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What is regressive therapy?

Regressive therapy helps to realize the deep reasons of our difficulties and to find their solution in order that you could lead full life which is free from these internal conflicts.

Regression in antecedents, is based on the prerequisite that we are eternal beings who transfer knowledge and experience from one human life to another. At the level of soul, we choose lessons which we planned for ourselves in each life. Of course, some people consider that we can live in a body only of one person and only one life. And even in this case regression - it is a fascinating way to get acquainted with interesting aspects of your own personality.

is the best of all when you get experience of regression with open soul, without expecting anything in particular. For example, if you approach regression, only knowing that you are going to open for yourself life when you were the fighter pilot, it can become on the way of what really approaches. Many people expect to see antecedents very brightly, in the smallest details. It not always so, especially if is your first experience. Though some see everything very accurately and brightly, and others a little vaguely and only part of this experience obviously. It is the best of all to concentrate attention on the seen images and feelings which you have. Trust in the internal experience. Reflection that it is “invention“ and experience it does not make sense, immersions can interfere with the process. These are only reactions of mind which often tries to find restrictions.

As a rule, people who regularly practice meditation and a relaxation move most quicker in last experience of regression of life. It means that this skill can be developed. The more you practice a chuvstvovaniye of and release of mind from an infinite stream of thoughts, the easier memoirs will be restored. However there are also people who were never engaged relaxations and meditation, but can restore detailed information quickly and easily. The only way to learn how it works for you, to plunge into this experience.

I one of the lived stories...

“ Somewhere in the north, highly in mountains there lived a woman. The withered body, the sticking-out bones, the long gray curling hair. This is the woman - the hermit. The small cave in mountains was her house. Captured total loneliness and at the same time a unification with the nature where there is no fear. But this woman did not feel that she executed what her soul needed. it locked itself in these heaps of powerful stones because once it was expelled. The moment of death came and my soul left this body. The woman the hermit laid down legs to an exit from a cave when the sun sat down. The hawk flied and began to peck her body. But I did not feel either pain, or sufferings when watched it. Only tranquility and pacification. Release. I lived in this experience up to the end exile and asceticism which long time weighed my soul. Also it became easier. “