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Whether it is heavy to live to staunch materialists? Army baizes Are not present

, so - that I am a materialist. Not from a hand, generally, in other color to be recoloured. Pink glasses if deck life, just in some not especially interesting monochrome. Which and festive to call - language does not turn. And here to distort reality to full unrecognizability, so it they always please. And try

become this idealist when to you from the kindergarten about the fact that the empiriokrititsizm is “Kako“. So materialist, materialist. The most real. Even do not doubt. Here only …

everything - in each of us, something like that Is … Like a big magnet. And at one it on plus is loaded. At others - on minus. And at someone, as the induction coil. Today one, and tomorrow - weather exchanged, cloudlets on the sky - absolutely another went.

Not the worst, I will tell you, option. Here if at you unipolar a magnet from the birth and - on all remained … Here - without options. It is good if what at you inside, only sweet and priyatstvenny in every respect attracts. And how on the contrary? On the left you will go, you will lose an elephant. To the right - the brick will fall. Even if today absolutely non-flying weather for it. And it is good if on the head to the one who, actually, and attracted it. And if nearby? And there just you stand?.

Therefore it is also impossible on life to hope for these most pink glasses. Only also know that twist a head on all three hundred sixty and notice - whether there is no whom nearby it which only and does that all thirty three misfortunes and - to himself hands grabby. Even without wishing that. So, on already settled vital habit which so grew into a skin that already and the second nature became.

And as saw, noticed such subject … Run from it! On the other side of the street. And - to the station. Bought the ticket on first passing fast and - further away.

Only not always it turns out. The cash desk is sometimes closed. All those trains left already that today according to the schedule. Now only tomorrow. And if tickets are.

Then stand, suffer and hope … that by the brick will fly by.

And I suffered. Where you will get to if the Basic law of the native land defined that that - a duty? Moreover and not simple. Honourable. And on growth in a rank I for Mishanya at once. I … Where from it? From a rank of this. Especially - without order.

Only - only we took the oath. The first … The very first divorce of guard, and taking up the person on duty on garrison - there was nothing to do to it! - took and pointed a finger at Mishanya:

- Fighter?

- Levich!
Is not present

, well why Mishanya? The platoon in a system costs. Thirty snouts! And that`s it in it a sirotinushka it is necessary to point a finger...

- Introduction, Levich. You are a sentry. Night. Someone approaches a post. You in the dark do not see who. Your actions?

Mishanya to it right there - in the answer and on full, to a promezhd we designate, seriousness:

- I shoot!

That directly in a single-breasted coat, at shoulder straps and the polished buttons and crashed down about parade-ground asphalt. Flatwise. Carry away gotovenky. Not - et! Jumped up there, lifted it, shook off... He - joint stock company began to shout. Louder than a siren of an air-raid warning. And all on the Russian Latin. And in intervals between these unpleasant words:

- And if it is parting with change? Darkly! You do not see!! I repeat introduction. You are the sentry. Someone approaches a post. In the dark it is not visible - who. Your actions?!

But our Mishanya from such shout fell into a stupor. Also it has no other answer, except, as at that tram that on rails:

- I shoot!

Well, dezh in general flew into a rage:

- Who the automatic machine was given, the grandmother and your mother?! And “stand, I will shoot“? And “stand, to light a face“? And precautionary shot?! Yes this freak to me still will shoot whom on a post. Foreman. FOREMAN!! To take away from him the weapon and a cartridge pouch with cartridges. Boev, by the way! A bayonet - a knife to it. Let costs on night watch at shop of Voentorg.

So Mishanya also reached a guard house about a bayonet - a knife. And there the bayonet already nachkar selected at it, reasonably having judged that it also can be cut with this artifact. Be responsible then for Mishanya before the native land and parents...

And where you will leave from such “gift“ if in a system and - directly at once behind it? How?!

Me, besides, determined by its also second number. To drag a replaceable trunk and machine-gun to fill a tape.

As on a trunk - so aha, you will wait from it. To a shooting range, how many? More than three. And Mishanya after the first kilometer fell and tightly. Would throw it, let lies. Perhaps will regain consciousness, will drink from a pool that near, will recover, will reach under the own steam the end of firing practice. So not to tear off a trunk from it! And a pole - decent. A floor - offices if only with the help “Hey, we fall a cropper“ and taking into account just credited in table “shrapnel“ … Otherwise - not to lift. And it is undesirable to involve all staff. To a shooting range - that still … One half of office Mishanya drags the first kilometer. On the second - other half transfers him.

And a tape if fills, so it at once, also did not pull the trigger as all already … Warped! In soul of the most important and all his helpers that on the heated room with frying pans run.

Did not warp, so you look … And in a tape … Bullets - uninterruptedly with a green tip. Here what? Tracers should not go in a row. And so. Through two - three - the fourth. That the direction of firing at fiery hyphens to see and modify it if that. Uninterruptedly only at the end of shop. And that, several pieces - quite to understand in time - everything, come to an end a tape.

Is not present, let it be better about a bayonet - a knife - at Voentorg!

However, feels my heart … Memory - same such substance! Which - you will not strangle, you will not kill. And already now, but approximately same, as well as in our times, long winter evenings under uncomfortable howl not of the person interested raging somewhere behind walls of barracks and in any way to calm down winds, new generation of grandfathers, setting young people on the right path, remembers with badly hidden shiver in a voice:

- Now that? They are the academician. With former - any comparison! Peace and harmony. And here once - to us! - was, speak, such soldier - Levich...


Nachkar is the chief of guard.

the Shrapnel - porridge such. From pearl barley.