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Where the deepest canyon of Europe lies and what in it is mute it is possible to look?

Never I was on the Balkans. And hardly already … But the other day my younger returned from there. Full of impressions! And that also I could feel at least a shred from what overflowed it when she all this, Montenegro, with own eyes saw, - with myself took photos. I looked at them, looked … And probably, something and felt if suddenly decided to create this article.

in Montenegro the small river such - the Container Is. Practically, as our Vacha. “I go to Tara - I pay, I come back - I laugh loudly!“. And how here not to begin to cry if roads in Montenegro... Mainly single-row, two-way and … Narrow - preuzky! On the right, in most cases, of any roadside. You look from a window of the tourist bus, and at it directly under wheels … Abyss! Deep - pregluboky … is deeper than

in Europe - anywhere not to find. Though be searched. The matter is that in the average current Tara forms a canyon. Very much even rather big, by the way. Its length - 82 km, and depth … To 1300 m! The canyon was even entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. It is natural that persons interested to look at this pan-European miracle of the nature - well, very much … It is a lot of!

Especially as future of a canyon still vaguely. Though in April, 2005, after numerous protests of the public, the government of Montenegro and Bosnia, neighboring to it, where Tara, merging with Piva, gives rise already to other river - Drin, officially refused construction plans on Drin of hydroelectric power station after which input in operation Tara`s canyon is subject to flooding. But in September of the next year between the Montenegro company “Montenegro - bonus“ and Slovak “Petrol“ was signed the commercial agreement. And its purpose, besides - a construction of hydroelectric power station with a power of 40 - 60 MW. So who knows - whether long Tara`s canyon will remain in that look in which it was created for us by the Mother Priroda.

But so far … So far to get excursion round to look at the deepest canyon of Europe, it is possible without any problems.

And already here, on the place, there is a concrete bridge shaking on grandeur and beauty which threw the arch flights through a canyon and connected between itself both coast of Tara. It on full authority is the present hallmark of northern Montenegro. This bridge has a proper name and by last name the farmer whose lands lie in close proximity to it is called, - Dzhurdzhevich Bridge.

From the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica, it is possible to get to it in two ways.

The first if on the route E80 “Lisbon - Gyurbulak (Turkey)“ that from the Croatian Dubrovnik, through Podgorica, Biyelo - to Paula and Rozhaye, leaves in Kosovo to reach to Moyovats lying between Belasits and Sinyaevin`s mountains. The national park “Biogradsk the mountain“ is located to Hugo - the East from this city. Too interesting place. But to us so far - not there.

In Moyovatsa we turn left with E80, on North - the West, to Zhablyak and Plevle. All way to a fork on which it will be necessary to be defined what of these two Montenegro cities is more interesting to us the road goes along Tara`s course. The best option to consider practically all canyon in all its greatness, - not to find. And as we will reach to a fork, to us to the right, on the North, to Plevla - third largest, after Podgorica and Nikshich, to the city of Montenegro. But Dzhurdzhevich Bridge is much closer. From a fork, one may say, practically nothing. We cross border of municipality of Plevle and Tara`s canon before us. On one its party - the village of Budechevitsa. On another - Treshnitsa. And between them - the bridge.

The second way from Podgorica to the bridge lies on North - the West, on the route E762 that through Nikshich goes to Sarajevo. After the second-large city of Montenegro, in Yasenovo, we turn on North - the East and on the road of “National heroes“, by the most mountain settlement on the Balkans (Zhablyak, 1456 m), we leave to a fork Moyovats - Plevle. Well, and as further, I hope, clear.

This route will be longer, protyazhenny than the first, but besides chance to see the highest settlement of the Balkans, you will have an opportunity to admire unique beauty of a massif Durmitor.

Generally, anyway, through Moykovats or through Zhablyak, we reached the bridge. Time to go out of the car and to look at for the sake of what, actually, here and arrived came. On Dzhurdzhevich Bridge...