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Where to invest money? We increase a condition of

Almost all people want to be well off, satisfy all the requirements, without thinking that at them money suddenly will end. Many think that to earn a state - the heaviest, but very few people think that it is not easier to keep this state. Presently there is a set of options of an investment of the money allowing not to lose them, and to increase. Let`s begin

with the most popular way of an investment - it is bank . Certainly, in this way there are pluses, but also shortcomings are present too. The main advantages is that the system of insurance of a contribution is provided, even in case of full bankruptcy of financial institution (the sum of compensation does not exceed 700 000 rubles). Drawn interest are not assessed with income tax that also allows to invest money in bank favourably. And the main lack of this way - low profitability of deposit deposits. One more shortcoming is that it is impossible to return invested funds at any time without loss of the added percent.

The second way of an investment of money - business . If you are, the successful businessman and your business makes profit, then in this case it is necessary to pay attention to a profitability question. In our unstable time even the adjusted business can glitch. If you are at a highly paid position whether then it is worth leaving it!? In that case it is possible to think of making investments in the business opened by other businessman. In this way of an investment a lot of things depend on the sum which you want to enclose.

The third way of investment of capital is the real estate . Purchase of real estate was always considered as a certain way not only preservations of money, but also their enhancement. At such investment the probability of loss of all capital is minimum. Even in extreme cases it is possible to sell real estate and to return the invested capital. But everywhere there are nuances which are better for providing in advance. It is not so difficult to make investments in real estate in present time, but to here sell then this real estate with benefit, quite good for itself more difficult. Well and danger of a collapse of the market you should not exclude.

How about, that as means of investments to address gold? The fourth way of capital investments is precious metals . Today many banks suggest to invest money in gold, silver, platinum. Here only upon purchase of a precious metal you should pay the VAT equal to 18% at once.

Securities - one more excellent option of investment of means, but also here it is necessary to understand that the securities market is unpredictable. Before investing money in actions, it is necessary to understand that these securities are. So, the action is a security which grants to the owner the right for participation in activity of the company (in the form of a vote), the right to some part of profit of the company (dividends on stocks). In theories, an investment of money in securities is very interesting and very profitable way of investment which, on condition of the correct treatment of him, is capable to increase the capital which is available for you significantly.

However it is necessary to understand in what actions time should invest money at present. At the same time it is desirable to have at least the minimum knowledge connected with laws of investment and to understand laws of the market. You have to possess the skills allowing to predict this or that situation in the exchange with a high probability. In other words, to define in what actions to invest money, it is necessary to have financial literacy as the main weapon.

The sixth of the easiest ways of an investment of money - the mutual investment funds (MIF) . They offer opportunities for the private investor on investment of capital in the stock and the bond of the domestic companies in case it has no skills for independent work on a wound of securities. But it is necessary to understand that you give the means to management to the third party, and all risks of loss lie on you.

The investment of money is the laborious work demanding the thought-over approach. Today any person is capable to make money from money, creating at the same time to himself the passive income. The main thing is reasonably to learn to operate them and correctly to put them. We live in a century of great opportunities when money has to work only for us!