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Soccer: why this team game is the most popular in the world?

Soccer are a world hobby of a large number of people of the planet Earth. The main part of keen is made by men, owing to historically man`s belonging to this game, namely - desire to drive a ball. What soccer so attracts people, especially quite most man`s part of a world`s population with?

Existence of command spirit

“And why not baseball, not basketball?“ - you ask. It too team games. We will also try to understand it together.

What is command spirit? In general is an aspiration of people to the uniform purpose, this full understanding of this purpose, her respect, desire to receive good result. This that state in which people stay, amicably moving in uniform, quite certain direction. Such spirit is present at players of soccer which extends on people around: on fans, commentators, football coaches and all those who anyway watch this game.

of Emotion

Since the oldest times people wanted “some bread and shows“. How it is possible to treat this phrase now? Shows is a game, the atmosphere at stadium, in sport - bar or even at home, but it is the strong atmosphere, strong experiences for game of the team. At such moments people understand that they live that there is something that is important for them, there is a collective spirit, idea of association, understanding that you not one that in the world something unites all of you, and it is very important for each person. Therefore unambiguously there is a psychological implication in interest in this game.

As for bread, that as not tasty (but in this case not really healthy) the food will feed fans?! Jotas - mastiffs, toasts, dried fish, onions rings... Such snack to beer - already integral part of any soccer. In usual life hardly anyone - that will be specially and often is such tasty harm, and during soccer (so far there is a match) is what is necessary, everyone has this time, at this time nobody has to distract, and it is pleasant to people! This idea really works: the such food already exists as culture - addition to soccer, but instead of “bread and shows“ in the ancient time now we have “sausages and emotions!“

Beauty and grace of game

game Process, grace of players, giving and demonstration of in this game, in a word, an esthetics - is definitely important

for all observing. Who does not like to look at beautiful ball handling, at how players show all the equipment, mixed up with beauty of game. Probably, there is even no such concept as a beautiful and ugly goal. Hammered though somehow, and it is already good. However there are really graceful and difficult goals which are noted by commentators and fans.

Judicial mistakes

Is the next moment which defines interest in soccer - the arbitrator`s mistakes. And, probably, these mistakes make separate category of the reasons of why people go to soccer. Very often they influence a match outcome and therefore are hotly discussed by fans and commentators.

Soccer is historically the most democratic game in which the rich and poor

by This

it are equalized and is simple: here the additional equipment is not necessary, respectively, the additional expense of means is not necessary. And thus, in it people can play with money and without them.

Universality of the place of game

can be played soccer everywhere: only the free space, gate or their similarity and a ball is necessary.

Soccer is a national pride of the country, its uniting force

Football fans are in general separate emotional category of people. As it is possible to read on their faces much! These are the most sincere people: when show their faces during a match when show them to emotion - all this present. And all this is an integral part of any soccer. Soccer = people = emotions = truth.

It is possible to give a lot of things to see these faces, these deep genuine emotions. They are very different, sometimes just scandalous. They are colourful and mad, sometimes even too. They express pleasure and delight, bewilderment, sincere grief and a regret for loss of a favorite team. And even tears … to

All of them so different, but it is visible that they are live. For the sake of these emotions there is a wish to watch football. These emotions appeal to life, they shout that everything that is in the person, everything that he tests - does not doze, and proves differently. Such different people. Such different soccer.