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Horror film “Dolls“ (1986). What do Buratino`s descendants trade in?

the Person constantly should fight for a place in the sun. It is pathetic and insignificant before revelry of elements, hordes of wild animals, alien invasion or epidemic. It is eaten by sharks, devour the zombie, vampires and werewolves bite, burn down with napalm transformers, and ghosts, demons and ghosts - intimidate to gray-haired eyebrows. And even dolls, darling,s strive to knock the charming creations created just like ours more painfully and even to deprive of life.

Stewart Gordon and his “Dolls“ unexpectedly became a push for development of the whole direction of horror films. After them on the screen, groaning and using foul language, “the best friend of any peanut“ Chaki crept out with a knife in a pocket, and then on video the whole franchize about “The master of dolls“ blossomed. In zero this current was supported by a modern horrormeyker James Wang, having removed atmospheric zhutik about ventriloquists “Dead silence“, and also companions from South Korea (“Puppeteer“, 2004). But the first komkovaty pancake everything is Gordon cooked up.

The lion`s share of horrors of the eightieth has the same illness - sharp scenario insufficiency. And all because that there is a lot of enthusiasts, and the professionals wishing to work in all seriousness in a “low“ genre - units. Having equated horror films on profitability to a porno, producers did not bother a casting or a plot, the main thing - visual effects, violence, a trash and exclusive monsters. From trolls and leprekon to maniacs in a hockey mask and cephalopod zubastik. Gordon, playing on contrast, relied on baby dolls and toy bears. However, as tell in a casino, a rate - yet not a reason for a prize.

The plot is expected it is trivial and empty on inventions: tired travelers, the ominous coaching house, owners with badly hidden strangenesses and long night of long knives. In the middle of this “magnificence“ of the author`s imagination the morals frayed in the millennia about ineradicableness of good in human soul and need to remain the person even in relation to allegedly heartless objects are hung out. If it seems to you that to offend the old man or the child - it`s easy as pie, then try to offend a gang of porcelain figurines and you will reap a storm.

The screenwriter Ad Nekha who later wrote the nice children`s comedy “Darling I Reduced Children“ did not begin to philosophize crafty and divided all characters on bad, kind and is infernal - neutral. The elderly married couple concerns to the last that manages in the doll house. Externally respectable couple, though smells slightly of naphthalene, but is far from marasmus and acts together, successfully imitating decent people. However affected hospitality turns for casual lodgers into conscience test, and here - that becomes clear that bad boys are waited by punishment, and Samaritans - a cozy lodging for the night and coffee with buns. Who is which of guests - it is simple to guess from first minutes.

Considering that “Dolls“ belong to an era of VHS on which most of current film experts and critics grew up, seriously nobody decides to abuse the movie. Probably, giving a weak point as regards nostalgia to simple and plain horror films 80 - x. However to steam of ringing slaps in the face Gordon`s child nevertheless deserved. It would seem what at such script and poor dialogues for actors of claims should not be. But they are. In a shot only the young actress Carrie Lorraine and the veteran of a screen Guy Rolf look convincing. The last so successfully fitted into a role that a five-years period later in well-known the horror - the franchize “Master of Dolls“ where played the similar mad puppeteer Andre Toulon smoothly removed. Other performers desperately change, trying to accompany each remark with gestures and a facial expression as if pay them not for persuasiveness and professionalism, and for the number of at the same time involved nervous terminations.

With dolls an ambush of other property. First all these silent teleportations on the room and the human morgalka rotating in toy eye-sockets look horribly. But once the abstract evil wakes up and to come for hunting, the mysticism turns into a banal slasher. Only, unlike “lonely - in - the field - the soldier“ Chaki from “Childish sports“, dolls take quantity and an arsenal kolyushche - the cutting objects, enticing the potential victims into dark corners and attacking crowd from a back.

Despite belonging to a genre of horrors, “Dolls“ look like the gloomy fairy tale with invariable hepp more - endy and a message. Unlike the majority of the modern zhutik savouring violence and mutilation here everything is rather traditional: villains are punished, virtue triumphs, and heroes with the first beams of the sun leave a crime scene, not especially being interested in destiny of other lodgers. The fat man does not search for the casual fellow travelers, and the girl received so many impressions that forgot about the father and the stepmother.

The nightmare ended, and together with it and “Dolls“, having left double impression of hastily spoiled idea. The tape did not acquire the sequel, but inspired other Hollywood directors on similar “doll“ horror films. And on that thanks.