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How to make red tea

Not everyone is familiar with red tea not to mention that they do not know about how it is correct to make red tea. But, as it is strange, red &ndash tea; it is also that tea which we call black. But, practically all black teas have identical taste, color and a smell. Otherwise the situation by red Chinese tea is. It has absolutely other aroma and a shade. Besides, red tea can be made several times.

Red Chinese tea is made in the provinces of China. Bring together him exclusively manually. It is not processed by chemistry.

Red tea has high content of enzymes. At various stages it passes both mechanical, and heat treatment. Further, it is steamed and fried thoroughly. As a result, red tea reaches counters of shops of dark color, habitual for us.

It is possible to make red tea in several ways: in a teapot, a flask or gayvan. Ready infusion of red tea looks just amazingly - it as if shines in the saturated claret color from within.

To Zavarivaniye of red tea in a teapot

to make red tea in a teapot, it is necessary to take 1 h a spoon of dry tea leaves at the rate on a water cup. The teapot before tea leaves needs to be warmed, having drenched with boiled water. Further, it is necessary to put tea leaves and to fill in with boiled water, having allowed to be drawn by a couple of minutes.

To pour ready tea on cups. Before tea drinking it is worth admiring remarkable game of flowers of this remarkable tea. It possesses the delightful taste combining aroma of a haze and needles, green apples, prunes and firewood.

Council! Red tea, as well as all ktiaysky teas, it is the best of all to drink not sweet!

Zavarivaniye of red tea in the gayvena

can make Red tea also in gayvan - the multipurpose adaptation convenient in use. Gaiwan represents a set of a cup, a cover and a saucer. They are various volumes.

It is necessary to place tea leaves at the rate of 1 h in a dish a spoon on a cup.

To fill in with boiled water, to wait a couple of minutes and to pour ready tea on drinking bowls.

Zavarivaniye of red tea in a flask

At tea leaves of red tea in a flask can fully enjoy process of a zavarivaniye - change of color and swelling of tea petals.

The tea flask represents two cylinders inserted one into another. The internal cylinder has an opening for water running off. The cover which is included in the package can be used also as a support for the internal cylinder if process of a zavarivaniye happens not on a special board.

First of all, it is necessary to warm up a flask, having drenched it with boiled water. Further, to put in it tea leaves (1 h a spoon on a cup), to fill in with boiled water, to allow to be drawn a couple of minutes and to pull out the internal cylinder. Ready tea through an opening in the cylinder will flow down to the external cylinder. In that case, you do not need a sieve.
Only the tea flask can transfer to

all completeness of this delightful process of a zavarivaniye of red tea.

Red tea - fine, bright and saturated taste which passes into not less fine aftertaste!

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