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How in the XX century the theory of domination “kukareknut“ and “barked“?

In depths of consciousness of each person the creator is hidden. Sometimes it manages to get out to a surface, having squeezed through an ordinary web. Then to the world something is amazingly new, tremendous imagination. But, alas, in most cases this beginning and perishes in outer darkness.

as a result of around us only numerous pretentious amateurish fabrications wander. I sinned with them on youth of years. For what I laugh at myself now. It is not surprising that the Internet gives the magnificent number of theorists of such sense on the mountain.

The genius great A.S. Pushkina presented a lot of anticipation. For example, about the same centuries-old problems of the Russian roads. And in the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila“ it is easy to find the figurative description of the birth and crash of the theory of domination. “The sultan of a hen house haughty …“ only - only intended to show a dominant to one of the concubines as hello - please. Rather above the dominating kite took away a subject of cock passion that is called directly from - under a nose.

From what I remembered Pushkin? But because the theory of domination at the beginning of the last century from supervision over behavior of domestic hens was conceived during meal. The strong chicken drove away that which is weaker, from a delicious kernel. Scientists noticed that on this soil a certain hierarchy was built. As a pyramid where each subsequent chicken dominated over “subordinates“.

In this place I want to note that here I state the opinion on the matter is exclusive, being guided by available primary sources and certificates of experimenters.

Supervision within several decades over different types of animals constantly confirmed “chicken conclusions“. The theory of domination in fauna on signs of linear hierarchy was so approved. Main komponenty for the leader aggression to other members of group was represented. Almost semicentennial supervision gave the chance to consider the theory of domination thoroughly confirmed experimentally.

Most of biologists frankly rejoiced symmetry of the theory of domination. There was a worthy “scientific base“ describing well the simple scheme of the relations between individuals of fauna. Especially it pleased subjects of training. However the enthusiasm not for long prospered. Numerous neskladushka have an effect soon.

Since 80 - x years of the last century, supervision over behavior of animals intensively moved to a native habitat. Here - that also became clear that at liberty animals form groups on absolutely other principles other than a rating order of the theory of domination which was guided by the individuals of the closed space deprived of a possibility of free leaving of group.

Natural social groups of animals develop on peace bases, without stressful limiters of bondage.

Thus, at the end of the 20th century when the behavior of representatives of fauna began to be studied in their natural world, the theory of domination that is called “barked“. In practice it was proved that ranging in many respects depends on a reality and the general rule of intraspecific relationship is not. As the fates decree, most brightly crash of the theory of domination was shown regarding training of pets, in particular dogs.

As it becomes clear, the prompt twenty first century generates not only the valid innovative splash in various spheres of life, but also feeble effort of exhumation of earlier destroyed theories and their subsequent representation as newborns. At the same time resolute attempts to keep separate from primogenitors together with their convincing practical losses are observed.

A striking example to that transferring of the theory of domination on relationship of people when everything externally meets in written calculations. Certain defects in details and practical discrepancies are found, however. However monasteries of the pioneer are so attractive, so strongly embrace the author that allow it to wave away from improper examples, having referred to irony of a case. You will think, experiments are not confirmed by the ordered calculations, but the theory what beautiful. Insolvency of idea was already proved? Well, so! That in practice! But in the theory such clever and harmonous words caress gentle author`s hearing.

Current theorists of domination claim that earlier everything was not that, and here at them supposedly most that on there is that. Dialogue from Gogol “Auditor“ is involuntarily remembered:

Anna Andreevna:
- So, truly, and “Yury the Miloslavsky“ your composition?

- Yes, this my composition.

Anna of Andreevna6 of
- I guessed now.

Marya Antonovna:
- Ah, the mammy, is written there that it mister Zagoskin the composition.

Anna Andreevna:
- There now: I also knew that I will even argue here.

- Ah yes, is the truth: it precisely Zagoskin; and there is other “Yury the Miloslavsky“, so that mine.

Anna Andreevna:
- Well, it, truly, I read yours. As it is well written!

By the way, I heard that development of the Theory of the eaten-away egg for definition and excitement of the hidden opportunities and talents in the person is recently complete. This settlements!