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What construction is the hallmark of northern Montenegro? Dzhurdzhevich Bridge of

the Total length of five-arch Dzhurdzhevich Bridge that lies in northern Montenegro, in the territory of Plevle`s municipality, connecting itself two coast of a canyon of the river the Container - 365 m, the extent of the biggest flight - 116 m. Distance from the water plane of the river to the carriageway of the bridge - 172 (!) m. For a moment, when construction (1940) ended and the bridge was put into operation, it was the biggest automobile concrete arch bridge of Europe.

Miyat Troyanovich Designed this miracle of engineering thought. Chief project engineer all the time of construction of the bridge (1937 - 40) there was Isaac Russo. Neither the first, nor the second even in the most bad dreams could imagine that in two years their creation will be destroyed.

In April, 1941 the German troops with assistance of the allies on “Axis“ (To Italy and Hungary), and later - Croatia which declared independence and joined them, literally in 12 days (06-17. 04. 1941) with the minimum losses (151 dead, 15 missing persons and 392 wounded), crushed army of the Kingdom Yugoslavia. Almost all Montenegro, including and valley of the river Container, got to a zone of the Italian occupation.

In order that in 1942 Italians and the chetnik (the Yugoslavian guerrilla organization which was guided by the royal government of Yugoslavia in exile and consisting generally of ethnic Serbians) who were at war on their party could not use Dzhurdzhevich Bridge for shift of troops and the organization of approach to the mountainous area remaining uncontrollable by it Durmitor, command Is national - a liberation army and guerrilla groups of Yugoslavia, made the decision to blow up the bridge. But it was necessary to destroy it so that after war the bridge could be restored, having spent for this work at least of time and material resources.

It was entrusted to one of developers of the project of the bridge, engineer Lazar Yaukovich to execute the order of command. It, having calculated force of a charge and the direction of explosion, undermined only the longest flight of the central arch. The bridge was destroyed, and shift of troops on it became impossible.

To tell that Italians were enraged to tell, so little. They were in rage! Practically at once active searches of the one who blew up the bridge began. But hardly Italians would manage to find Yaukovich if not chetnik. The it is always more dangerous than strangers. Because they together with you played the same childish sports, sang the same songs. And they - that far better than strangers know where you can hide in case of danger. On August 2, 1942 chetnik gave Lazar to Italians. And those shot it. And the body was dumped to the river.

Happen in coincidence life. Sometimes - the most surprising. But coincidence of such power of tragic element - very much and very seldom. Lazar Yaukovich was shot on that place where once executed his great-great-grandfather - Yoksim Yaukovich, one of leaders of the anti-Turkish liberation movement.

In 1946 the bridge was restored. And at an entrance on it put a memorial board on which beat out such inscription: “Lazar Yaukovich. Engineer. During the third enemy approach in 1942 it undermined the bridge by order of the Supreme command Is national - a liberation army and Guerrilla groups of Yugoslavia. He was executed for it on the same bridge by invaders and traitors - chetnik on August 2, 1942. When the bridge was restored in 1946, the people erected this monument in his honor“.

And today along the bridge there are people, cars go. From its support one of the most popular rafting of routes according to Tara begins. And with once the destroyed longest flight of the central arch it is possible to test himself in bandzh - a dzhamping: to take and jump down (172 m!) with the long rubber rope attached behind.

Of course, there are not a lot of chances that someone from us will get to northern Montenegro soon. Also will decide to pass on rafta according to rough and rapids Tara. But to look at both a canyon, and Dzhurdzhevich Bridge … Why is also not present?