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Whether the electronic cigarette and a nicotinic plaster help to leave off smoking?

the Number of the smoking people in the world increase every day, and in 2012 their quantity approached one billion. The fact that 95000 teenagers daily become smokers frightens. But also the number of the people wishing to get rid of this addiction increases. Having set as

to itself the purpose to leave off smoking, some people do not stint nicotinic plasters, a chewing gum, electronic cigarettes and other means which advertize to us as “a fast and effective remedy on fight against smoking“. Is it effective and whether it is worth trusting advertizing?

The most popular means in fight against smoking are the nicotinic plaster and an electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette is the electronic device resembling a usual cigarette superficially which helps to imitate smoking process. In the course of smoking of such cigarette steam which contains a certain dose of nicotine is emitted. The electronic cigarette per se was invented in 2004 (the invention rather new and not investigated completely).

Pluses of an electronic cigarette:

the Person who replaced a usual cigarette electronic does not irritate himself and surrounding with a constant smell of a smoke from a mouth, from clothes and hands any more.

At the people smoking an electronic cigarette skin ceases to grow coarse, and teeth stop turning yellow.

the People using an electronic cigarette note the general improvement of health - for example, simplification of breath.

As it was already told to span earlier, the electronic cigarette helps to imitate smoking process. Because the person depends on smoking not only physically, but also psychologically (the smoker needs to feel a cigarette in hands, to speak during smoking with friends...) it is big plus of an electronic cigarette.

the Electronic cigarette rescues people around of the smoker from passive smoking.

Minuses of an electronic cigarette :

the Content of nicotine in one dose of an electronic cigarette usually appears more declared.

Having begun to use an electronic cigarette, you, most likely, will not be able to get rid of a habit to smoke more likely on the contrary - conceive a liking for so-called to the combined consumption , that is you will not be able to refuse not only usual cigarettes, but also electronic.

the Electronic cigarette in some cases can cause problems with health: allergic reactions, difficulty of breath.

one third of the teenagers who tried an electronic cigarette did not smoke statistical data, absolutely earlier . Obviously, it is connected with the fact that advertizing of an electronic cigarette represents it as an image product - “a product of beautiful life“ that forces people to get it. By the way, quite so earlier also advertized usual cigarettes. In this regard in some countries advertizing and even sale of electronic cigarettes is forbidden.

the Average price of an electronic cigarette together with the necessary equipment (cartridges, chargers...) makes 2500-3500 rubles.

One more popular means on fight against smoking - a nicotinic plaster which contains the nicotine getting into an organism through skin.

Pluses of a nicotinic plaster:

Relative usability. One plaster lasts for one day. It needs to be applied on the healthy site of skin slightly covered with hair and every day to change this site. It is impossible to use such plaster more than 6 months. The course of treatment averages 2 - 3 months.

the Nicotinic plaster is not swept up to people around, and also saves time which usually occupies process of smoking.

the Nicotinic plaster relieves the people surrounding you of passive smoking.

Consumers note that the nicotinic plaster is really effective and helps to reduce desire to smoke, and also to get rid completely of an addiction.

Minuses of a nicotinic plaster :

From application of a nicotinic plaster sleeplessness and allergic reactions is possible.

the Plaster does not consider psychological dependence of the person on smoking process.

On average the cost of one packing of plasters - 1000 rubles. To complete a full course of treatment, it is required to spend about 5000 rubles.

People think out more and more means to help smokers to get rid of an addiction. Certainly, some of them help, some - no. The main thing - strong desire of the smoker to leave off smoking, awareness of harm from smoking and, of course, will power. Without it in this case, probably, anywhere.