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Successful person. What it?

Who such successful person? How you, dear reader, imagine him? Probably, it is the person with a huge number of money on the bank account, the smart apartment, the name of its car simply shouts of a cat`s origin, and business connections of which allow to solve quite difficult vital disorders. Whether so you imagine rather successful person?

Interestingly how many from you, readers, presented the image which is described above? And now ask yourself several questions connected with this image:

1. You successful person?

2. Your parents are successful?

3. Which of relatives, in your opinion, corresponds to an image?

4. You have such successful people in friends?

Even if you or any of your environment has quantity of material benefits which considerably surpasses this quantity among the others whether then it is possible to claim from 100% by confidence that there will be no cooler, dear and rich person, in comparison with which you or someone from your environment just the loser.

To continue to ask itself questions and to look for on them answers it is possible long, persistently and selflessly. It is possible even to part philosophical dialogue with itself (and maybe with someone from friends, colleagues, acquaintances) on sufficiency or insufficiency of efforts which need to be put that “to be beaten out in people“ (If it was not beaten out, not the person?) . Pay attention to statement of an image. This image is material to the core. In it confuses nothing you? Why successful is a person with material prosperity on about - about - about - chen high level?

But whether statement of an image in financially context gives rise to some contradiction? Proceeding from such statement it turns out that successful to be given to not all. Yes, someone can object what nowadays on open spaces of the Internet can be found fully councils - rules, conforming to which, you surely receive the yacht, the car and the house in one of picturesque corners of this wonderful world. It seems fairly? Yes? “And where contradiction that?“ - you ask. The answer is simple - the contradiction is in material criterion for evaluation of success.

Ask yourself the questions following below and try for yourself to answer them.

1. Whether the gifted artist initially thinks of material benefits which he about will be able to receive for the works when he draws a picture?

2. Whether the great scientist initially thinks of money when he works on an important problem of mankind?

3. Whether the first-class engineer initially thinks of personal benefit when he projects grandiose constructions?

4. Whether the courageous law enforcement officer thinks of money when he pursues the dangerous recidivist, at the same time risking the health, and at times and life?

5. Whether the brave worker of a fire brigade when he climbs in the scorching heat thinks of money to pull out from fiery hell of people?

I of such questions can ask itself not five, and it is much bigger.

Answered? In all options the answer is more probable is NOT PRESENT, than YES. And whether it is possible to call these people (the artist, the scientist, the engineer, police, fire) successful if to proceed only from criterion of personal benefit? Here it, this contradiction, since. at the unconscious level we understand that these people are really successful, but the imposed stereotype of a consumer society tells absolutely other.

On the person obvious depreciation of the word “success“, narrowing of its borders to something material, heartless. In treatment of success from a consumer society the person that should not occur under no circumstances is lost. The person is the main value in human society, as if tavtologichno and it is banal sounded. whether

is time to estimate success proceeding from real affairs, but not from a position of figures on the cash card?