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Old age not in pleasure? To the recommendation for young people of

So it happened that today at every turn it is accepted to argue that negligence to elderly people is a result of the state care. As if, small privileges, humiliating turns, scanty pensions give a reason of youth not to respect elderly people. But only whether it influences the attitude towards old men?

Of course, sometimes our instincts prevail over reason, and in this way the person as it is possible better and more qualitatively provides life to future posterity. And in such situation those who gave life - stand aside. Unfortunately, often we do not see and we do not understand that on the example of the personal attitude towards the grandfathers and grandmothers, and also towards the parents, we give a reason to our children treats also us in old age.

There was earlier time when said more often that old men are veterans of the front and work that they our pride. And we are obliged to them by the peace sky, they won a victory in war and restored the huge country from ruins. So far people who saw these events with own eyes were living - this thought was understood and supported.

Also still there is one missed moment: while we are young and diseases not so cling, we up to the end do not understand what torments elderly people. Problems with health also postpone the print for personal relations. And here it is not important what hurts and as hurts, but it always disturbs, unsettles active life, changes character and behavior of elderly people. Harm and unsociability here at all not and.

And if there are such situations in a family, then the relations become tense. The elderly person not always wants to speak about weight and pains, and young people do not understand why old men are tiresome. Thus arise in a family of misunderstanding and charge. And at such picture future generation absorbs in itself such relationship, especially without understanding their subtleties. Children just copy negative stereotypes of behavior.

From - for a lack of time, and sometimes and courage, the father and mother cannot explain to the child why the grandfather and the grandmother are tiresome.

As a distinctive feature of an old age it is considered to be wisdom. The experience which is saved up for all life is summed up, character becomes balanced, and according to the logic of people aged becomes the owner and the carrier of the vital encyclopedia. And the youth can always glance in such treasury and find the answer of any problem. Remarkably, if it so. And than we can thank in replacements?

One more wisdom in any nationality is the fact that the old person is perceived as the baby. In this occasion there is a phrase: that it is old that mlad. It says not that the person madly or inadequately arrives, and that he is helpless in many things. From this it follows that it needs additional attention and care. Also, as we have no right to leave unguarded two, three-year-old children in the room among sockets, the included heaters, sharp objects and so on, and with people of advanced age. Never will damage additional unostentatious attention.

So what recommendations young people can make concerning the attitude towards old men?

Remember that youth is not eternal. It is more long, than an old age, but it surely will pass. Always the Bible law of life works: “What will be seeded by the person, will reap“. As you will be treats elderly people, and to you will be belongs in old age. You will look after patients, and will take care of you. You will not be, then think and whether your children will want to look after you. You are rude and offend, then receive in due time most too. As far as ourselves loved and understood, on so many and us will love and understand. Do not lose sight of this logical communication throughout all the life.