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“Malefisenta“. Godmother of the magic wood?

classical fantastic plots can be modernized Recently everywhere. Current directors and screenwriters for some reason consider that Charles Perrault, brothers Grimm were and others insufficiently inventive. For this reason the Little Red Riding Hood was represented the nymphomaniac, to the Snow White fastened an iron armor, and Great and Awful Goodwin was turned into the coward buffoon. And only the Disney studio still tries to follow traditions, without forcing the famous authors to work fast in the coffins.

… In a far kingdom - the state everything was bad initially. The angry and envious small fry, feeding racial hatred for the fairies living in the neighbourhood and snusmumrika, periodically try to take by force their possession. Even human children and those periodically make attacks on others grounds and strive to take something valuable for memory. But not of rage, and it is rather, out of curiosity. So the fairy forest godmother Malefisenta got acquainted with “the blue pilferer“ Stefan. And even fell in love with him though from human race good it is not necessary to wait.

The love passed, faded tomatoes. Stefan grew up and, following the ambitions (the fellow from a country family intended to become, neither more nor less, a king), went to the transaction with conscience. For the sake of advance on an office ladder he promised the dying sovereign to find and kill the fairy who so jealously protects borders of the magic wood. At Stefan the hand was not raised against a smertoubiystvo, but it was enough for meanness. The bastard cut off wings at the former beloved, having deprived Malefisenta of ability to fly.

Rage and Malefisenta`s offense there was no limit. Once prospering captivated kingdom turned suddenly into a dark and impassable thicket, and the fairy put on in mourning clothes and was going to revenge the human race. To inflict suffering on the newly made autocrat, the fairy presented a terrible gift on birthday of his juvenile daughter Aurora. According to a damnation, having reached majority, the girl will prick a sharp object and will go to the eternal rest. There is only one opening capable to rescue Aurora - a kiss of true love, only Malefisenta doubts existence of it therefore it is convinced that the paternoster imposed by it will never fall down …

In an asset of the Disney company the decent number of sign animated films which at desire can be turned into feature films. Here and “Dambo“ with “Bembi“, and “The book of the jungle“ with “Little Mermaid“, and “Alladin“ with “The beauty and a monster“. However famous “Sleeping Beauty“ of 1959 represented an easy mark for the screen version because here it should not recreate on the screen a heap of fenteziyny beings, like the flying elephants, genies or Winnie`s bear cub with friends. Simple history demanded avaricious graphic means though during an era of a global computerization guilty not to seize the available opportunities. And creators of the movie “Malefisenta“ so were fond of process, as did not notice how the terse fairy tale was transformed to the full summer blockbuster.

In fact, it is not interesting to the viewer how many it was spent money for this or that movie, but for statistics we will specify - the movie “Malefisenta“ cost creators 180 million dollars. It is so much, according to Walt Disney`s film studio, today there is a fairy tale led by an intercontinental star Angelina Jolie. Certainly, it is possible to master the similar budget only hands of specialists in special effects, no Oscar winners, even with their eight-digit fees, are capable to beat off such figures. And on this very spot there is an imbalance between a simple statement all of the known history and glut of the picture amusing animals, artful villains and other characters which in the literary original never before were not seen before.

“Malefisenta“ is accused of feminism, and there is nothing to object here. You judge, in a shot there are not enough man`s faces and that slightly rotten. The gray-haired king, which hatred to harmless inhabitants of the magic wood it is possible to explain only with a deep psychological trauma in the childhood. His successor and in combination the main film villain of the movie performed by Sharlto Copley - at all quintessence of treachery and perfidy. About the prince there is nothing to tell at all because the scenery part is assigned to him. There is only a faithful assistant to Malefisenta, but also that more crows, than the person. Generally, the distortion by gender is available.

The fairy tale was rewritten so that Angelina Jolie, mother of six children, has to remain happy. As well as her daughter Vivienne Jolie - Pitt - the only child who dared to act together with the actress in a horrible make-up of the angry fairy. In other words, if to remember that Jolie - not only the featured actress, but also the producer of the movie, then the viscous morals about “only right maternal feeling“ do not seem farfetched any more.

It is a pity only that at all beauty and correctly placed accents (men are goats, children are cuties, the woman - mother) the tape at the former artist of “Avatar“ and “Alice in Wonderland“ of Robert Stromberg turned out boring and static. No, the brush in Stromberg`s hands did not tremble, everything is very expressive and bright, but okromya Jolie to look there is nothing. An eye is hackneyed by computer sketches literally for half an hour, and the plot proceeds to proceed inertly on the screen. In “Sleeping Beauty“ all most interesting occurred against comfortably pokhrapyvavshy heroine, here she the most part of time investigates the world, communicates, admires that she quite corresponds to lifestyle of new generation which most part of free time is devoted to a miroosmysleniye by “likes“ and “tweets“. Perhaps Charles Perrault was also not a fantast from god, but he, at least, managed to sustain dynamics of the narration, and here the screenwriters of “Malefisenta“ filling gaps between Aurora`s birth and her “eternal rest“ were incapacitated at all.

The new old fairy tale from Disney played paints for which from it did not wait at all. The charming prince with the liberating kiss turned into a cardboard puppet. The father - the king - the desperate psychopath in which image of Copley succeeded not once (“Elizium“, “Area No. 9“). The fairy godmothers urged to sponsor future victim of a damnation look like characters of silent movies of brothers Marx more - senseless dialogues and grimacing. Everything is turned upside down, so now it is fashionable. And it is senseless to argue with fashion, it all the same will pass. From “Malefisenta“ will remain to us brightly - red lipstick of Jolie, her demonic shape of the godmother of the magic wood and a firm postulate that to men here not the place.