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What to put on this summer? Fashionable tendencies of the current season of

“Fashion are an operated epidemic“. George Bernard Shaw. Long ago there took place fashionable displays spring - summer of 2014. Now we can reveal actual tendencies in clothes. The main thing that should be understood to zealous followers of fashion - feminity became the main aspect for designers in creation of the collections. So, we start …

In - the first, color scale in this season - bright and juicy . But you should not think that to it fluorescent colors which were actual not so long ago belong. We leave poisonous colors in the past! Brightly - blue, quiet blue, sand, shades violet and orange - with such paints are written by the come season.

There is an opinion that the fashion comes back each 30 years. Therefore we also notice on podiums the forgotten trends long ago. In this season fashion designers focus attention on clothes elements in retro - style 60 - 70 - x years. All this will reflect mood of women of fashion again.

It will be paradoxically told that designers and fashion houses chose as one more trend the direction of the future, namely futurism . On podiums it was possible to see utopian ideas of fashion designers of the future future. And what it is represented by you? Safely experiment and create the unique images!

One more trend which found the place in creation of designers - minimalism . This word speaks for itself: a simple cut and reserved colors, laconic forms and silhouettes - all this appeared in new collections.

Dressed too, or of overdress … Here you should not say much. Heap of textures, forms, colors, details. Generally, return in 90 - e. Only do not do it thoughtlessly! And that you will look ridiculously.

Motives of people of the world still inspire creators of fashion. Ethnic patterns, embroideries, ornaments in the come season also reserved for themselves the town on podiums of fashion week. The African motives with simple drawing and difficult color scale are most actual .

The residents of megalopolises and big cities who are in the fashion can be glad to one more direction actual in a season spring - summer of 2014. It is urbanistics . In other words, city subject. Within this tendency designers create images with various landscapes and vegetation.

The women of fashion leading a healthy lifestyle and playing sports will also find for themselves fine images this summer. Fashion designers thought over exclusive dresses in sports style , without forgetting about feminity. Shorts, sweatshirts and gaiters in combination with dresses - now in new reading!

Fashion - spirit of the times. Today fashion designers see girls in gentle, thin, I will repeat, a womanly image. And in every possible way try to emphasize their advantages. Therefore translucency
clothes became one of the main trends of this season . Selection of fabric, a form and silhouette designers reach ease and lightness. Now they suggest to try on dresses from chiffon, lace and a macrame. And why is also not present?

They say that to be in the fashion it is ridiculous. Let speak. But it is interesting. The real woman by means of fashion and taste can prove to be true: the outlook, thoughts.