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How to make yellow tea

Yellow tea in appearance is very similar to green tea, but differs in taste, technology of preparation and the medicinal properties.

Yellow tea can be divided into two look: Egyptian and Chinese. Both of them are popular with local population, but differ externally and how to make yellow tea.

The Egyptian yellow tea is similar to small seeds of family bean, or buckwheat. Call them Shambala or a fenugreek here.

The Chinese white tea is divided into the large-leaved, fine-leaved, twisted in a tubule like parchment and small tea kidneys.

How to make yellow Chinese tea

For a zavarivaniye of the Chinese yellow tea it is the best of all to use glasswares. She will allow to hold all tea ceremony correctly.

It is necessary to put in a teapot of a little yellow tea and to fill in with hot water. Water has to have temperature from 50 to 80 degrees. In order that water for tea not was crude it at first it is necessary to boil, then to allow to cool down and already then to fill in in a teapot. On 200 ml of water no more than five grams of yellow tea usually are required.

How to make yellow Egyptian tea

At a zavarivaniye of yellow Egyptian tea the different way is used absolutely. Tea is externally similar to small, firm seeds therefore usual filling by boiled water in a teapot is excluded.

For full disclosure of properties of the Egyptian yellow tea it needs to be welded. For this purpose it is necessary to fry thoroughly seeds then to leave for couple of days to dry. Depending on a tea grade, seeds can, also, be fried and promolotit. It will give to tea more saturated aroma.

Further it is necessary to fill up tea in a pan of the corresponding sizes and to fill in with water. To pour seeds at the rate of 1 h the spoon on 200 - 300 ml of water. Everything depends on what you wish to reach fortress. Then it is necessary to bring to boiling and to cook on slow fire about 10 minutes. At the end of preparation to pour tea on cups and to dilute to taste with water or milk.

The bigger quantity of the useful minerals useful to our organism contain both the Egyptian, and Chinese tea. Having tried this tea once, you will never forget its surprising, delicate aroma.