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What at me everything began with.

“Second Coming“ of ILI - ?

The planetary image of God revealed the true secrets with the advent of firm scientific definitions of this long-living image on the planet. The concept God found scientific definition. Surprisingly another, the sense of concept of Vera opened in a new difficult reasonable look. Reasonable Vera`s face opened, Vera of all natural space possible representation.

“Mi says goodbye to the childhood happy,

Wakens Vera from a dream“

Reasonable Space Vera Sushchestvuyet and her Laws opened to human Consciousness. In the first contact, with reasonable new - it is difficult to give complete complete definition. The first impression that you agree with it, all the reason and a body. “I stepped in a fantastic image of God and saw real light reality of which had a presentiment earlier. This absolutely opposite state to last Verovy views. Last subject of belief was dissolved against new reasonable definitions to which our scientific outlook is not ready in full zaveshyonny sense yet. Instantly the new science which defined initial knowledge of this subject was born. A number of new natural laws which supplement world sciences of natural sciences opened.

is fixed - space at the same time two types seen and not visible information. Cards of distant space spaces, information and subject types opened.

Opened the new nature of a human body. It is information - spiritual and the firm scientific doctrine of this state in large scientific volume. Such scientific independent system directions in last time were created in the long long periods and the new scientific directions which units, enter strong concept - system planetary science were formed. And it, as in the magic fairy tale - all in pure form and in huge volume on a magic tray. Present what with you tells space reason and offers you, learns to modify all existing culture of the planet and in a strict consecutive reasonable order and explains - here a sign, place it in Mendeleyev`s table, the section of air. Here a sign new logicians, create the center of correction of consciousness of all people of the planet, and give logical signs to all countries of the world. - This sign of “Time“, add it to platonovsky bodies and elements. At the same time briefly and reasonably explains need and regularity of this step. Here card of distant space and so further and so forth. Lists well the list of all necessary amendments to sciences and culture which on it are that to the reasons (each position explains consistently and convincingly) did not take place in planetary culture. Explains bases of space knowledge. At the same time clearly you realize that it is the basic information space laws, which at the heart of all space development which opened in signs of measurement and firm scientific definitions.

to the Strange stranger I named folt, (folt) it is possible even with its help. Folt (folt, fleet captain of space fleet - “Hod Zhizni“ consists from 12 - ti small kosmos.

After this dialogue with the invisible interlocutor, you think what you also, however, tell with God and you do not call mental private means into question. Mental violations happen, in the form of the torn-off logical sequences, and in mine cases, a strict picture of logical communications and in times and subject types. Involuntarily you call everything into question, but memory raises in consciousness not a fantasy, but the real facts happening to people in the historical past of the planet. Involuntarily you understand that at the time of personal considering of the events, this voice as if monitors this process of considering and, explaining, prompts in the moments which you doubt. It is natural that it oversteps all admissible limits, and you just tear off dialogue with this essence, stop. Huge nervousness concerning everything at once, consciousness, having calmed down, comes back to recently occurred phenomenon with you, in the form of the seen vision which is precisely connected with voice. In my life nothing similar occurred, neither images, nor various phenomena which are described by people. When there is to you it, naturally ask many questions and try to give it the answer. Vision at the moment (1986. And - Ya 1 - 1) awakenings - it is the short bright movie the representing sign on a blue background. Its duration is measured in seconds. Having completely woken up, there was an opinion that Americans test new information technology, and you incidentally saw a small detail. There passes time and this dialogue with reasonable essence which all - seemed in a subject look, it turned out to me favorable and much from what this “reason“ tells, it is obviously necessary for all planetary culture. All these signs, laws, rules and technologies are money both not small and plus is Nobel and not one. These states and feelings it is possible to describe and reflect long over it infinitely. I will try, to be short and if this information is necessary for people I will transfer it to people, previously I will issue legislatively with legal justification.

30. 06. 2014 21:03:21

Ya I pay attention of people to history of emergence of Vera on the planet. I pay your attention to the Union of the Person good luck. Emergence of the Bible. I personally in general did not treat these objects of culture in any way. There is a lot of in this information of strangenesses which surround the main strangeness on the name God. The latest book of the Bible and expression “I, is the Alpha and Omega“ … This expression is precisely connected with the vision seen by me and signs in it not the Greek alphabet, but Russian. The bible and the promise of God in the Second Coming. “Protect that you have. I will come and I will explain everything“. Behind the name God, there is a living person who consists in the Program of “the Big Space Exchange“ which is connected with natural space laws of development of Zhizni in Space. The destiny of souls, these people is other than any others on the planet. These souls phantoms get eternal life in space. All units of the subject organization of space have the satellite - the phantom. In the past it is the Living Person. He carries out function of the intermediary with space information “matrix“ and has the right and is obliged to contact people and to transfer information. At the heart of information, logical signs of boundary space information laws and the program of correction lie. The phantom transfers information to living people of the developing Planet. Sign space laws work through the intermediary with inhabitants of the planet. Through the sign planetary information organization the law works with external space. Thanks to this order there is “a Big Space Information Exchange“ which at the heart of any space Zhizni. Firm programs according to which Solar Systems in space develop are defined.

Be continued

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Is clear that certain folt or reason seeks to transfer to the world the information. With foltom, I got acquainted in three years prior to vision of a sign at the time of awakening. Therefore, I precisely and surely, cannot answer the question - beginnings of our relations. Perhaps, folt before direct contact prepared me for the first meeting, it is possible also in my personal generation both terrestrial and space measurements. From this stranger, everything can be expected.

Questions answers.

Ya decided to ask it the questions. What is “Big Bang“, “A black hole“ As the consciousness of the person is arranged? From where war undertook in Ukraine? Answers all are similar to its personal information which he wishes to transmit through me. Answers are sure, all in common sense with strong logical sequence with short explanations in fine details.

passes Time, and I catch myself on thought that, and at his desire, I them to it set my private not so my matters. I contact it for explanations. He contacts instantly. I begin to make scandal, and he in reply reads a verse to me.

“I, mother of your desire. a kingdom of the Gloom I learn


and you mischief of day“.

Ya, reflected - the offense for its mean deception and cunning was gone, but for a while. I understood that something personal from it it is not possible to hide the. Such presentiment that it it is constant in me - it merged with everything me. It it is frequent, directly interferes, but always in essence and even helps me through other people. I Will tell

about the accident. To hospital I was brought as my reminiscence of me - a meat heap in rags and it is clear that this human. Legs are torn off, a floor there is no head, the lower part is broken off to pieces, “horror and a nightmare in a bag“. The doctor opened, looked and closed, speaks - give the following. Memoirs of the doctor. - “I hear a voice, return, take the call and punch on the left side a breast in lungs. Returned and surprised, from lungs through a tube soup pours out, dawned on me, and I understood that to restore breath, it is possible“. Further, the doctor did everything as usual and one after another and more he did not hear a voice. After recovery I as a token of gratitude gave to hospital the German carriage “Beretta“. To me the brother brought it from Germany. There is it 1 500 dale. Here such history with voice and accident. I on a voice of offenses do not hold

After this case and I understand what folt, my personal thoughts knows and never transfers them to anybody. With foltom he is familiar 30 years, to it got used as to the friend.

Be continued

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All personal that is connected with communication of space reason I has nobody did not consult. After the present articles on the Internet on the personal website I understand a lot of things. Called this state - “The return information natural communications“.

the Sign which I received was not the Universal internal phenomenon. This sign from an external space environment of the Universe. The ego were predicted by both Gods and people. Concerning Gods it is necessary to be concretized. During historical development, any separate people or groups of the people trusted and trust the God who is the intermediary with the one God. Behind any concept God there is a certain person. After life these people do not stop the work and constantly contact people of the people and neighbors. Jesus was to the pupils in the copy of subject existence. It was not explained by science earlier. Sciences of natural information explain this phenomenon. Final information return shift is natural and natural. The phantom is memory of record of a body. The boundary phantom is a kernel of all field in the screen and at the same time cold level keeps record of a subject state. This conclusion is firm scientific definition in IEI sciences. It knowledge special, as well as chemistry, both biology and number of all system sciences. Coming back to our subject of a sign, it should be noted that bible god called himself the sign “Alpha and Omega“. It follows from this that people trust God, and God trusts “Alpha and Omega“ and for him it is God. I will repeat. This sign was predicted by both people and Gods. “the second Coming“ came true Gods and people received that they foretold what trusted also these in, there lived all mankind at the conscious level and not conscious.

belongs To special knowledge also a subject of “White Division“. This natural information state which happens to solar systems in the transition period from space information in space subject. Figuratively - it is “Doomsday“. At the heart of this natural space phenomenon - this violation of “A big Natural Information Space Counter exchange“. On the planet Earth, the Universal space place (To - 9) is possible in education unit of white division. The border of the place of definition of a code of information space is broken. In this area not system shifts of a code of strong memory are recorded. Approximately such information message is read in the connected groups developed space. And in space We were dishonored also on Earth. I have the right to make statements in the space centers and to briefly explain a situation on the planet Earth. I consist in service of space control.

Be continued

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