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Gaudi`s architecture or Why so pulls to Barcelona?

Mentioning Barcelona, we mean a modernist style and vice versa. It is the unusual city, the Mediterranean resort which incorporated all taste and the imagination of architectural thought. Boulevards, parks and small streets bewitch the beauty and extraordinary architectural concepts. In the world there is no such eclecticism of styles and currents anywhere.

the Image of Barcelona is in the majority creations of the architect today - the modernist Antoni Gaudi. This is the surprising person who presented to people the extraordinary world of architecture, creating surprising designs and designs in imagination. As soon as did not call the Catalan architect: “the king - gland“, “the king - architecture“, “the king of a modernist style“. All these ranks spoke only about one - it was the unique person who created majestic examples of architecture. Its works created the unique image of Spain, similar to which they is not present around the world. The Palau Guell, Casa Batllo, Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila - all these constructions are richness of Spain.

You heard something about an extraordinary house in Spain? Casa Mila - a miracle of architectural thought! It is a sample of the innovative decision in architecture of the beginning of the 20th century. After completion of work public reaction was ambiguous, the house reminded a stone cave or as it was called still, “hornet`s nest“. It was unprecedentedly that in the middle of the city such stone giant was stretched. However after a while Casa Mila became one of business cards not only Barcelona, but also Spain in general. In 1984 the unusual house was brought in Fund of the World heritage of UNESCO.

When you approach a building facade, apparently, that it coils and floats, precisely living being. The curves, broken outlines, surprising shod lattices of balconies made by the friend and the colleague Gaudi, Zhuzepa - Mari Zhuzholem, - all this takes the breath away already when approaching. Such house has no bearing walls that allows to do re-planning for every taste. Inside court yard are located two elliptic and one round. They are made so that the room was filled with air and light.

Oven flues on a roof are similar to the severe guards standing in hoods at all. On a roof there is no handrail and stands the huge size of an arch, hanging down as lianas. In one of such arches if it is very good to look narrowly, it is possible to see the Cathedral of the Holy Family.

Today the house is property of a local savings bank of “Caixa de Catalunya“. One of apartments which reflects style 20 of a century is issued especially for visit by tourists. Garret floors, a terrace on a roof, internal court yard are available to excursions. And even if the most part of apartments is converted into offices, in some still there live Catalan families.

In architectural and decorative decisions Casa Mila reflects Gaudi`s aspirations to become closer to the nature. Everything in this house functionally elaborately is also made for the person, but at the same time a wave, stone greatness, smoothness of lines send us back, to the nature. It is a certain image of a cave which is filled with light and vital force.

Probably, in it there was also the main idea of the great architect. Such house surely should be seen with own eyes and to plunge into the atmosphere of extraordinary style of Antoni Gaudi.