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Whether there is a friendship between the man and the woman? Its


“To me is 26 years, and it seems everything is: the husband, the remarkable son, but is not present understanding. I very much want to find the true friend - the man to go to exhibitions, to read interesting books and then to discuss and just to drink coffee and to stir. The loved one is simply necessary! I believe that I will find you! And I am sure that such friendship EXISTS!!!“, - anonymously, the girl in one of the Internet - communities.

Actually why so many people consider friendship between the man and the woman the myth? Besides sexual background there is a set of a common ground! It is work, sport, a hobby, friendship as families, common interests, at last. But for some reason, if people around are seen that two communicate, it is considered that they is obligatory - either the former lovers, or future. Without options. Though is not present, there is still an option of “mercenary“ interest when one of friends is socially higher than the second or is more provided financially - here everything “clearly“.

What is interesting, so considers most of men. And it is very difficult to the one who supports this stereotype to construct the confidential relations with the woman who is not his girl / wife, in other words, with whom he does not sleep. Of course, it is necessary to consider that fact that if the man is not lonely, and his soulmate inclines to this “Freudian“ version about friendship between the man and the woman too, then the friendship will be nullified.

Why we forget that people, regardless of a floor - first of all the personality, with the unique traits of character, interests and thoughts? The friendship between the man and the woman is similar to related bonds of the brother and sister: mutual assistance, the help by council in any matter, including in the relations, moral support, lack of envy concerning new belongings / men / colors of eyes … And as for “friendly“ sex, it is more similar to an incest. If the friendship sincere - to people even does not come to mind similar.

Her opinion:

Alla, 32: “There is such expression: whom I do not want, I am not on friendly terms with that - about friendship between the man and the woman“.

Anna, 30: “Exists. Until between them there is no sex. After it or the relations, or “sex on friendship“, or in general anything“.

Love, 29 years: “Of course, exists! Only with one reservation. The woman and the man - either the former lovers, or future... or man “special“... as girlfriend. But in an amicable way, my opinion, we too always go deep into a subject, we dig, we reflect, and it is necessary just to be given to the relations, not to indulge in expectations from someone something, not to finish thinking, and just to live, be on friendly terms, to love and rejoice this ability given from above“.

Ekaterina, 28: “Eh, it was never impossible to me - at everything we wash naive desire to be on friendly terms I managed to get on that category at which, as they say, “scratches“ ((((. But in Europe, especially at university, noticed that the friendship between opposite sexes is, and real, without any hints and ulterior motives! On - kind I envy them“.

Victoria, 29 years: “We speak about sex among friends if there is nobody... except the friend, it is already trouble of the person; the friend cannot be wanted, he sexless, he is a friend, first of all. And if there is an assessment as men or women, then it is not necessary to confuse it to friendship“.

When carrying out poll of opinion of women and men developed as follows: 44,3% voted for the fact that they believe in existence of friendship between the man and the woman (from them - 23 women and 4 men). At the same time more than 50% of respondents disproved this phenomenon (among them - 22 women and 9 men).