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What is a stake? What piece of meat has the right to be called a stake?

the Word “stake“ are designated by qualitatively made meat cut across fibers. In the XVII-XVIII century not everything because its preparation provided special conditions, special culture and the special atmosphere were able to afford a stake even on a holiday. The concept of a stake was so created. Each people have national peculiarities of preparation of a stake.

What piece of meat has the right to be called a stake? On a stake usually there are those parts of an animal which were not subject big physical activity: muscles of a back, waist, peritoneum. The name of a stake corresponds to that part of carcass of an animal from whom it is cut out. Ribay it is cut out from costal part. Striployn cut out from fillet edge. Tenderloyn - beef sirloin. Flet ayran - a stake from the internal humeral part adjacent to a scapular bone. On stakes there was almost all hulk animal, but correctly cut.

In London in 1735 society of the Stake was created, and it existed till 1867. Members of society the famous people consisted. Gradually society developed into club, from there was a name of one of types of a stake: klab - a stake.

In the XVIII-XIX centuries the stake gained popularity in France, Germany and other European states. In these countries did not use all parts of ink with bones and therefore there were names “stake-fillet“, “shatobrian“, “tornedos“, “fillet-a minion“.

In Japan invented “Kobe - a stake“. For this stake the animal was prepared for half a year before slaughter. Gave to drink to an animal the barmy clarified beer and massed a back, the stake developed a special taste and extraordinary softness.

A stake Eisenhower was called in honor of the 34th U.S. President who loved the stakes roasted directly on coals. Chateaubriand received the name in honor of the viscount Francois - Rene de Chateaubriand whose cook prepared this dish.

It is not difficult to prepare a good stake because taste defines meat, but not spices. Than the stake in preparation is good - it should not be overturned continually. On the one hand it is necessary to fry well meat but only then to turn and fry with the second to a ruddy crust. As soon as the stake is ready, it can be put on a plate and to leave for 10 minutes that meat was saturated with juice and became soft and very tasty.

To a stake serve hot sauce, vegetable salad and largely cut tomatoes with onions. To a stake it is possible to give a vegetable garnish, then all useful in a stake is acquired by an organism.

the Culture of consumption of stakes which came from the USA provides preparation of this dish with a smoke, in the fresh air.

Argentineans were included in the Guinness Book of Records on preparation of stakes. Stakes - their favourite food.

A try several stakes prepared according to the provided recipes now.

A stake from beef. Four portions will require 1 kg of beef, 2 eggplants, 2 small vegetable marrows, 2 sweet pepper, 4 tomatoes, 2 ears of corn. A preparation time - 20 minutes.

to Cut beef on pieces 2 - 3 cm thick that four portions turned out. To put meat on a plate and to leave for 20 - 30 minutes that it was saturated with oxygen. While meat “breathes“, it is possible to be engaged in a garnish. To cut tomatoes in half, pepper on four parts, to cut an eggplant and a vegetable marrow rings, a corn ear circles. To fry vegetables a little in olive oil, and then to weary on small fire, constantly adding water, to readiness.

to Oil meat olive, to salt and fry on a grill of 10 - 15 minutes, having turned once. To remove from fire and to put on a plate for 10 minutes. Later to add a garnish.

The stake from pork fried from two parties on big fire on a frying pan.

For preparation of a stake needs to take a pork neck which very juicy. For preparation it is required: A pork neck - 500 grams. Salt - 2 tablespoons. The black pepper ground - 1 tablespoon. Olive oil.

For stakes is better to use fresh meat, it is possible cooled. We heat a frying pan on big fire. On the heated frying pan we pour out olive oil, we bring it to boiling and we stack the meat salted and peppered from two parties. Oil will begin to shoot and splash, but fire should not be reduced that meat was fried, but was not extinguished or cooked. For such purposes there is a special mesh cover from splashes. We stack ready stakes in the center of a plate, on lettuce leaves. We decorate with a parsley branch, the chopped green onions.

Stakes from mutton. Mutton meat special and fragrant. Meat is necessary fresh, not passed a preliminary freezing. For preparation of this dish it is necessary: mutton on edges - 8 pieces, mustard - 5 tablespoons, hot green pepper - 2 - 3 pods, coarse salt and black pepper of a rough grinding, olive oil - 1/3 glass. A corrugated frying pan - a grill with a thick bottom.

Green hot pepper is cut by large pieces. We pour salt, pepper. We add mustard and olive oil, properly we mix. We cover each piece of mutton with the prepared mix. We put on a plate that lay down 10 - 15 minutes and became impregnated. the Frying pan strongly we heat

, we pour in oil, in 2 minutes we spread meat, we fry each party - from 3 - x to 5 - ti minutes. We put on a plate and we give to have a rest meat so far a garnish prepares.

From mutton a garnish from tomatoes, sweet pepper an eggplant will be suitable for stakes. Vegetables can be potomit to readiness, or to make of them a saute, having added a little garlic and onions.

Stewed vegetables will be suitable for stakes from pork as a garnish: carrots with green beans and cabbage.

Beef - the Queen of stakes. A garnish for stakes from beef are vegetables in any ratio: at first to fry them, and then to weary with cream on slow fire. To lay a ready garnish on a plate to a stake.

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