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How the American old woman from the highway frightened the police officer to semi-death?

our acquaintance from the State of Minnesota sent us a note from the local newspaper where the police officer describes how it stopped the old woman on the highway for speeding. These real events formed the basis of article offered readers.

the Police officer John kept the daily watch on the highway 210 which is located in the center of the State of Minnesota. Its attention was drawn by old Ford who moved with speeding, permitted on the highway. It included a flasher by car and followed the violator. That obediently moved down on a roadside and stopped.

When the police officer approached the car, he saw very elderly lady. He about himself thought that to it, probably, as much years how many to his great-grandfather who died 20 years ago. The guard of a transport order tried to hide the surprise and asked the old woman to show the document on registration of the car, an insurance and the driver`s license.

The lady transferred it all documents. When John looked at likhachka year of birth, at it darkened in eyes, it was nearly 94 years old. He could not hide the surprise any more, and the old woman looked at it through thick points and crookedly grinned. There was something demonic in this smile with oskalenny false teeth.

Documents were as it should be, but among papers the police officer found the permit to carry a weapon! In it - that “maiden years“! He gathered air in lungs and asked:

- You have at yourself the weapon?

The granny, without telling the word, pulled out the automatic gun from a glove compartment and interrogatively looked at John. Language of a body and the sixth sense in the police officer forced it to ask:

- You have still some weapon?

The elderly lady pulled out from some secret place Glok 9 mm (Lyugger). At the police officer everything floated before eyes. The granny in the car has the whole arsenal! Perhaps, at it under a seat the bomb is hidden, he thought. To clear a situation up to the end, John on the automatic machine asked:

- You have something else shooting or blowing up?

This time the granny cheerfully answered:

- Of course!

Also took the small ladies` gun from the big bag. The police officer asked the woman just in case what she is afraid of, having at himself so many guns. In reply he heard obscene American expression which can be transferred approximately so: only not sexual harassments.

John already regretted that he stopped a rattletrap with the grandma armed cap-a-pie. Having told it on - fast that it went by the highway more slowly, he released it. Its retro car quickly took from the place, having drenched the police officer with clubs of exhaust gases, and disappeared in a transport stream.

John two stood a minutes more, having been dumbfounded for horror: the antique granny owning obscene language and armed cap-a-pie could make a hole in it for one careless movement … Damning everything on light, on unbending legs it went to the still blinking car and failed on a driver`s seat. Day was given difficult, but this dangerous old woman finished it absolutely...

The way home was coming remote, and John could not recover from the endured shock in any way. It happened to it for the first time in fifteen years of faultless service in traffic police.