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Compassion: unmodern atavism or modern norm?

Are a popular belief that morals and morality were leveled also in present society more presently, than, say, 30 - 50 years ago, the indifference reigns, and customs grow coarse more and more, despite a softening of mind and a body. Whether this is true? Let`s look.

At you

Chertanovo. Cold November evening. A penetrating wind in a face and the first flakes of snow. Early twilight already at 6 o`clock. Ice cold, in cracks, the stop blown by all winds full tired to the people. The working people wait the transport which is late somewhere will not wait, hurry home. And on a concrete floor of a stop, almost in the middle, open eyes in the sky the young man lies. Decently dressed, the person ruddy, gentle, it is direct as at the girl.

The people cost, a careful ringlet around the person, prudishly pretending that it notices nothing, and the person lies, in the center, and without pretending that he is live or dead. Just lies and, seem, does not breathe. And nobody disturbs anybody: the young man to working people - to stand also something angry, resting against the conscience remains, to think, and it is even more from something to be angry, and the tired people do not prevent the young man to lie on a concrete floor of a stop and to freeze slowly... Democracy and freedom of choice, however.

At them

In the center of Berlin made simple experiment: the man of average years and quite decent exterior, directly on Unter der Linden, at all on a look bryakatsya on the earth and “begins to roll“. Full burghers carefully twist the well-groomed heads in its party, some even carefully stop and watch some time towards the poor fellow as if they deliberate - to approach or pass, and, having made over itself inhuman effort, gradually shpatsirut further.

Minutes through ten some old Frau nevertheless approaches motionless object in human shape and carefully touches it for a shoulder, trying to find out that happened. A minute later, under inquisitive glances of full passersby, without having achieved answers to the questions, she slowly leaves the man alone and, muttering something herself, unwillingly, leaves. In the next twenty minutes the man, right in the middle fine Unter der Linden and a flow of virtuous relatives, has an opportunity to enjoy rest and serenity, having covered from inquisitive glances with a high collar.

At us

the Center of Minsk. At Independence Square modestly dressed girl pretends what to it became badly and is extended on a bench, having carelessly lowered a hand and legs - look, it is bad to me, but I decided not to sunbathe. Exactly in five meters from it a kompashka of the same teenagers in the fun heat from a meeting the friend with a druzhka, see a scene, but nobody decides to approach. Five minutes later, they already exchange notes to unfortunate, look with curiosity in its party, show fingers and … loudly laugh as if they uvidat something really cool.

By slowly there pass moderately well-fad men in the blossoming of forces, elegant city features promptly clink heels, hurry for lunch in cafe or behind purchases, children play with ice cream in a hand and earphones in ears. All curiously and sometimes with easy indignation twist the heads towards a body with the lifted-up T-shirt on a bench, but nobody does brave attempt to it to come nearer and ask, maybe, is necessary what help.

At last in five minutes some elderly woman approaches unfortunate and tries to stir up it. Asks some questions, bends to the person, but seeing that that does not react, in a minute hasty is removed, having left the girl in the same situation in which and found it. More than five minutes later to the girl the old man with a white beard goes a seedy look. Again asks questions, touches for a shoulder, faces and, seeing, what`s the use from its actions it is a little, gets the mobile phone and calls someone (as becomes clear, tries to cause ambulance later)...

Here it, more - less, unindifference and compassion today.

In the first case quite decent young man touched alcohol and was cut down at a stop, without having waited for the bus, and from about fifty people there and as much again during this time passed absolutely nearby, nearly crossed through a body, to it only one helped to rise and sit down on a bench, half an hour later.

In the second as burghers explained if you not in the small city or the village where you will be noticed rather, to you can call the police or an ambulance, but personally will help hardly. It will come to no good - and suddenly you infectious or for sexual harassment will file a lawsuit, and? Will help the dog who was run over by a car or the cat who got stuck on a tree rather.

- even in the majority sympathetic and not indifferent Belarusians will prefer to pass in the third by, having conveniently justified the indifference with the fact that they have no time or you the drunk bum. Though the picture in the province will be a bit different - there the people posovestlivy. But in the city, I confirm, you through fog in the head, because of heart attack or a superdose of alcohol, will see militia peak-caps which will accompany you to a site rather, than kind people in white dressing gowns or the offer from fellow citizens to accompany you home.

Three years ago at me my neighbor V. Zamechatelny and the kind soul of people so died. Helped me to saw firewood free of charge. Bred pigeons - well, almost the hero of that movie “Love and Pigeons“. Lanky and useless. Went from guests, and on the road heart also took. It Bryaknutsya on the sidewalk where was, and so till the morning and lay. The people, maybe, also tried to help - there are always crowded, even zapolnoch, but spirits aspiration, is visible, at the people moved in favor of indifference and condemnation, but not compassion - and why drunk to help, all of us sacred, - that never hit the bottle? Here also the neighbor V. as a dog stray in frosty night kicked the bucket.

And I so think: there cannot be at compassion this different “but“ and “and“. There should not be it smoothed and smoothed as we want. To fit into our stereotypes and reasonings. You are a person? So help that to which it is the most necessary. But not to the one to whom it is more pleasant and more favorable. So it seems to me. Simply neputevo it seems …