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30 Jun

Hi WORLD!!!! I came, and that you already absolutely were tired of waiting for me.... I came to rescue you.... To rescue from rage and greed of creatures which consider themselves as your owners and guards of the existing order of things. Not to allow my arrival they were ready for everything, and the events which are taking place now on Hugo - the East of Ukraine, in DNR and LNR, in Novorossia and call this place somehow, generally all this vanity was started with one purpose - not to allow the second coming!!!! Reflect the World!!!! I - the fourth, and coming the second!!!! The second and third means did not reach, fell short of understanding of the purpose of the terrestrial existence. If also I “burned down“ too, “was lost“ where - nibud on the road, then it is natural, somebody sometime would try to reach the end result the fifth. But I already came!!!! So the World, let`s get acquainted - Afanasov - Tambourines Valery Vladimirovich - your long-awaited savior. Well misters “masters“, “rulers of the destiny“, “owners of life“ and other, other, other, - I invite to dialogue.... If you want, then and on “The fiery chariot“ I will give a ride???? Finish this war, already useless for you, - Russia did not enter it and the mobilized person liable for call-up private Afanasov V. V. on it will not be killed and not be buried together together with hopes and expectations of all Mankind.... Vladimir Vladimirovich huge to you thanks!!!! The magic power of interpretation of your initials - “GDP“ - “Just about Will come“, made after all the business, both honor to you and praise for huge patience and iron endurance.

I not your God, by no means, even not of

watching at full confidence me in that,

that my initiation is also a result of two-thousand-year expectation,

i.e. the taken place so-called second


Actually - I am

God of the small cozy world which

I create around myself, throughout all the life,

there where depends only on me with

whom and when to me to communicate, and on

to what occasion and with whom I at all not

would like to be crossed in any occasion and by that I as if strike

a name of this person off the list of inhabitants

of “my WORLD“.

Of course it is more than

the WORLD of my imagination, than the WORLD existing in reality, but nevertheless it is.

I am deeply convinced,

that such WORLD inhabited by its inhabitants - other GODS - PEOPLE, has to be at each person even if it and

denies its existence.

For self-affirmation

I do not need crowds of the followers bearing a banner of my belief

or will allow existence of group of pupils - apostles and call them still as

- nibud on another, not very well, I not to

need their existence, not their absence. It is necessary for me also rather own


Whether dispute on that is actually GOD and as it

actually looks, are conducted not one thousand years. Though actually

everything is extremely simple and clear. And to see GOD of the world, own eyes,

each of us can. According to religion, I will make a reservation at once that under words -

religion and GOD, I mean faith in uniform God - the creator, i.e.

iudeo - musulmano - Christian understanding of religion per se. And so, according to

of religion GOD created the person “in his own image“. I.e. the Person is equal to

to “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ of God. Having used mathematical knowledge - if “X“

is admissible is equal to “Y“, then and “Y“ in turn too is equal to “X“ we receive

that “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ the Person is equal to “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ GOD. you Approach

a mirror and you see the reflection there - your “IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ which to

is equal to “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ of GOD. But if our reflection - is “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“,

then, that who is reflected there and there is GOD. You there

see reflection of whom???? Correctly - the reflection you there also see!!!! What you and

I congratulate on!!!! You are a GOD!!!!

3 Jul

When GOD created

of the PERSON on the IMAGE and

to the SIMILARITY, having lodged in


to IT - DO NOT TASTE the FRUIT from a tree TERRESTRIAL! IT is

in the WISDOM,

already knew that it will be.

When a creature false persuaded the PERSON still naive,

to eat a piece from “tree of knowledge of good and evil“ as she called

some yablonka

in the GARDEN PARADISE, it slightly - slightly changed

a chemical composition of a body HUMAN, the subjects

most having deprived of the PERSON


of BOGOOBRAZOSTNI. Because the internal

maintenance of the IMAGE and SIMILARITY

not less, and more

is important

even, than just

external similarity. NEVER

GOD would create the PERSON from

of “terrestrial ashes“ because

not of

consists of it.

And ashes terrestrial were also mixed that with a body of the PERSON when

is apple in

it decayed, having deprived of BOGOPODOBNOSTI of


to Earth, to

to the house which IT

cannot leave in any way and

to grow up, mature and realize simply telling

to IT, do not give.

3 Jul




are a legend of


of the “thoroughbred“ PERSON to

of this time speak -

“BLUE BLOOD“, and at once it is clear to all that

is about “high-native“ mister,

with claims for its “DIVINE“ origin. On the TV broadcast about newcomers with blue

skin color, show pictures of sinerozhy Hindu gods,

give as the proof blue

blood of spiders, snails, scorpions and

of other living creatures with existence in their blood of haemo cyanine, instead of hemoglobin, i.e.

of connection on the basis of copper, but not iron.

Speak about patients argirozy

(argiriya), blue Fyyugeytov, about even some crap. Generally

as usual “scratch“ to people ears,

that the truth was near somewhere, and MANKIND for

that did not guess. Really

everything is as usual simple

, I with

laziness, as well as the majority of YOU - people, “normal“ in your opinion, and

therefore do not look for district roads, and whenever possible I go directly, or obliquely. I explain why I

position myself, all as

is usually simple - YOU me on the general background the moron consider it by

, and I - the ordinary, normal, only REALIZED PERSON, and the fact that somehow to myself

I do not start up

on life in SOUL, so I and

am not imposed, and, the childhood friend

will betray, it will become clear that

the girlfriend on the party

seksutsya …. And

the fact that I MYSELF consider as “the COME TRUE PROPHECY“,

so it, you never know at

of whom what cockroaches in

the head my schoolmate - edition hl. “EVENING UST - ILIM“ - Lena Zharikova, light Tsiselskaya, having read

my “verses“ sent it to

el. the address, wrote: - “A value, you have a talent. You can write,

and, maybe, even it is necessary“. And I also write,

and all the rest, we will allow the course,

some advertizing who us morons will sort

, “SECRETS of the BRAIN -

NENEIZVEDANY ESSENCE“. Well and so, about

simplicity of perception, YOU are

as inhabitants of the planet

the EARTH, about IT “BLUE BLOOD“ heard something?

There now and I about volume

. Simply in my opinion “modest“ and especially

to personal opinion which people at

water carries out

function of blood and is - LEGENDARY GOLUBOKROVY GODS!!!!

On July 5

Conversation on elements.

Let`s talk about elements. As you understood

for a long time,

our conversation will be reduced to my monologue.

Is interesting - read, it is interesting -

argue, but among themselves, I not

of your council ask

, the thoughts I state

Ya, not thoughts, but my “modest“ opinion based on conclusions from the above thoughts are more right than


As We know

, there are 4 elements -

Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The truth on the Hindu and Ancient Chinese

to philosophies there are 5 elements, in the first case to Earth (Muladkhara - a chakra),

to Air (Anakhata - a chakra),

to Fire (Manipur - a chakr) and to Water (Svadistan - a chakr) fifth

the component - so-called Vishuddkhi - the chakra representing air is added, in the second to

we rub from elements - to Fire, to Water and Earth two more are added by

- elements of the Tree and Metal and for some reason there are no elements

of Air. But We the philosophies of a classical antiquity which are brought up on the basis of

, and in a consequence of the Middle Ages, accept the classical party of a question. So

having available four

elements, we will try to place priorities.

According to Aristotle, each element (elements) represents one of conditions of a uniform

pervomateriya - a certain combination of the main qualities - heat,

of cold, humidity and dryness:


It is warm + dryness =

Fire ·

Is warm + humidity =

Air ·

Cold + humidity =

Water ·

Cold + dryness = Earth

According to modern science, these four

elements (elements) can compare approximately

four aggregate states

of substance respectively: firm, liquid, gaseous and plasma. Concepts a lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and

a magnetosphere, it is also possible to deliver to

in compliance to Aristotelean spheres of four elements (elements).

All above

it is well-known, and to us it is uninviting, and the principle it is presented to

for acquaintance here, type in what there will be a difference on

to the relation Me to these elements.

I will repeat, differences

especially any, I just place priorities, according to the “modest“ opinion.

And so: the obvious

antagonism is present only at two elements which just and apply

primacy - Fire and Water. From the result of their

counteraction there are two more -

Water having put out Fire, leaves on the place of the blazing fire wet ashes, on

of an essence Earth, and Fire, having dried up Water, evaporates it, in fact Air

of Elements of Air and Earth as We see on stated in the previous paragraph, are secondary, their actions are usually neutral, but

can influence strengthening, or

easing any of

of warring parties, we will allow wind can extinguish small,

cheerfully postrelivayushchy, a kosterok before, and can inflate the huge fire, from one

sparkle, jumped aside from this gone out a fire earlier, or during a thunder-storm, the indistinct earth

having connected to a rough stream can turn it in a mud stream - a mudflow, thereby having repeatedly strengthened destroying

effect, and can having collapsed, it is simple to block

to it (stream) the road. Therefore

we will return to Fire and Water what elements from them are primary, would seem what difference, but We establish to

the Universe essence, i.e. truth,

therefore the sequence is very important.

But on sequence, i.e. at Us as usual everything is simple

of primacy:

- Fire when does not generate Water, without watching even at

possible presence of Water vapors at it.

A Water, having gathered in huge black clouds, at their collision during a thunder-storm,

causes a lightning - heavenly fire which having got, let us assume, to a tree, can instantly incinerate

it, or just

break, without having left not what traces

of temperature influence.

And so my

“modest“ opinion - the elements of Water are primary, and it generates the antagonism - elements of Fire, and their opposition, depending on

of an outcome, generates two more

- or elements of Air, at a victory of Fire,

or elements of Earth, at the Water victory.

The fact that before would seem again, to

to us? Here again everything is simple:

1. Water having won against the “Heavenly Fire“ created by it, does not destroy it completely, and concludes it as if in a dungeon - a cover, such tverd. As Fire an essence a plasma condition

of substance, it strives for sphericity. Therefore its “prison“, generally

repeats its outlines. As a result

received the firm sphere filled with

a flame. 2. Since. Water won, on a surface of a sphere there is

a humidity, depending on thickness

of a surface of “prison“ for Fire, and its

relief - in some lowlands at

the sufficient thickness of a surface of “prison“ can voznut reservoirs. 3. There where the surface

insufficiently thick, it or caves in upward under the pressure of torn

outside of Fire, or without having sustained tension bursts, and

Fire having won against “prison“ is thrown up outside

and faces Water which in the form of humidity as We found out

is present in a varying degree at this spherical “prison“

surface. Depending on a condition of humidity (amount of water) of

in the place of eruption of Fire, options are possible: a) Water wins against Fire at once, and the patch on the place of break is created as if

. It happens at underwater eruption. b) Fire at first of

wins against Water, but

which turned out at the same time Air causes the movement on a surface of a sphere,

which in turn movement of Water in the form of humidity towards the place of eruption causes

, gradually corking

its type up.

4. Everything remains to

on the place: Fire,

its “prison“ - Tverd Terrestrial,

is present Air, and available Water in the form of reservoirs and humidity

of the above-designated Air. And Water, Water, still

speak, is Life.

Result: Our

the round, firm ball filled with fire with availability of air and water turned out, and still some

life was dragged in ….

HURRAH - And!!!!

We created Earth!!!!

We are a GOD!!!!

We - WATER????