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Whether there is a friendship between the man and the woman? Its version

Women trusted, trust and persistently continue to believe in friendship between the man and the woman. Continue to torment with it “friends“ - men who catch those remains of flirtation that get to them in the friend - a zone. And what in general is understood as the term “friendship“? the Friendship between two men strikingly differs in

from friendship between the man and the woman. If she in general is possible! The friendship of men is a communication without any option “successions of events“. Two persons whom something unites communicate. In total. And here with the woman everything is differently. Is. Costs. You understand me? The matter is that the sexual inclination cannot be controlled. At “the neighbor from below“ the priorities, and often he runs the show. The female brain is arranged differently, they can perceive in some way the man as a sexless being to whom it is possible just to communicate.

However from it the problem not only does not decrease, but also causes negative consequences of such “friendship“. The friendship means full mutual understanding, support, it the relations based on respect and trust to each other. And here you do not trust yourself and all the time you twitch: here she bit off a piece of a peach and licked lips … reached for a napkin, having slightly opened secret of a decollete … Here and friendship end.

“And how the girl - a patsanka? - you will tell. - It more man, than woman!“ Well and you will communicate with it? It was cheerful in the yard on a bungee with it to jump, now … That`s it. All this sounds quite rigidly and vulgarly, but so it also is. As practice shows, the man will agree to “friendship“ with the girl, only because expects from this friendship of continuation. So can, friendship of floors - not a question of belief, but a question of practice?

Poll results : men are sure that friendship between the man and the woman - very unusual occurrence. Well as dinosaurs in the downtown. Women are more optimistic, but also they understand: friendship with the man - a slippery footpath, it is possible to fall down inadvertently in his embraces!!!

“The friendship between the man and the woman is possible … at a certain share of physical disgust“. F. Nietzsche.

“The friendship between the man and the woman is based on hope of one of the parties that it is not just friendship“. K. Konkolevsky.

“Nobody becomes the woman`s friend if can become her lover“. O. Balzac.

Well, and couple of opinions...

Vasily, 24: “Girls who think that the friendship is! Only you so think!“

Evgeny, 26: “Communication and friendship - different things. Who as treats sex. Communication will be anyway! If not to offend, of course, each other. I consider that there is a friendly sex where nobody should not anybody. Provided that people have no families at the same time“.

Mikhail, 27: “It seems to me that it individually. Depends on education and attitude of the person. I think, the friendship exists, but it is the rare fact“.

Sergey, 28: “If there are mutual sympathies (inclination) - there will be a sex. If sympathies are not mutual - there will be a friendship. I think so so, in general, I think, it is possible“.

When carrying out poll of opinion of women and men developed as follows: 44,3% voted for the fact that they believe in existence of friendship between the man and the woman (from them - 23 women and 4 men). At the same time more than 50% of respondents disproved this phenomenon (among them - 22 women and 9 men).