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Peter de Hokh. “A maternal duty“ - to look for louses at the child? Tell

and tell about Peter de Hokh … About that Dutch artist that liked to copy but not to draw. That lived in absolutely a historical 17th century and only thanks to it became “great“? Dashingly I turned? At all - look attentively at his pictures. On the picture “Maternal Duty“, in particular.

I what we see?. Nothing interesting, but we will try to notice something for the report or self-complacency. Also we will look at its masterpieces with effort to correspond to something near esthetic and almost art criticism, certainly. And what in vain to stare at his boring pictures?

So, we look …

we See with gross spelling mistakes constructed interior from the point of view of linear prospect. Mistakes continually. The artist nearly on a ruler draws something similar to a tile on a floor, diligently building seams of connection of a tile in a descent point somewhere on the horizon. But beams on a ceiling (or - unclear designs) “find“ to themselves own points of a descent. And each design finds to itself a separate point of a descent.

The frame of a window stained-glass window tries to be built according to laws of linear prospect too. It is a pity what at it did not turn out. Also it is a pity that the artist orders parade, but not a frame. She - that would make as had to be. But the artist made “as it turned out“. Phenomenon, frequent for artists.

Two baskets just shock. Look attentively at a bottom of each of baskets. Also look at walls near … Baskets are not constructed. The bottom does not fit into the space intended for baskets in the artist`s plan. About a shadow from a basket in the foreground and there is no wish to speak. There is a wish to rugnutsya and ask not the artist any more, and all around: “How it is necessary to build the falling and own shadows, yola - pala? Same ordinary geometry!“

the heaviest and depressing - the general light in a picture and attempt to transfer air prospect … The artist threatened on something ingenious - in a picture two light sources. And how many has to be kontrazhur and reflexes in this case? And why deaf shadows in a picture? There is no type any paint any more this quarter - did not give another?. Well unless.

Easy retreat to giggle bezadresno - a curtain one thousand years did not erase? Why a stake costs? Any fabric is draped. In own way, but it is draped undoubtedly. Look at a certain similarity of fabric over a big basket at you before eyes … Directly on the center of a picture a uniform disgrace - a shapeless basket and tkaneobrazny over it.

Mother looks for louses at the child?. Maternal duty, however. In total in a subject - gloomy shades of very light room, the terrible own and falling Middle Ages shadows at a wonderful palette of remarkable ecology of the nature of that time, chaos in linear and in air prospect. And prosy pediculosis. Picture!

About a doggie much I will not tell bad - I love animals. But why the ends of ears at a doggie visually adjoin to a threshold in the door block?. Such contacts - it is illiterate, not professionally. The same treats a back of a chair and a niche corner for occupation by a dream. Near the head of the represented woman the drawn sphere proportional to her head which is more vividly written that draws bigger attention to itself hangs. And it is in general a nightmare.

Still koshmarny a chair on which the woman allegedly sits. The chair skosobochitsya, here - here will collapse. The woman from the head down to a belt is similar to the person, below - the same shapeless heap, as well as baskets. The seat at a chair too low to a floor is drawn and if entirely to capture distance from the woman`s waist to a chair seat, then... one more horror “art“. About legs - I am silent.

Such “hits“ - continually. If in detail to investigate each centimeter of this ingenious cloth, then it would be possible to find the full list of all known mistakes of artists. And unknown too.

But I not incidentally did not use a quote in the word at the story about an ingenious cloth. The picture is really fine, and to the artist - honor and praise.

Why such turn by 180 degrees? Because, of what everyone always thought, thinks and will think of the categories. Everyone sees the world and tries to express the relation to the world, telling other language. You want to understand another?. Listen attentively to it. Look and understand.

All - you want to listen to yourself? Then join me - we will continue to criticize the artist`s picture.

For reference: “Peter de Hokh (Pieter de Hooch) is the Dutch artist. Was born in 1629 in Rotterdam. Was a son of the bricklayer and the midwife, that is grew in a needy family. Began to be fond of the fine arts in the early childhood. It passed the first training in Harlem at the artist Nicholas Berkhema in 1645 - 1647. Then he was inspired by works of such artists and his contemporaries as Carel Fabritius and Nicolas Mas. In 1655 it was admitted to guild of artists. Specialized in the image of daily interiors and experimented with light“ [. / I] (Wikipedia, wikipedia)