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The dog forage is how tasty?

Among human population for certain are a lot of those who tried forages for animals in various situations. However the owner of shop in the American capital not just tries it, and eats already few weeks and promises to eat nothing, except dog food and cats, the whole month.

One of the famous Soviet hockey players who for a long time not the hockey player, but “admiral“ of the Russian sport, at a meeting with fans somehow told that in Canada he with companions happened to try cat`s canned food “from selected mouse forcemeat“.

Business - that everyday. Young healthy Soviet guys with empty pockets suddenly appeared in “the Wild West“. There is a wish to try everything, but to spend as little as possible for researches. Here also tasted canned food in a bright beautiful jar. Inscriptions were sorted in small print by the late colleague who more - knew English less tolerably. In the room the laughter through tears set in, but bright impressions were remembered to tasters well.

As opposed to the Soviet hockey players, the owner of shop of goods for animals Dorothy Hunter eats dog and cat`s sterns quite consciously. She is sure that a stern from its shop - natural and healthy food not only for “smaller brothers“, but also for any person.

To prove the point of view, and at the same time to attract new buyers, Dorothy decided on open public experiment. Since June 19, 2014 she eats only forages for pets and undertakes to keep strictly to a “dog“ diet for the whole month.

Hunter tells that she began to eat a forage for animals incidentally. During inventory it just had no time for a lunch, and it was solved on test. But after taste was pleasant to it, wanted to tell about all this and to urge owners of animals to join to learn that actually their pets eat.

Tells the correspondents of various editions of Dorothy who became constant visitor in shop how perfectly she feels: “You will be surprised, the food for dogs and cats when it is correctly prepared is how tasty“.

Naturally, all correctly prepared forages for animals are concentrated only in its shop. The hostess emphasizes that she does not undertake to judge quality of any forage for pets, but branded products from her shop differ in special nutritional value and are free from any by-products and preservatives.

Favourite forages of Hunter - cat`s canned food from chicken and the balanced granules of one popular brand. Dorothy claims that they possess delightful taste and suggests to try “yum-yum“ to reporters and buyers of shop. Whether there were among them “fans of exotic“, it is for certain unknown, but some employees joined the hostess from solidarity.

On personal observation of Hunter her health from an unusual diet only improved. It dumped about a kilogram of excess weight, at the end of 10 - the hour working day of her leg swell less than usual.

“I know that people consider me as the madwoman, - the owner of shop in newspaper interview told, - but I cannot but emphasize, how important to read labels and know what contains in food which you eat - whether it be a forage for animals or human food“.

It is difficult to doubt reasonableness of council. By the way, from favourite coffee, even for the sake of purity of experiment, Dorothy did not refuse.

Bon appetit!