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Carefully swindlers! How to secure itself?

Sect. Behind a mask of piety

To writing of this article, me was roused by my patient who asked me for the help. Within five years it was under the influence of such structure. Being in a condition of constant alarm and panic attacks, this woman addressed the magician five years ago - to the psychic. Found phone in the newspaper which is put in each mailbox. The unfortunate woman answered my question why you did not address the psychologist or the psychotherapist, that she felt influence of black magic and asked for the help.

In literal sense, the psychic ingratiated with the unfortunate, suffering woman. Behind a mask of deep participation and compassion, found out all family secrets and began them to blackmail, driving the victim to despair, to a condition of panic fear, forcing to submit to the will.

For the last five years, this magician - the psychic forced to lease on the security the apartment and the car, and to give money to her. Took away all gold and all cash. Total amount of an order is 10 - 12 million rubles and more. At the same time constantly called, threatened, blackmailed, demented unfortunate. Said that they have a sect, 13 people. From us you will not get to anywhere. You will do, what I will tell.

Ruined all its health, brought to mental exhaustion, destroyed the relations in a family. And all is unsubstantiated. There are no receipts, documents, witnesses. It cannot even be attracted.

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard is the American researcher, the developer of dianetics and scientology. One of the richest people of America. In 1949, entering before the educated public, declared: If the person really wants to receive one million (taking into account inflation read: one billion) dollars, the best way is to base own religion! And his appeal was heard and accepted as the guide to action.

Sect - the religious group or a community which created, as a rule, within a certain religion around the outstanding leader (the prophet, the preacher, ….) . The sect a beret a certain part of the doctrine also gives it for whole, supplementing with dogmas and internal laws, convenient for itself.

Many call themselves Christians. It is very convenient. Under this mask it is easier to ingratiate, direct personal contacts, to invite to personal meetings.

I will remind that the Lord testified not violence, but love! Sects preach authoritarian regime and the atmosphere of violence over Soul and over the personality.

In sects, for impact on adherents, actively use receptions of the NLP (neurolinguistic programming), of hypnosis and black magic . Brainwashing consciousness and suppressing will. Members of sect are held on fear: serious illnesses, losses of relatives, death, physical destruction. There is a continuous manipulation with consciousness, blackmail. Threats to destroy family life, official position, the personal relations, life and health of close people.

The first contacts very soft, a tender voice with illusion of sincere participation. But very quickly the animal grin appears. All property is taken away from the victim, and the adherent is brought to full mental exhaustion.

What Prime targets would not be preached, the true purpose is far from cultural wealth. A task number one - to gather unfortunate to a thread. Yes so that he also did not notice at once it. All events are packed in a beautiful candy wrapper. Having once got to sect, people cannot escape for years. Being in a condition of fear and paralysis of will, the victim turns into the pathetic weak-willed slave!


If you were approached and by a tender voice asked: Whether you believe in God?, do not fall into a trap. These are HUNTERS of SOULS! You remember, Orthodoxy - voluntary religion. In Soul does not climb and on the street for a sleeve is not enough.

It is careful swindlers

One more form of manipulation with consciousness and submission to the will. Modern Schools of spiritual development and School of personal growth. What do they differ from sects in? - Yes anything. Same authoritarianism. Suppression of the personality, unconditional submission to the leader. The leader the movement positions himself as “Ultimate truth“. The same methods of impact on listeners turning them into puppets are used: NLP (neurolinguistic programming), hypnosis and black magic . The same purposes and tasks, as in any business: to receive, it is as much as possible listeners and to earn, it is as much as possible money. The moral aspect of process does not concern anybody any more. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

And each newcomer becomes the power donor for the operating top. From them, in literal sense, exhaust vital energy. And on their background, the leader, their Guru looks as the inhabitant of heaven. Gradually there is a full submission his ox. As result, the broken destinies, the ruined physical and mental health. The youth gets to psychiatrists, and there are also more hard cases.

Fraud on the Internet

To my e-mail letters of “happiness“, allegedly, daily come from the different countries. In them the following is reported: in one cases I won the international lottery, in others the childless couple chose me as the only heir, in the third cases my relatives were located abroad and left inheritance etc. Fantastic figures with ten and more than zero are specified in all cases. At the person near, naive, with unstable mentality can break and induce the head him on rash acts.

And acts which expect from it are - the translation of a tax on inheritance, fee of the lawyer and his travel expenses. Flight from the USA, Australia or the same remote place. Accounts into which it is necessary to make money transfer are specified. The sum is designated in the course of the subsequent correspondence.

There is a manipulation with consciousness. For a start it is required to specify all the personal data: passport, registration, bank account, phone, and other subtleties of private life. And process went... The same methods of influence are used: NLP, hypnosis, black magic.

And as you think from where actually letters come. There is no wish to upset you, but bulk the Internet - swindlers are behind bars, in jails where they got for fraud. But force and a money power is so big that they do not have an opportunity will calm down.

And I would not write it and did not warn if these swindlers had no victims. BUT!!! To send the necessary sum and to come into a mythical fortune, the victims sell or put apartments, sell or put all property, take in banks of the loan. Understanding and a shock come only when collectors come from bank and demand to repay a debt. Here no entreaties will help any more.

Be vigilant


do not come across to b a hook to swindlers. Take care!