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With the world on a button or What is a filobutonistika?

“My husband decided filobutonistiky to be engaged“, - one cheerful, naughty lady straight off shared “alarms“ with the girlfriends, taking seat for a little table in cozy cafe where they gather from time to time, having a rest from house vanity. And, to play them for certain, told absolutely seriously, in addition having represented grief on the face. to

was successful Draw - after words of a consolation and sympathy, the next exposure of men with their goat essence the explanation followed and women have fun wonderfully well, bantering now at “strange, special and peculiar“ men.

Really, there are no reasons to mourn and be distressed. Filobutonistika means only a harmless collecting of buttons which can be almost clear on sense and even financially perspective - for example, buttons of times of Catherine II are estimated at several thousands of dollars.

“Soon de Zabava dresses up...“


“Well to collect buttons in small groups and (to collect) separately is a real trifle, a trifle and not expensive business“. Do not tell, do not tell … In old kind times of a button were made manually as the real works of art. Were by the piece made. From jewels, from gold - silver also undersigned enamels. Considering the increased demand, they in large numbers were brought from the overseas countries and in the same quantities sewn on clothes.

History did not hold back about a case in the 15th century when it distances the widow four raincoats of her died husband with 126 gold buttons on them. And epic Zabava just blows the mind: “De Zabava dresses up soon: put on a fur coat sable - the price - that to a fur coat three thousand, and buttons - in seven thousand“.

At you is in a button collection “from Zabava“? Your collection can admire.

to Outdo

In the past it could be made buttons in every sense. Women estimated advantage of buttons before pins and ties not at once, and men fast thought that to what and … let`s fascinate women by incredible quantity of any different buttons on the clothes. Chronicles of Germany of the 16th century demonstrate that dandies sewed up to 500 buttons on a suit, outdoing the competitors.

Ubiquitous Pyotr I peculiar decided to protect state army cloth from damage - he disposed to sew a large number of buttons on a cuff of uniforms. Perhaps, someone by inexperience wiped a nose such sleeve. More precisely - buttons.

At you is in a collection of a button of pre-Pertine Russia and Peter I`s times? You obviously outdid many collectors.

“Yes to run to a besova, all force a vrazhiya“

Someone from historians carelessly assumed that the button initially carried out other functions, most often decorative. And in Russia - also magic. And the visitors of specialized forums informed in everything still with pleasure discuss etymology of the word “button“. To someone closer ivritsky “to catch, take“, to others - Greek “camber, a hillock“ … I like the Russian interpretation: “button“ also “to frighten“ - cognate words.

In pagan Russia buttons used as a charm. And such buttons - charms were, in fact, small jingles in which cavity the piece of tin or a pellet was located. Probably, there was enough such muffled sound to banish evil spirit. Probably, in Russia evil spirit very nervous. And sensitive: you will show a fig in each corner of the house - and this dirty trick is not in premises.

And about a “medical“ button from Nicholas II wrote even in the foreign press. In 1930 - x years one peasant of the Ufa province of all treated a button of the last Russian autocrat. And unanimously recovered. Judging by messages of the press, of course.

You have in a collection a button - a charm? Means, your house - almost lechebno - an improving dispensary. we Are clasped by

on the right side … We are clasped on left

Due to the buttons pertinently shortly to mention secret of a man`s and female fastener on the left or right side. With men everything is simple and clear: men are soldiers and now approach the opponent, moving left, (in the ancient time - the protected board), a shoulder forward. Left a clothes floor with an overlap finds on right that the “treacherous“ crack for an enemy blade was not formed. The right hand is free for resolute actions.

With women it is even simpler and more clear - not to do if only across to men. Here are also clasped anyhow - you will not sort on what party. It I about a female unisex too.

It is easy and pleasant to men, and women to collect buttons both. - it is easier and more pleasant to men. To children - it is dangerous. Can swallow or choke. If someone from men was going to be engaged in filobutonistiky, remember: your main “enemies“ - the wife - the needlewoman, the girlfriend - the skilled worker, the sister curious.