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How to make white tea

White tea, as well as a zavarivaniye of white tea - are far phrases for many residents of our country. It also is not surprising as to find it, even in the most expensive, specialized shops of our country not so that and simply. The matter is that white tea cannot be packaged and transported long, and it can be stored only few months. Many white teas which you, perhaps, saw or even tried - or low-quality, or at them term expired, or it is green tea, but very high quality.

Attention! The Indian white teas have no relation to white Chinese tea! These are absolutely different grades.

And for those to whom everything is has the luck to buy the real white tea, we will consider in article how to make white tea.

What is necessary for a zavarivaniye of white tea

for Important components of a protsesse of a zavarivaniye of white tea water is. You should not take water or water with chlorine addition. Spring water will become ideal option. At impossibility of acquisition of this pleasure, it is possible to be content with the sold water, but expensive and high quality.

It is important to watch water temperature, also. It has to be slightly lower, than at a zavarivaniye of other types of tea, that is about 80 degrees. All the matter is that tipsa - young fleecy kidneys are capable to reveal and give quicker all comprised useful components quicker than the coarsened leaves.

Water at a zavarivaniye of white tea, according to the doctrine, the Chinese masters, it is necessary to remove from fire when small vials of water which rise from a teapot bottom begin to develop directly into water noise.

At the same time, many experts insist that it is necessary to make white tea abrupt boiled water. You can try both of these methods and choose for yourself more suitable.

How to make white tea

Before a zavarivaniye of white tea it is important to drench all ware with boiled water.

The first tea leaves lasting about a couple of minutes need to be merged without the rest.

After that, it is necessary to wait several minutes. During this time it is possible to enjoy quite aroma of tea and to be convinced of its quality. The first signs of good tea are the accurate, evenly painted leaves.

Further, in gayvan it is necessary to fill in water again. At the correct zavarivaniye for the first time, the second will be faster. Having overdone tea, it is possible to receive bitterness.

At the end, it is necessary to merge tea through the strainer entering a set of a gayvana and to pour it on drinking bowls.

Council! Before to drink tea, take a little in hands a drinking bowl, feel aroma, enjoy color. The first drink - the brightest. After a while it is possible to start the second zavarivaniye.

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