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How to make green tea

Very few people do not love the attracting aroma of green tea, especially during a summer heat. It perfectly tones up, satisfies thirst, at the same time, is very useful to health. But, unfortunately, not all know how to make green tea.

There is a set of questions on the answer how to make green tea. It depends on a grade of tea and its flavoring characteristics. Buying green tea in specialized shops, it is necessary to find out all subtleties of a zavarivaniye of that grade which you get from sellers. He will prompt to you what amount of tea is required at what temperature, what is the time it is required for tea leaves and how to make green tea of this or that grade.

Despite it, there is a widespread method of how to make green tea.

In - the first, it is necessary to pay attention to water, its quality and temperature. Also, it is necessary to consider amount of tea and time of its tea leaves.

So how to make green tea?

Amount of the made tea

the Amount of tea is considered, proceeding from the sizes of tea leaves and a saturation which wants to be received as a result. An optimum dose of a zavarivaniye of green tea the teaspoon on 250 ml is considered. waters.

How many to make the Time of a Zavarivaniye of Green Tea green tea

besides depends on the sizes of tea leaves and what result there is a wish to receive as a result. All the matter is that the theine which is contained in green tea which tones up it, is transferred to tea the first minutes of its zavarivaniye. Then tea is sated mainly by means of tannins. The organism is capable to acquire theine only after acquires tannins.

Therefore to cheer up to keep enough tea leaves in tea leaves no more than one and a half minutes. At desire to prolong wakefulness time, tea needs to be made a little longer, than it is specified on packing. But, consider that in this case, at tea there will be some bitterness.

Water for a zavarivaniye of green tea

the Best source at a zavarivaniye of green tea will become, of course, spring water. Though, of course, not all have an opportunity to use it. Otstoyanny water from a water supply system will become a way out. Use of the distilled water will become not the best way. Water for tea does not need to be boiled repeatedly, also, it should not overboil.

Attention! Abrupt boiled water is capable to spoil tea!

Optimum temperature for tea are 90 degrees. In order that to define it, it is only enough to open a cover of a teapot and later a couple of minutes to run a hand over a teapot. If to a hand it is rather comfortable, then it is possible to begin tea tea leaves process safely. Remember that boiled water should not be too abrupt and burn a hand, and differently, it will kill all useful properties of green tea.

The ware For a zavarivaniye of green tea best of all will be suitable for a zavarivaniye of green tea

the pottery capable for a long time to keep heat. Often, use clay or porcelain teapots. In Japan green tea can be made in the enameled pig-iron chaynichka, and in the countries of the East - in silver ware.

In what ware you would not make green tea, the main thing - that there was no emergence of foreign smells. For this purpose, it is necessary to rinse previously ware by means of boiled water. It will not allow cold walls of a teapot to take away heat of water intended for a tea zavarivaniye.

If after a zavarivaniye you find a yellowish raid on ware walls, then you should not worry. It is a protective film which does not allow external irritants to spoil aroma and taste of tea.

Process of a zavarivaniye of green tea

Originally, a teapot it is necessary to warm up, having taken it over fire. Further, it is necessary to fill in tea leaves. To wrap a teapot in a towel and to allow to be drawn for a couple of minutes in the warm place. Further, to fill in tea leaves on a third of hot water. To wait still a couple of minutes and to add a teapot water.

Cups from which you plan to enjoy tea drinking process need to be rinsed previously with hot water as tea in cold ware is capable to cool down quicker. On average, it is necessary to make green tea about three minutes. It is necessary to spill tea in the equal portions for obtaining identical taste in each ware.

At a zavarivaniye of green tea directly in a mug or a glass, it is necessary to put no more teaspoon of tea leaves. It is necessary to draw in this case no more couple of minutes. Emergence on a surface is yellow - a brown film, will become a signal that tea is ready and ready correctly. It is better to stir a skin by means of a spoon.

Making tea in a circle, also, do not forget previously it to heat.

How many times to make green tea and as it to drink

As a rule, green tea is drunk without sugar. It best of all will approach with dried fruits or honey. The repeated zavarivaniye of green tea can reach seven times. Making tea every time, it is necessary to increase also time of tea leaves. The first tea leaves have the strongest aroma. Further already aroma of tea reveals.