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How to make cake without pastries?

In summer hot days are not always desire to stand at a plate … And what to do if there is a wish to indulge himself and the members of household with a tasty cake? Or the holiday is planned? It is possible to buy, of course, cake in shop, but prepared by the hands always is more tasty! On this case I suggest you to make cake without pastries! Enjoyable “bonus“ it is possible to find that on preparation of such cake you will need not enough time.

As a rule, cakes without pastries prepare one of two ways: or this cake should be cooled well (if gelatin is a part), or to allow cake to be drawn.

Today I will share with you several recipes of cakes without pastries which I use.

And - La of Tiramisu Cake

to you will be required to

For preparation of this cake:

Savoyarda cookies (“ladies` fingers“) - 40 pieces.

of Mascarpone - 250 g

Cream of 33 - 35% - 250 g

Strong coffee - 100 ml

Rum or cognac - 20 ml

Icing sugar - 100 g

of Cocoa - 10 g

Make strong coffee, cool it to room temperature. Add fragrant alcohol (rum, cognac, Armagnac, the Amaretto liqueur) to coffee. Shake up cream with icing sugar in strong foam. Accurately connect mascarpone to whipped cream. Weight has to be creamy and uniform.

Pour coffee in a plate. Lower in coffee the savoyard cookies, literally for couple of seconds and spread on a dish. The first layer will require 10 pieces (lay out in two ranks 5 pieces in everyone). Lay out a half of cream on cookies. Repeat a cookies layer, only now spread cookies perpendicular to the first layer. Repeat a cream layer. Make a side of the remained cookies (as “fence“), slightly pressing cookies to cake. In order that cookies kept along cake sides stronger, they can be greased with the cream remains slightly. Or to tie cake with a satin ribbon! Strew top of cake with the sifted cocoa and leave to be drawn in the refrigerator for 2 - 3 hours.

To cream for cake without pastries “and - la of tiramisu“ can be added fresh fruit, for example, strawberry. Such cake can be made in a demountable round form, having established previously along form boards the savoyard cookies, and further - all according to the recipe.

Zephyr Cake

to make Zephyr cake without pastries, will be required to you:

Apples large - 3 - 4 pieces

Egg (only protein) - 1 piece

Sugar - 700 g

Vanilla sugar - 10 g

Water - 160 ml

the Agar - 8 g

the anniversary Cookies - 250 g

butter - 125 g

Fresh berries - to taste.

Break cookies the blender in a crumb, add the softened oil and knead “dough“. Distribute weight from cookies in shape with demountable boards and clean a form in the refrigerator for 30 - 40 minutes.

Wet an agar in water. Prepare from mashed potatoes apples. For this purpose cut apples on halves, remove a core and bake in a microwave at a high power 3 - 4 minutes. Get a spoon pulp of apples from skins and wipe with the blender. At you 250 g of apple puree have to turn out. Add vanilla sugar and 250 g of sugar to warm mashed potatoes usual. Mix and leave before full cooling.

Put the agar wetted earlier on fire and bring to boiling that the agar was dissolved. Pour sugar into an agar, mix and you cook syrup about 5 minutes on average fire (if you have a culinary thermometer, then temperature of syrup has to be 110 degrees). If there is no thermometer, then cook to that state when the spoon lifted from syrup pulls for itself syrup “thread“. Switch off fire and let`s syrup cool down a little.

Add a half of white in apple puree, vigorously mix. Enter the remained protein and shake up everything the mixer up to the dense and magnificent weight. Without stopping beating, enter a thin stream hot syrup. Important : use a big bowl since weight strongly increases in volume for beating! Ready weight is similar to weight for meringue.

Lay out a half of weight on a cake layer from cookies, add fresh berries (I recommend to use sour berries, for example currant, since zephyrous weight rather sweet). Lay out the remained zephyrous weight. It is not obligatory to clean cake in the refrigerator - properties of an agar are that that the weight to which it is added begins to stiffen already at 40 degrees with a sign +.

Decorate cake voluntarily. Before giving accurately carry out by a knife along walls of a demountable form and take from it cake.

And, perhaps, the simplest cake without pastries...

Smetanny cake - jelly with berries

This cake will be the easiest of all listed - and on a way of preparation, and on caloric content.

For preparation of this cake without pastries take:

Sour cream of 15% - 0,5 l

Gelatin - 15 - 20 g

Cream of 10% (or milk) - 100 ml

Sugar - 200 g

Fresh seasonal berries - 300 g

Wet gelatin in cream (or milk), according to the instruction on packing. Pay attention that time of swelling of gelatin at different producers can strongly differ (from 10 minutes to an hour).

Shake up sour cream with sugar before sugar dissolution. Dismiss the bulked-up gelatin on fire, without bringing cream to boiling (when boiling gelatin loses the zheliruyushchy properties).

Cool gelatin to room temperature and a thin stream pour in sour cream. Shake up once again. Cover a bowl with a round bottom a film, pour out in it sour cream and add some berry. Mix and clean in cold until as sour cream will turn into jelly.

Accurately turn cake on a dish and remove a film. That`s all, your dessert is ready!

As you see, to make cake without pastries - it is very simple!