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How to refuse sugar?

“Sugar - sweet poison“. The famous statement of the heroine Lyudmila Gurchenko is not subject to doubt. But how to find antidote? To refuse sugar and to minimize its consumption, use simple and effective methods. Change

the relation to drinks

Sugar - most often a habit, but not need. Sugar in tea in the mornings, sweet juice at dinner, nonalcoholic “shipuchka“ at a party... If there is no dire necessity to refuse sugar once and for all, gradually reconsider the relation to drinks. For example, limit morning tea to a half of a spoon of sugar or at dinner drink less juice. Natural shift in flavoring preferences gradually, but surely will happen. by

Choose products with the low content of sugar and sweeteners

the Same products of different producers can differ in recipes considerably. Choosing favourite entertainments, pay attention to the summary of a product. The insignificant difference in figures can have crucial importance if the product is eaten rather often. Be attentive

to the general consumption of sugars, do not forget about fructose

Fruit though they also are natural sources of sugars - healthy and healthy food if only not to be fond without measure. Their danger available fructose. The nature took care of appeal of fruit to potential carriers of seeds, having made them not only sweet. The fructose which is contained in them causes accustoming and thirst for sweet food.

Avoid the hidden sugar

Sugar is very much loved by producers of various ready-made products. Sometimes so that do not specify its existence on a label. If there is the slightest suspicion, refuse doubtful sauce, fast porridge or soup from a bag. Try to replace them with the dishes prepared independently from usual natural products.

you do not hurry

Decided on change of a diet of people quickly understands how a lot of sugar he eats. The prospect to refuse a favourite product looks painfully not only in the theory, sweets - the known antidepressants. Draw up the plan of gradual refusal of sugar, having begun with small, - for example, stop to sweeten porridges. The gradual movement to the purpose small steps will allow to receive result steadier and stable, than sharp refusal of sugar. Replace with


there is no

, the speech not about saccharin and synthetic sweeteners. Reflect in what sources of thirst for sweet? Very often people use sugar for satisfaction of emotional hunger or as means of fight against a stress that is available, cheap, quickly and easily. Reconsider the relation to the solution of problems, use other weakening mechanisms which are not connected with sweet food. Perhaps, walks on park, yoga or simple breathing exercises will help. Switch by


to avoid tortures when the organism which got used to sweet persistently begins to demand ““, remember other food addictions. You love sharp and salty? It is a high time to indulge an organism and to distract it from sugar. Perhaps, there will be also other dishes. Change

style of communication

the Friendly sit-round gathering, birthdays and office parties are most often connected with sweet entertainments. Try to understand why you impose piece of cake on a plate? It is really necessary, or you arrive, imitating people around? Whether it is worth risking health to look “as all“?

Kind health and good mood!