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How to find idea for business? We get wallets!

Actually are rather simple to find idea for business. First of all it is necessary to learn to look for emptiness of the market and to pay attention to them. Professor of Stanford University Tina Silig developed the following exercise which is the cornerstone of process of identification of opportunities... the Main task - to show

to students that any problem can be perceived as an opportunity for application of the creative decision.

Wallets ask to get participants. Then they break on couples and tell each other about the wallets. They discuss that they in them love or hate, or say about how they use them upon purchases and for storage of documents. Most of the people using wallets is in a varying degree angry by restrictions of this subject. They are irritated by the size of wallets and impossibility to quickly find something.

Then each of participants begins to create new design of a wallet for the interlocutor - “client“. At the disposal of the designer there are only simple objects: paper, adhesive tape, markers, scissors, paper clips and so forth.

Upon completion of work on a prototype designers “sell“ fruits of the work to clients. Almost always the new wallet is capable to solve the main problem which each of clients faces. Buyers like new concepts, and they often say that if such wallet was on sale, then they surely would get it!

This exercise allows to receive the mass of lessons.

In - the first, the wallet is a symbol of the fact that problems can be met everywhere, even in your own pocket.

In - the second , for the solution of these problems only insignificant efforts can be required. People are usually happy to tell you about the problems.

In - the third , simple solutions can be found by means of plain experiments. They do not demand either the considerable volume of work, or resources, nor time. And even if at you nothing will turn out, your costs are minimum. And everything that it is necessary for you, is just to start anew.

Always it is possible to improve something, there is a speech about wallets and insoles or about design of backpacks, computer programs, restaurants, gas stations, cars, clothes, coffee houses … This list can be continued indefinitely.

It is not obligatory to wait at all until someone gives you a task. In effect, all successful businessmen can solve similar problems naturally. They pay attention to problems everywhere: houses, at work, on planes, on the beach, in an office of the doctor, at stadium - and always find the mass of ways to correct the imperfection surrounding them in shop.

Exercise with design of a wallet is an exercise from area of design of products. However you can use the same approach for reconsideration of an essence of services or even organizational structure. If you study each situation from the point of view of its improvement, then for certain will find uncountable quantity of opportunities. And then you will make the decision on, whether you should be engaged in their realization.

Interested experiment? It is more than exercises - by in Tina Silig`s book “Make yourself“.