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What it is light of female wisdom?

Today when in fashion infinite streams of glossy photos, external surroundings and feminism, something real is important to keep. Each woman carries in herself a certain gift - wisdom. Wisdom which is always stronger than emotions is stronger than passions and circumstances. It out of fashion and time, and ability is correct to use this value does the woman unique. About what force the wise woman has, we will talk right now.

wisdom Force

Female wisdom - the experience collected on particles by our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers. It passes from father to son and is set of knowledge of Rod. Ability to use this gift helps the woman not only to construct a strong and harmonious family, but also to make surrounding people happier.

Wisdom is not a set of separate knowledge, but ability to expect possible mistakes and to appreciate experience of already perfect. It is ability to look at a situation not narrowly, and it is volume as if from outside, considering all contexts and the real facts. Such woman is able to control not only the emotions, but also knows as when to tell for a consolation.

In wisdom there is a lot of good and creation. Since the childhood the girl carefully looks after the dolls, she seeks to be friendly and tender. The more we develop this gift, becoming adults, the more than a dobra we bear to this world. “The wise wife will suit to

the house, and silly will destroy it by the hands“ (the Parable 14. 1)

For a long time the woman is awarded by a rank of the keeper of a home. Ability to create a cosiness and heat in the house, to attract to itself people and to be an example - result of long and laborious work.

In system of its values always the family, education of children and care of relatives is on the first place. Already then she is an employee of the company, the accountant or the director. Even in the most disputable situation she will refuse a warpath, accurately understands that the most valuable - a family is at stake.

Today often blame men, a lack of money, circumstances also hope for some ideal order of things. It became fashionable to be independent and well-founded, but at the same time to hide the loneliness behind a mask of feminism. It is fashionable to alternate partners, but all life to wait for one and only. To live for itself, and in 35 - 40 years with regret to understand that one …

Female wisdom is in that being able to give happiness to those who nearby, without turning around on the parties. To radiate such power of love to which any circumstances are not subject. Then the house will become the fortress where everyone plays the roles, then others will admire an example and life will be filled with harmony and sense. the Thin side of feelings Telling


about female wisdom, it is difficult to give it exact definition. She always is on the verge of intuition and a chuvstvovaniye.

The wise woman passes everything through heart, clever - through reason. And in the latter case she will persistently try to obtain exact answers, to prove the case and to dominate.

Wisdom in the woman always speaks quietly, keeping self-control and advantage. In a problem situation it will never become on a warpath, on a game the most valuable - harmony and love!