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What is independent training in martial arts? Part 2

Exercise machines for independent training at desire can be found everywhere. Actually in this role can act... yes anything can. The same ladder can be used not only for rises and descents!

For example, a handrail - the excellent exercise machine for training of captures. And not in itself, and in combination with blows. Think what power exercises can be carried out, using a handrail? I will prompt: on them it is possible, for example … to be tightened. Of course, at all not as a horizontal bar, but putting into a muscle work not only a humeral belt, and all body. Still here the breakthroughs and pushes which are perfectly developing strength of the successful fellow and forming structure of a body perfectly train. Carry out them in various provisions, diversify trainings.

Upstairs it is possible to walk and go down run, it is possible to jump on two legs up steps - it perfectly develops force of legs, including explosive effort. Ladder - the excellent exercise machine and for not BI - screws. To go on occupations a step - aerobics to fitness - club? Why to spend time and money? Music in earphones, was sent on a ladder - and to work! It is possible to practise at any time on the free home exercise machine!

It is better to run up and run on a ladder not at separate trainings, and every time as you go down or rise. Breakthrough on one flight, a stop, run on the following flight! It is possible to help itself hands, with a force making a start from a handrail. On the run sharply to capture them fingers. All this fine strengthens hands, develops tenacity. Only is more careful, do not injure a sheaf!

Running down, it is possible to make a start from walls. Differently: shatnuvshis aside on the run; having run up, to make a start from a wall before itself. Not to beat, it not test of fortress of bones, not working off of blows! Also do not crash a nose! This strengthening of muscles and ligaments of hands, but not stuffing of the head.

Not all will decide to be wrung out at an entrance not to look ridiculous before neighbors. It is a pity! Courageous the ladder will help, changing provisions of a body and tilt angles, it is exciting to diversify push-ups.

In general, it is almost possible to use everything that will be in an interior or will come hand. Doorway? Great! First of all, it is an excellent “power frame“ for an isometry. The elementary exercises are obvious: “to push“ the top jamb up, “to move apart“ an aperture in the parties. In an aperture it is possible to do much more! First of all, here it is easy to find provisions for working off of standard blocks. On the top jamb it is possible to be tightened. Only it is not a horizontal bar, here it is necessary to keep fingers... and it is an excellent opportunity to develop their force! But all this separate subject. Here I will tell that on lateral jambs successful fellows and breakthroughs perfectly train and in general it is one of the best exercise machines for BI. Especially considering a ratio the price - quality! At desire and a share of the imagination you will think up the mass of exercises.

In advance make the program of exercises and the technician. As we train in a daily situation when there is opportunity, it is important not to spend time for considering, “to do“. In advance estimate as in what situation it is convenient to do. There were one - did exercises. It is possible to create a habit to carry out exercises between affairs. It is simpler than all house, among daily affairs. Came from work - it was wrung out; got a plate - it was tightened (to hang up houses a horizontal bar - at all not the problem and a doorway always is); put took a stick, dumbbells, an expander to heat food. You watch TV - swing a press, work blows. Went to a bathroom - 30 inclinations or squats and to a shower! You cut food - between times prick and cut with a knife in air, receded - attacked and again to prepare.

We more than once discussed “office“ and “hidden“ exercises. And so on. As they say, not person interested will find the reason. And I write for the few persons interested who are looking for an opportunity and a way.

P. S. In article there are a lot of innuendoes demanding separate conversation. Let`s concern both methods of training, and questions of self-defense, and it is obligatory - psychology. I hope, it only the beginning!