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How to bring up the girl? The special line

Education of the Girl - the question important and difficult, usually in it is allocated by two lines: the general and special. The general line does not distinguish, you bring up the boy or the girl: always there are general moments meaning education of the healthy and developed child. But the special line is more interesting to us, namely - that special needs to be known and considered at education of the girl as future woman. Health and physical development

As girls bring up

mothers more often, they feel sorry for girls, and it is the main mistake. Clever mothers are not afraid of girls to temper as well as boys, that is since the childhood at least clothes, it is more than movements and douche by ice water (option - a contrast shower). Don`t be afraid: just girls those who are brought up in heat and the atmosphere “it will come to no good“ zastuzhatsya. Douches by cold water give training and excellent cheerfulness, but if it clashes with long hair and in general with a hairdress, look for compromises.

The living and vigorous girl with a slim and sports figure has more chances and of creation of an excellent family, and of vital success therefore sport is obligatory. It is desirable to choose sport that which is connected with stay in the fresh air and with physical activity - run, the bicycle, rollers, in the winter - figure skating and skis. It is important to note that in any sport the girl needs not the force, but three other things:

a) flexibility;

) general coordination of movements (dexterous hands);

in) grace, beauty and smoothness of movements.

Therefore from power loadings - we swing a press and we do squats, and here the horizontal bar is replaced with push-ups.

Swimming is very useful for health, but at professional trainings at girls quite male shoulders are formed that is not quite womanly. For the same reason the rhythmic gymnastics is more useful than artistic gymnastics. Tennis is useful both big, and small, both the yoga, and fitness are good, at the same time command sports - it is more for guys, it is more useful to girls individual and pair dances. Once again: the most important and absolutely obligatory sport for any girl are dances. Dances, dances, dances! It is possible to begin also with national dances, to continue by any modern, but experience of pair dances, at least hastl is obligatory sooner or later (the simply and available) and salsa is (a little richer). In pair dances fear of a body of the partner disappears, in dances it is possible to stand close and to take by hand that for teenagers happens not easy. If hastl is a program at least, then ballroom and sports dances - already the world of princesses.

Selecting concrete sports section or dancing studio, it is usually more important to pay attention not to a concrete sport and a kind of dance and what there people and what there style of communication, first of all - what culture of the trainer. The qualitative, worthy trainer trains not so much in concrete sport or dance, he teaches the attitude towards people and life. If you found such trainer - can be quiet. However, under different age of the girl it is necessary to select different trainers...


our daughter should not be the sloven therefore we accustom the daughter to an order. Three absolutely obligatory things since morning: to make a bed, to put hair in order, to put on. Concerning a bed our grandmothers well knew: who has a disorder on a bed, at that (at that) a disorder and in life. To make a bed (in the beginning to air, and then to clean) - on time only two minutes, and in the room it becomes beautiful and there is a feeling of a cosiness. Similarly, to brush the hair and put hair in order is including to collect the thoughts, to bring together all itself. The unkempt girl feels and behaves: you can imagine not brushed queen? And to put on is to finish reduction of in an order. To go since morning, especially to have breakfast in a wrinkled undershirt or a night dress, the princess does not afford. Clothes - part of our mood therefore it is important to put on under a problem of concrete morning and day.

By the way, concerning footwear: it is good to little girls to run barefoot, to girls is more senior also to adult women - the fitting slippers. You will throw out all soft slaps, in them the most accurate girl quickly turns into the sorted disgrace.

the little hostess of any house

Since the earliest childhood we teach the daughter to skills of the housewife. It is wrong if mother in kitchen, and the daughter plays the games. It is correct if the help to mother in kitchen becomes favourite game of the daughter. The main difficulty here usually in mother: everything is easier to prepare for it most, than to call the daughter and to explain everything, correcting her errors... But if mother thinks of the future of the daughter, she by twelve years can quite achieve that “to feed all“ not she answers any more, and the daughter. It is wrong when mother prepares, and the daughter helps. It is correct when the daughter prepares, and mother helps her: continues it to learn to cook well, it is beautiful to cover, it is easy to do all, not to worry and attract in vain in the help of all who are capable to help it.

To wipe dust, to water flowers, to wash clothes, all to stroke, vacuum a floor, to sort in a case, to wash windows... - the little hostess has to do the same all this set of cases easily and naturally as runs and breathes.

In education of the girl there has to be a little different position of the father and mother. Mother can (and has to) to be more rigid than the father here, to send the daughter and from the daughter to demand. To brush the hair, make a bed, not to go sorted, to make all a breakfast and to wash the dishes - all this mother can rigidly demand from the daughter. And here the father - let the father to the daughter will be softer. The daughter fulfills mother`s requirements because it is necessary, and father`s requests - because there is a wish. Normally, if fathers indulge girls a little. And if she did not comb hair and came running to it in a wrinkled dress, let its reaction will be to embrace, kiss and express admiration: “You are my beauty!“ And after it: “Go brush the hair, native, and it is better to stroke a dress!“ To love and indulge - yes, but if suddenly the daughter wants to enter rivalry with mother for attention and love of the father - no, she should have no uniform chance...

Be continued.