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How to make black tea

it would Seem, there is nothing difficult in a question how to make black tea. It is so simple! To boil water, to pour tea leaves, to wait a couple of minutes and, voila, everything is ready!

However, not everything is so simple. There are some rules of how it is correct to make black tea about which we will talk below.

Boiling of water

Boiling of water is, perhaps, the most responsible moment at preparation of tasty tea. For this purpose it is necessary to use a teapot with a curved throat and to fill it up to the top so that water was several centimeters higher, than an opening of a neck. It will allow to distinguish better stages of boiling of water on a sound.

Note. The free space from a water surface to a cover - is the excellent resonator.

Water before beginning to make black tea, it is the best of all to boil not by means of a boiler or a teapot, and directly on fire.

You should not boil, also, water several times or to add it as, often, we like to do.

In a teapot there has to be only fresh water!

Optimum water temperature at a zavarivaniye of black tea are 90 - 95 degrees.

Warming of a teapot

This indispensable condition before to begin to make black tea as not heated-up teapot lowers temperature of the filled-in water by 15 degrees. Therefore, all modes of a zavarivaniye of tea will not be observed, tea leaves will get warm unevenly and as a result, you receive anything, but only not tea.

It is possible to warm a teapot as having lowered it in a big vessel with hot water for a couple of minutes, and to fill in it with hot water and having kept some time.

Also, it is possible to warm a teapot in an oven. For this purpose it is necessary to put a zavarnik on a cover of a teapot in which water is heated, in advance having turned it.

As well as how many to pour tea leaves

As for a question, and how many it is necessary tea leaves at a zavarivaniye of black tea, British, for example, did not begin to think long over it. They fill up one teaspoon on one portions and add one more for a zavarnik.

Before beginning to make black tea, it is necessary to consider which - what nuances.

At hard water of tea leaves will leave couple teaspoons more;

Cut and small leaf teas brighter to taste and color are ready quicker therefore their quantity can be less in comparison with largely sheet;

If tea is planned after a meal or cigarettes, then it is necessary to increase amount of the made tea, otherwise you do not feel desired taste.

By the way, is recommended to drink tea, later 1 - 1,5 after food.

Tea leaves need to be filled up with a dry pure spoon. At the same time, it is necessary to stir up a teapot and to evenly distribute tea leaves by means of roundabouts. Thus, tea leaves will be able closer to adjoin to boiled water, and you receive better tea.

How to make black tea

Often, tea is made for two times. For the first time, having filled a teapot with one third of water, and later a couple of minutes having added boiled water to 3/4 volumes of a zavarnik. After that, make tea to readiness.

It is necessary to fill in boiled water with roundabouts that tea leaves at the bottom of a teapot were distributed evenly.

Subsidence of tea leaves at the bottom of a teapot speaks about goodness of tea, and on a surface there has to be a foam of yellow color. And here, sticks which float on a tea surface, say that tea low-quality.

It is possible to make black tea no more than two times. For the second time tea leaves need to be filled in no more than for 15 minutes, and differently, you risk to be left without tasty and qualitative tea.

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