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Blackberry - avaricious berry. Than it is valuable?

Prickly sister of raspberry, blackberry, remarkable plant: and in a garden - a kitchen garden will protect from uninvited guests, and will treat with tasty curative berries. There is it from family Rozotsvetnykh, its homeland is North America and Asia.

In some districts in the people blackberry is called avaricious berry and tell about it such legend.

In one settlement of veins rich and very greedy person. It had two daughters - beauties, but too avaricious therefore in marriage nobody took them. The rich man did not want that somebody got his good. It went to hell and asked to turn daughters into prickly plants that they protected treasures and after his death.

The devil turned the oldest daughter into a prickly bush - blackberry. The angel saw all this and hurried to the Mother of God. She managed to rescue the second girl from an evil fate, having turned it into raspberry.

Blackberry - the long-term bush, grows in the woods, on coast of the rivers and lakes, on hillsides. Its almost black fruits contain up to 10 percent of sugars, tannins, pectin, organic acids, flavonoids, manganese, iron, copper, potassium.

Medicinal properties of blackberry were known to people for a long time. In Russia the blackberry roots welded with honey used at dropsy, and welded in wine - at an urolithic illness. The leaves and young escapes welded in wine applied at inflammatory diseases of a mouth and a throat, and also at throat tumors. Fresh leaves trophic ulcers and eczemas treated.

Blackberry can be applied at atherosclerosis, a hypertension, diabetes, an anemia. Berries use fresh and in broth. Juice from fresh berries, broth of leaves and escapes well satisfies thirst at a temperature and in hot days.

The pleasant cooling drink can be made from dry leaves. For this purpose it is necessary to put fresh leaves in the enameled ware, to condense, close a cover and to leave for several days. After they slightly turn black, to cut and to dry up quickly.

Tasty and useful drink turns out from the juice of blackberry mixed with honey.

From fruits it is possible to prepare tasty sweet for children - fruit jelly . Kilogram of berries it is necessary to heat, wring out juice, to boil on weak fire before reduction in volume twice. To add 300 - 350 of sugar and to cook to the necessary consistence. To cut ready fruit jelly on pieces and to dry on parchment paper.

Excellent blackberry jam prepares thus. To fill up the washed-out berries with sugar at the rate of 500 - 600 of sugar on kilogram of fruits and when blackberry starts up juice, to cook to readiness at continuous stirring. It is better to add sugar when cooking in the portions.

Do of blackberry also compotes, kissels, berries put as a stuffing in pies, vareniki.

Cultivars of blackberry subdivide into two groups: with upright stalks call brambleberry, with creeping - a rosyanka. Rosyanka ripens the first, after raspberry. To prolong a berry blackberry season, it is possible to put both look.

Blackberry, especially wild-growing, quite unpretentious bush, but it is less frost-resistant, than raspberry - escapes freeze slightly, at the same time the root system does not suffer. One more its shortcoming - kolyuchest though today also not prickly grades are removed.

In Russia wild blackberry I. V. Michurin tamed. It removed the grade, well-known among gardeners, Texas. Berries of this grade large - to 4 - 5 cm in length and 2 cm in the diameter. To remove a frost-resistant grade, the selector repeatedly sowed seeds of the American grade of Loganberri. As a result he received a grade which in honor of his primogenitors called Texas.

Grade shortcomings: the strong okolyuchennost, creeping form therefore escapes should be tied up on lanes, and for the winter to remove and cover. But for the sake of its excellent berries it is possible and to tinker.

Bushes of blackberry can grow both on the open light place, and in a penumbra. Shadow berries ripen for one or two weeks later and concede to solar berries in taste.

Lodge the sister of raspberry in your garden: to bushes will be more cheerful, and blackberry will award you with tasty salutary fruits.