in front should not be in general.
What the overalls, a romper suit or panties are more convenient? The opinion in this question was shared, and everyone chooses for himself, what is more convenient. In all cases there are positive and negative moments. Overalls - clothes convenient in every respect, except for cases when the kid after food plentifully belches and it it is necessary to change clothes. A romper suit approaches if indoors where there is a child cold. A double layer of clothes a jacket plus toddlers create additional heat, but baud instead of a jacket in this case it is more convenient. The third option baud and panties on an elastic band the most convenient option if in the house rather warmly and the child it is necessary to change clothes often.
What to dress on the child the second layer late fall or in the winter. Now products from fleece and a velsoft (fluffy fabric), such products beautiful became fashionable, and children in them are similar to plush toys. However it is worth treating such things with care. Buying fleece clothes, be convinced that at structure there are not less than 60% of cotton of 40% of acryle or polyester. Velsoft is 100% polyester and to you it is not necessary to buy a thing in which there is no internal cotton lining at all.
For warming of the kid should consider products from wool or acryle. These clothes breathe and do not cause an overheat. To be continued .