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What is independent training in martial arts? Part 1

Probably, the first and main hindrance to sports activities - a lack of time. No, on most - that business the reason, of course, in laziness and unwillingness. As they say: you do not want - you will find the reason, you want - you will find a way! But happens that there is really not enough time. All - the adult is usually surrounded with

considerable amount of cares. However, the majority them are undertaken voluntarily though we also consider them compelled and pulled hard. But this subject deserves separate conversation. Now - to a practical side, to independent training. First of all - to training in martial arts (further BI) as it is closer to me. But told here it is simple to adapt everything under individual requirements almost everyone. There would be a desire.

Many beginners give up occupations from - for unexpectedly changed circumstances and the formed lack of time. And not only beginners!

The way out is found by those for whom martial arts - entertainment, and a way of life is not simple. Though is not present, the lack of time sometimes disturbs also quite serious practicians.

Actually the problem is solved by those who want. And those for whom it is necessary. For whom BI and physical skills in general - something utilitarian, demanded. Even if professional activity by similar is not connected with anything, sometimes the life situation demands mastering skills of self-defense. At the valid need usually there is also opportunity!

So I most often consider “lack of time“ just as “excuse“. If to ponder, occupations by the majority of BI do not demand the special place or equipment. Of course, the speech not about professionals! I am not an expert on fight, and it is possible to practice in shock and weapon types alone. There is a working off “by air“ and on shells, shadow-fighting and so forth. Even formal complexes it is possible, let and with reservations, to practice at shortage of the place. Made several movements, reached a wall - receded and continued. Those who want so do... means, and you can!

And the hall is not necessary. By the way, it is perfectly replaced by the street. Park, square, yard... You hesitate? Let those who drink beer there hesitate! Still you hesitate? Your business... and your choice. I personally train on the street with the weapon, and nobody approaches with inquiries. Actually others problems and others unclear occupations interest nobody, just you did not understand it yet.

By the way, about the weapon and other stock. Many will be stopped by its absence or the same false shame “to wave at all a sword“. Well then do not wave! In general! If you are engaged in something shameful; if it “is a shame“ stronger, than it “is necessary“ or “there is a wish“...

Once told about our trainings:

- What it is necessary for you? Yes anything! Allocate that is not a pity, left to the yard, picked up sticks... Also you train!

Indeed though sticks nevertheless it is better to bring the. I consider that the weapon has to be convenient, and the size and weight of imitation though to correspond a little to the real weapon. Though periodic trainings with inconvenient and non-standard objects can give much. But only to skilled practicians.

Trees will replace part of a gymnastic apparatus though it is not difficult to find also usual horizontal bars and bars. And those approach for a role of exercise machines: for working off of blocks, captures, pushes - breakthroughs, biases...

Even the usual ledge of a wall or just a corner at desire is used for working off the technician. By the way, isometric exercises are perfectly worked at a wall or a thick, powerful tree. And some especially advanced masters work blows on a wall. Though, probably, all this is rather an extreme!

What if on the street bad weather, and the house there is no place at all? The first is possible though it is in many respects a question of training of an organism. And here the second … According to an old proverb, “where the bull can lay down, there can strike a fist“. So everything put in desire again.

The heavy rain or snowfall really deprive training of pleasure. And here small can, having moderately complicated training, to increase its efficiency. And training on the street - absolutely not that in the hall! On an uneven or slippery surface muscles - stabilizers necessarily join. We are tired quicker, but physical qualities (force, coordination) develop much quicker. And still attention, equipment. Ability to be guided in space, especially if to train on limited space, for example, among trees.

In general a charm of street trainings just that on the street (unlike the hall) we are not limited to either time, or space. Besides we get used to move in casual clothes. It especially important practicing applied BI. In general it is regularly useful for them to train in inconvenient, heavy, frying, the constraining clothes. To train on the street, a ladder, in the elevator... Everywhere, at any convenient time.

Be continued.