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Why it is worth taking the private guide during travel abroad?

Many Russian-speaking tourists, having arrived to the new country, hurry to join organized rounds. And sometimes they do not even guess existence of other ways of the organization of the travel or consider them inaccessible at the price. About one of such ways - individual excursions with the private guide - I would also like to tell.

What advantages of to use services of the private guide?

Saving of time

Very few people reflected that on trips abroad the main deficiency is time, and not money at all. As usual happens? People for months “plow“ at work honestly to earn on rest which can be remembered long then. And here they come for 5 - 10 days to some remarkable place. Of course, there is a wish to be in time all: and to see the sights that to eternal to touch, and on the beach to lie (if there is a warm sea), and on jeeps to drive (if the desert was near), and at restaurant to try dishes of a local cuisine (it is desirable, not too overpaying for them), and souvenirs to buy, and just to walk in the gentle evening on the unfamiliar city. Here also poor tourists are broken off, trying to embrace immensity and rushing from one extreme to the other.

And now let`s think that organized excursion is. It though is called organized, but 40% of time in such group leaves not on excursion, and on logistics. It is necessary to bring together tourists from different, often enough remote hotels. At each stop time for an entrance - an exit from the bus, on turn in a toilet and in gift shop, on expectation lagged behind and the searches lost is spent... At a trip with the guide time is as if condensed for these most 40%. For example, if during group excursion across Jerusalem 4 - 6 big stops become, then with the private guide the quantity of such stops trebles if it is not quadrupled.

Organized excursion as if the clumsy caterpillar, hardly creeps from place to place, hardly breaking through a crowd of small streets of the old city. Private excursion by the ringing bee briskly darts about between shops, dexterously presses down groups of pilgrims, flies to lateral lanes, where exactly and there is all most interesting. The big group not in each place can stop. It is necessary that to everyone the explanation of the guide was heard. The small group, in several people, can practically stop with ease everywhere.

For example, Jerusalem - the city east, is infinite in the variety. In 2 - 3 days to examine its most interesting places - a task for big group simply unattainable.

It is possible to think up offhand up to forty various thematic routes across Jerusalem on all age and tastes. Organized excursion as try, cannot take place more than one route a day. The small group with the private guide with ease will pass three or four. And it apart from stories on the run which are simply impossible in a case with big group.

True-life story. The family of three people arrived to Israel for two nights - for a family holiday. Respectively, for survey of Jerusalem they had only one full day. What it is possible to be in time in one day? With the private guide they walked on walls of the Old City, got on roofs, rose by the Temple Mountain... And still managed to have a talk about difficulties of coexistence in one place of three religions, walked on the Mournful Way, completely bypassed the Temple of the Lord`s Coffin and managed to rise by Mount Zion. And still there was time for the Arab small restaurant, for trade with the seller on east market and on fragrant coffee in charming cafe on Yaffo Street out of walls of the Old city. Held in one excursion nearly four!

So, private excursion saves your time. You will be able to make the visit more saturated and memorable.

Economy of money

Strangely enough, private excursion can be even cheaper, than organized.

The example from life as the private guide conducted one-day tour with one charming couple.

Couple of tourists very much wanted to go across Christian Galilee, but this trip did not find room in their schedule and the price, including transport, for them was big. And next day they planned to go to acquaintances to the city of Haifa, in the north of Israel. The solution was found instantly: we leave to Haifa, there we meet their acquaintances and together we go to travel around the North, with a final stop in Haifa. Their friends with pleasure joined travel. When they divided the cost of excursion to eight, it became clear that to them this excursion turned out much cheaper, than organized round.

Private excursions allow to visit and see more places and at the correct planning will save your money.

Economy of nerves

to maximize the income, travel companies try to fill the full bus. For the bus, the guide, the driver and gasoline it is already paid therefore each blank space in the bus is estimated as unprofitable. As a result very speckled group with cardinally different interests turns out.

The holy sites are interesting to one - these tourists always complain that they allocate them not enough time for visit of shrines. They want to remain alone good luck, to experience sanctity and to touch it. And it, of course, is impossible at rate of cavalry march of organized excursion.

Others, on the contrary, being secular people, do not want to stand turn in Jesus`s Tomb, historical artifacts and jokes are interesting to them. The third want to steep in east color - to wander on the market filled with din, aroma of coffee and spices. The fourth want to experience heart beat of the modern city.

It is clear, that everything cannot please. Besides, the historical researches going to a section with their belief are interesting not to all pilgrims. Therefore organized excursions forcedly are quite general and superficial. At the same time the private guide, having asked only couple of questions, it is capable to plan the unique excursion built under your inquiries.

the Choice of the guide

Driving of regular excursions is a routine work of most of guides. But there are guides, it is quite enough to them to work at constant routes with organized excursions - it is more profitable, it is less than headache and work, everything the plus-minus repeats and it is not necessary to create and think out anew new routes, reading and studying material. Others seek to diversify the work, they remember that the guide is not only the handicraftsman, but still the artist and the actor. Such guides try to approach business creatively. They read material, monitor the last researches, create new routes or improve old.

What conductor you would choose - “the jammed plate“ or possessing inquisitive lively wit, asking questions and carrying on dialogue?

At last, the private guide can be also the good consultant. To give advice as it is better to plan holiday and what places, for example, to visit independently, to help with the choice and the order of hotel or to check quotations for hire of the car.

It is necessary to understand that travel abroad is, first of all, an adventure and though modern technologies and communications made it the safest and predictable, nobody can forecast with a guarantee the weather or a whim of the monk who decided to close church ahead of time before your nose.