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What has to be the first appointment? Councils for girls of

you thought over what has to be the first appointment? If the first appointment takes place ideally, then it can serve as the beginning of the relations. It is difficult to tell that from you the young man, what plans for further life at it wants to hear.

Preparing for the first appointment, you should not idealize the guy. Does not matter as you got acquainted, but most often acquaintance takes place quickly, and guys try to tell about themselves nothing. At the same time before the first appointment many girls think out an image of the guy, attribute it traits of character which it can not possess, in this case there can be a big disappointment. There is a risk to fall in love with a fictional image of the guy and not to pay attention to its shortcomings.

That it did not happen, try not to think of the guy, and think that you can tell about yourself what dress you will put on …

If you really liked the guy and you want development of the relations with it, then it is not necessary to make mistakes. The easy make-up will be suitable for the first appointment. Naturalness always leaves good impression. Do not hide a face behind a cosmetic mask. The first what the guy - appearance pays attention to . Appointment will be suitable for the first minimalism. Easy, air and mysterious image.

Mysteriousness, but not nonsense. If the guy chooses the girl for the long relations, then the second what he will pay attention to - intelligence . It is not necessary to rumble without stopping, telling about the numerous girlfriends, about their appointments and other. Tell about yourself, but do not turn appointment into a monologue. Ask questions, answer questions of the guy. Try to show all the knowledge and do not complain of pressing problems, abstract from them.

It is pleasant to man to realize that the girl with whom he can construct the long relations - independent and independent . Many young girls live with the parents, but you should not tell the guy that you study, and parents support you, and a dress in which you kept the appointment, mother bought too.

The man understands, entering the relations that he has to replace your parents, but you should not focus his attention on it. If you study, tell that you look for to yourself work now, you do not want to be for anybody a burden. You do not plan to look for work? All the same it will be almost the truth, after university you will be engaged in it. And the guy will estimate your aspiration to independence.

At the same time tell that you dream of the man who will become the real defender and a reliable support. Pretend that you obey the man, you will be weak and defenseless, and he will become the head of your future union. The frequent mistake of girls is in what they tell to the man that he has to care, preserve, provide about them. It is not necessary to speak to it about it. The man knows this “golden rule“, but it will be pleasant to it to understand that you the self-sufficient personality.

The modesty always decorates the woman. You should not ask on the first appointment about the income, to tell about the. He will understand everything, do not think that the man badly understands modern brands. About sex too you should not talk, but if conversation came about it, then you should not tear off it sharply. Try to joke and to smoothly transfer conversation to other course.

Most often the first appointments take place in cozy small restaurants or cafes. Do not order a large number of food and alcohol, you should not get drunk as alcohol loosens much tongue. Order a glass of wine and salad.

After appointment suggest to pay the bill in half even if it the first will stretch to the account. This gesture to you will add pluses. Be not upset if he agreed to pay the bill equally. You remember, this first appointment, the man does not consider you as the woman yet. For the second time everything will be differently.

Good first appointments, let they will become the beginning something bigger!