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Shaving cream. Whether veterans have a right to rest?

The guard dies, but does not surrender! No, the uncle Pomazok, it not I am the French general Kambron, already in taka - ohm far June, 1815 - go. That. One of that generation of soldiers that learned to own a saber earlier, than the razor. If, of course, to trust the retired sedousy foreman who is eating greedily fried eggs and washing down with its wine. Old kind Chablis … Is not present

, here tell me why if old, then surely “kind“? Here - here … And I about the same! We, veterans …

A who are we if not? The veteran if to trust latinyana, is old, tested, skilled. And why not to trust? What bases? There are no such! The children tested, checked for durability by time and a name it - the Legion.

Madam toothpaste, well tell the loaded word! You earlier, speak, some time lived in a drugstore? And how there druggists now? Still in Latin among themselves? Thanks,

respected … Is not present, the uncle, all - culture is not only vospituyemy. It, as a core, well, or here as the aunt - somewhere inside has to have paste. It is possible to tell, from the birth. Here is how from the conveyor fell in a box, and - the sack - that is ra …

pleasantly to talk to madam … Not that with these puny persons who all advantages have

a leg from the head. And that is one. To arrogance but … “We, Zubna - ye Shch - shchyo - otka“ … Faugh - you, well - you! It is direct “pryntsessa“ what. Their Highnesses. And the head in your party will not be turned. And to greet in the morning …

Ya - I cost that here … It is possible to tell, practically nothing. Well, in comparison with you, the uncle. And that is on - smot - ret - sya … And you, I feel, on the century … Here - here … My eyes - too would not look! Yes - and - and …

So about what it we? About latinyana? Left, children about themselves left memory. Not only druggists still respect their language. Physicians are all. Lawyers.

Well, these so, edge, it is more for grandstanding. Type - Nulla regula sine exceptione. There are no rules without exception, allegedly. Also costs it, language to break? Would tell directly that the law - as that column. It is impossible to jump, it is possible to bypass. No, here it is obligatory - Nulla regula … for

A still botanists., the Owner, so still Salix fragilis thinks badly... Sometimes so directly since morning most. And than to it this willow crossed the road?

So do not argue even, the uncle. Veterans we. The most real. Old, tested, skilled …

Well, you - that on age and the merits … You remember the madam Chashechku for beating of soapsuds. And Soap powder? No, so - heard that, of course. But personally - was not honored. It did not happen to contemplate. And that here as with you, easily … Therefore I speak, you are a veteran on the merits and age respectable.

By itself! What else your years?. More young than the Owner. On how many? For about twenty years?

With Frau the Open razor - especially! And it is impossible to compare. But about it and to conversation is not even present. How many it already at Hozyain? And before at the Father Hozyain? And at the Father Otts Hozyain? And the Prussian Officer on a trophy gave it to that?! Do not live …

A I so much - that … All I think, well that it is Frau Opasnaya … It is so much together with us and though a half-word kind from it to hear, unlike you, the uncle. Spoke … Tell - or somehow the knowing children something about this Prussian conceit, and now here and itself personally … A smoke without fire, and the earth - rumors... not for nothing!

So you, uncle, the most real veteran shaving to the front. Well, and I am with you at the same time. Where I without you? These are Gels and Skins modern - with moustaches. Also the airs are assumed. That all that disgrace was seen. Look supposedly what we! “With moustaches, with moustaches“ …

We here to shave, and they? What example to Hozyain is set?! Unshaven! And only to begin it … Then to moustaches also a beard. And what? Back, in the Middle Ages, perhaps? Eh, father and dobrodetel ours here! He does not have Pyotr Alekseevich Romanov, eternal summer and memory light …

. There is no that to an order and grandeurs on a man`s face now that was earlier. It is terrible to think, not that aloud to tell that about it. And there`s nothing to be done, if there is it?

, for about a month to that, in the morning somehow, Hozyain talked to their Excellency, noble signor Zerkal that so likes to remember about the family tree and the Venetian roots and mentioned that now a three-day bristle in fashion. Shche - ti - on! Horror simply … Where the world slides?

Therefore early to us, veterans, on rest. Ra - and - Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization! Even, if there is a strong wish. And pension deserved it is necessary. If not we, then who? Who time-honored and our ancestors will support traditions?

Here, same Japanese … And chips at them, and waste recycling plants. And automotive industry - not a couple to ours. And do not forget about tea tradition. In total according to Hoyle at them. … It to us all of them these bags palm off both a teapot, and a tea leaf on

. Drink, a pier … Yes drink! - that what? And the fact that the tea ceremony is not only invigorating drink at the very beginning of day. Though that there to hide, and from the tea advantage big. Especially, if green, without sugar and tea leaves - not dust or some dust.

And not just ritual there some, strictly certain, this ceremony. More deeply here everything, uncle … The mountain - azdo is deeper! The philosophy is whole. That since morning all in a small group to collect the forces, by the coming day fully equipped with forces spiritual and corporal to be prepared and with pleasure to meet it. With ra - an adost … And everything then will turn out. Both you by day to it, and it to you … And if he sees that Hozyain is the person thorough and from all directions positive, then and it to it also. Thoroughly and positively.

And if Gel there or this Skin, so what here validity? A hand on cheeks tyap - the mistake, disposable erundoviny sh - shi - ik, water fast - plyukh, also ran. The Pobezha - it is scarlet!

Yes they just laugh at us! Saw, the uncle, in a traveling bag of the Owner Stanok disposable?. So he and is called - “Chic“! And whom then to blame that all day after it, with your permission, shaving - “tyap - the mistake“ and wrong way goes?.

Therefore early to us on rest and deserved rest! As … We! Well, maybe, not I am personally. I will not be able itself, so, it seems, not one. Brothers my family will succeed me. Or summary. At us, you know what large cream family.

No, we in such difficult situation cannot leave Hozyain in private with trends by these modern. The person is weak, is weak. But we - that are nearby!

If our Hozyain to us yours faithfully, kindness and love … How we to it - in a different way? Unless it is possible?! We will not throw it? How, uncle?.