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What to do if the space superrace car flies? By day of astronautics.

Race cars and big meteorites happen seldom, but how it is necessary to behave at this cataclysm? Maybe you consider that it is not actual? But for the last 65 years in the territory of only Russia 4 race cars of huge destructive force fell. They are called superrace cars. Sikhote - Alinsky 1947 (~ 40ktt), Tomsk 1984 (~ 11ktt), Vitim 2002 (~ 20ktt) and Chelyabinsk 2013 (> 100ktt). I think that among readers of ShZh there will be many young people who for the next 65 years of race cars will see more.

In day of flight of a race car read at one astronomical forum the remark why eyewitnesses did not measure flash brightness a photometer, time between flash and a shock wave a stop watch, and the angle of decrease by a goniometer. The pier tells it about not readiness of people for the similar phenomena. As it is necessary to be ready to the similar phenomena?

We will consider actions of one of eyewitnesses of the Chelyabinsk race car:
“Being in a corridor of the production building, in a window facing the west I saw bright light. It was no flash, and light smoothly increased somewhere within 4 seconds, it seemed to me to brightness and color of the summer midday sun and also smoothly decreased to norm, as if came for a cloud. It did not seem to me that it is explosion or something similar and therefore I was not ready to further events.

Approached a window and looked at the sky. There saw quite wide smoky strip as from the plane, but in it there was something unusual. I decided to go to the office on the opposite end of the building better to consider. Having passed about a half of a long corridor on the third floor of the building, I felt how a floor trembled, walls and a ceiling downloaded then and banged the strongest deafening explosion. Somewhere in a second, having hardly resisted standing, jumped aside in an aperture of the right pass as it is necessary at an earthquake that the ceiling tile did not fall on the head. There was sensation of fear that the building can fail, but fortunately did not fail.

Doors of offices, in the complete silence, slowly as contused and silently began to leave pale silent people. Windows at the right offices took off inside, and vlevy, outside, sometimes together with frames. In the head hooted and it was empty what to do it is unknown, there was a feeling of some oglushyonnost and lostness, but having seen Nikolay who had all person in blood which went with an outstretched arm, as if to the touch, I rushed in the office for the first-aid kit. At office the window was broken, another whole, glasses lay on all floor, but did not hear a crunch of glasses under legs, probably, the hearing sank the first minutes after explosion.

Put on, took the first-aid kit and left. Did not find Nikolay on the former place and in the wake of blood on a floor and a ladder found it on the street about an exit, in crowd, mostly not dressed people at a frost minus 20 degrees. Gave dressing and offered it and other wounded to go to a health center. In a health center where we came and being in other building, plastic windows were whole, but in a corridor already was the person of 40 - 50 wounded and all floor was covered with blood.

With the first-aid kit returned to the case, the entrance had no people any more and knock of hammers was heard, the zadelyvaniye of windows began improvised material, we with employees for the window found a piece of plywood with nails too and hammered a window, more than half, opened more heating and we had near 18th heat. It was worse at some next offices where several big windows were beaten out.

Called and told to switch off all electric equipment, came into the neighboring room and heard news from Moscow in which it was said that near Chelyabinsk the plane fell, vryv saw and heard in Tyumen and Yekaterinburg. On what the employee told that she saw own eyes the big bright sphere with a tail which flew by from the East on the West. Only then I understood that it is a race car. Before I was in confusion from uncertainty of the reason of cataclysm.

Seeing the size of destructions, it was sure that the heating system cannot be saved from defrosting, but fortunately it managed be not to allowed. In all city, as far as I know, the system of heating only in one sports complex was defrozen.“

Having analysed, it is possible to consider actions satisfactory.

About councils what - to do? Everything difficult and individually. The main thing internal readiness for sudden dangers is necessary, to try to reduce risks. Not to watch council at flash correct, but it is not always executable as well as council not to approach windows, all the same the person will instinctively look. Even if there would be prevention, all the same many would begin to look, though via the light filter. Some people who saw flash felt heating of skin and about a minute saw of nothing.

About council whether to leave the room, it is ambiguous too. At the Tungus race car two hunters in plague in 40 km got the hurt injuries from epicenter, one of them fainted. Having been chosen from under fragments, saw that trees and a grass burn. And the person who is on the street was brought down, injured and plus got beam burn. In Chelyabinsk the majority of injuries was indoors though I know the woman whom scratched a small splinter on the street, but it stood close to the building and without headdress.

Whether it is necessary to lay down heels to flash how we were taught on GO and in army? I think what is not present and that is why. In - the first, I do not know anybody who so would make. In - the second, it can in the field in the steppe be correct, but indoors and in general in the city, it is possible to be traumatized the objects which fell from above. And in - the third to lay down on the dirty earth or snow and to lie … How many to lie? The shock wave in 5 minutes is safe. On the street it is rather simple to sit down in the place, not accessible for splinters, and to be on the alert. In the room with windows, it is better to lean against an opposite wall, is closer to a corner. Still advise to a shock wave to close ears and to slightly open a mouth. In army at an artillery cannonade so did not do, like nothing.

If the shock wave was strong, it is better to leave the building before clarification of its state. The main thing be attentive, do not panic, care for yourself and for those who nearby.