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How to bring up the girl? Part 2

the Beauty - not that which was born the beauty, and that which is able to create and keep beauty - the beauty and beauty around itself. How to bring up the girl that the harmonious personality grew up? the Keeper of beauty

your daughter has to know

that she is a beauty, but it is even better - to be able to watch the beauty and to care for it. Doubt in the external appeal - a heavy cross for the girl - the teenager, a source of a set of complexes and failures in private life. With what external data the nature would not award your daughter, you have to bring up from the most tender age it in belief that she is a beauty. Emphasize its advantages, do not laugh at its shortcomings: completeness, freckles, a snub-nosed nose - all this unique lines of its personal charm.

And at the same time do not allow the daughter to relax. Completeness - we drive on sport! Problem skin - we are not lazy to look after it! Sharp gestures - on dances! We do not laugh at shortcomings, but also we do not allow them to remain: when it is necessary, we will tell everything directly and we will discuss how what can be corrected.

At the same time ahead of time do not accustom her to admire yourself, till twelve years let learns to create beauty around himself, but not to begin race at a vanity fair. The habit to cleanliness to a certain age is more important than jewelry, and ability to see fine and to create fine needs to be put right now: to study music, drawing, needlework. To study music is to study a rhythm and melody, to learn to draw is to learn to see whole and details, to feel beauty of the line and integrity of an image, to understand a combination of flowers. Needlework - art of thin movements and school of patience: the most useful school!

It was executed twelve - you teach art of cosmetics, let will try both lipstick, and shadows, and ink. When she watches beautiful actresses and looks at beauty ratings, let will learn to understand that even very beautiful woman always carefully looks after herself. Care of hair, cleaning of skin, a mask is a skill of reasonable attention to appearance. In clothes you learn to select colors, a style and clothes in general, it will exclude in the future impulsive purchases: bought beautiful, but it is unclear to what...

the Active Sun

is A lot of confusion in a question whether the girl has to be the strong person and the leader. The truth the fact that men prefer women who allow to be in the lead to them and at the same time avoid women weak and helpless. What does it mean in education of the girl?

Rule first : knowledge of the interests, but “no“ to whims. The clever girl - always with the head also has to remember the interests perfectly. At a table she easily chooses from offered that she is pleasant personally to her, but is never capricious. “I want it! “ - it is remarkable, and dissatisfied “I do not want!“ and the more so hysterics - under a ban.

Rule second : we are not crybabies, we do not play the unfortunate victim and helplessness. Distinguish: the girl can cry, and it is impossible to try to obtain something tears, unfortunate eyes and helpless hands. And you speak: “It is possible to cry, it is not terrible, for health it is useful, but everything that needs to be done - you have to make!“

One of the simplest and effective receptions in the matter - to watch a look of your girl and her dictionary. Just you watch that it did not accustom itself: to shift brows in suffering, to lower sponges or coat hanger and also that she did not master the female dictionary of the Victim: “Horror, nightmare! I am shocked!. I do not know, I do not understand, I will not cope... All this they, all this from - for the teacher...“ and so on.

Our daughter has to be the Sun, and it becomes in two ways. The first - parents set it an example, meeting by warm smiles and kisses each other and the beloved daughter. The second - a ban on the dissatisfied person, dissatisfied phrases, dissatisfied intonations, offenses and a hnykanye. Since childhood the daughter has to know the simple rule: “Something is not pleasant? Do not pout, and tell about it. Ask softly and on - kind that is possible - to you will make“.

And if do not make? Means, be grateful to parents and life for what is, and think that it is necessary to make to receive the desirable later. The person is always happy, we tell to parents “Thanks“, we discuss all questions with them together. Perhaps, it will help the girl with future family life when its main role - the leader but hidden. She has to be able to submit and at the same time unostentatiously to conduct the line.

the Clear head

Usually the clear head call

just obedient girls who do not contradict parents. If the girl does it thoughtlessly, from laziness or fear - it is bad and if she learns to try to obtain the not by war, and ingenuity, attentiveness and caress, it is good.

Today the world of men welcomes girls who near them play little fools, but it is not the best game. Wisdom of the woman in another: in ability to find a common language, to hear the interlocutor and to be in cooperation, but not in a negative and a protest. Teach the daughter not to be categorical, to agree with reasonable and to quietly do what needs to be done. To tell to the husband magic words “Yes, darling! Of course, road! As you will tell, and will be!“, girls have to learn to speak to parents: “Yes, mother!“ and “Of course, the father, now I will also make all!“ If the daughter obeys parents because she appreciates their knowledge and experience, she really the clear head. The desire to object and make everything on the leads in the future not to mind and independence, and to the internal saboteur, to difficulties in the organization of own life and to the conflicts with people around.

The girl needs to be trained in obedience to teach her to courage and to teach her to think. If specially not to bring up girls, they often grow up cowards. In female culture it is accepted to be afraid, talk on fears is welcomed, but your daughter needs prudence more, and instead of fears and experiences - calculation of reasonable risks. You teach the daughter to think. Many girls replace ability to think with good memory: it is simpler to them to repeat that from them want to hear, than to ponder and understand.

It is simpler to girls to share and even to cry, than to think and draw conclusions. If the daughter likes to share with you the experiences - it is fine, but in process of a growing teach it to clean the “to share“, that is just chatter with emotions, develop ability to speak accurate theses. Perhaps, for it future husband of your daughter will tell you grateful words.