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Thriller “Dead Whirlpool“ (1989). Nichole Kidman and “springboard“ to Hollywood?

They say that the woman by the ship - to trouble. And what if the trouble already happened? In life of the naval officer John Ingram there was a misfortune: while he swam by the seas - oceans, his young wife had an accident. Itself survived, but their juvenile son died. And now John, understanding that in a house situation it will be extremely difficult to them to recover from loss, takes away the spouse to the high sea.

three weeks of drift Later on the yacht the deserted family selects the poor fellow who lost the ship and all fellow travelers from the boat. The vessel dangles nearby, but, according to the young man, water filled in holds and the engine, and team and passengers died from an illness unknown to it. However something in the story of the young man confuses the skilled seaman therefore when the victim departs to a dream, John decides on - fast to swim to the yacht looming on the horizon and to clear a situation. The intuition of the skilled old salt did not bring, but whether it was worth leaving for the sake of satisfaction of the curiosity the girl alone with the stranger?.

The thriller at Noys indeed turned out “muddy“. With additives from the family drama, a sensuality and horror films. Similar flik in the Soviet hire, without philosophizing crafty, called “extremely topical cinema“. Intrigues zero, but nevertheless it is interesting, than cheese - pine forest will reach a limit. That is it is clear what the villain ogrebt, but how exactly and in what proportions? It is not Hitchcock option of an unexpected outcome, but rather sea version of “Fellow traveler“: the road - muv, where instead of “road“ - boundless sea open spaces. Or ocean, the clown will sort them.

The alarm is forced by the principle of the devil from a snuffbox who jumps out at the most inappropriate moment eternally. All maneuvers are carried out in dangerous proximity from the opponent therefore the viewer is in constant tension. Whether it is not the main sign of the good thriller? At the same time from statement far off blows as a certain theatrical seclusion: one yacht, second yacht, at the worst sea. All action of the movie happens in three - four locations, as if authors outline an invisible circle outside which the Universe of “A dead whirlpool“ does not exist. Other vessels nearby do not float, radio functions only at one frequency. So this involuntary adventure can be considered also from a positive side: do not appear on the horizon the boat, spouses Ingram would die of melancholy or an attack of claustrophobia.

The plot develops in the known style “the Yankee is in danger“ when decent white people get to a self-confidence trap. However in a case with “A dead whirlpool“ many questions hang in mid-air. Especially creators offended the film villain from whom took away everything how many - nibud worthy motives. It is the simplest to turn the casual stranger into the psychopath because these can explain any deviations in behavior - from sharp change of mood to banal desire to chpoknut somebody. It would be desirable the developed motivation, but Noys and the company were too busy with a suspense, but not a psychological portrayal of characters. Besides, when in a bottom the fried rooster pecks, it is necessary to be enough and run, but not to make plans.

Nevertheless, in the absence of large-scale visual effects and sophisticated subject collisions, Noys`s tape keeps only on acting skills. Absolutely young Nichole Kidman this work received the admission to Hollywood where she the next year managed to enchant Tom Cruise. The director accepted the invitation from the New World too and already in the early nineties issued an espionage action with megapopular Harrison Ford of “Game of patriots“. And here for the characteristic Irish actor Sam Neil “The dead whirlpool“ became only one more notches in a long filmography. Nevertheless Neil are successful roles of bastards, for example, in the final of the trilogy “Omen“ or in the fantastic comedy “Invisible Being`s Confession“ more. In an image of the exemplary husband and strong-willed man it is convincing, but is boring. Billey Zane had to become a wreath of the movie, and it to them became. Zane shines more often too in negative roles because a physiognomy at it disturbing, though glossy. It is thought that thanking “A dead whirlpool“ of Zane and received party in kemeronovsky “Titanic“ as habits at these different characters similar.

“The dead calm“, as well as any screen version, lost part of book heritage because not all literary turns successfully fit into a film format. But creators nevertheless managed to inform of the main idea of the novel of Charles Williams: before any storm there is a calm period. The married couple Ingram fell into emotional anabiosis after death of the only heir, and for maintenance of life the shake-up urgently was required for them. John could roll as early as years two hundred the wife on sea open spaces, but the meeting with the unbalanced bastard was the best therapeutic means. Now we for them are quiet because if they could endure it and remain afloat, then and further adversities of destiny will not shake their family happiness.