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Book “Communication Art“


Test pilot, writer A. Saint. Ekzyuperi, at the beginning of the nineteenth century told: “The only real luxury is a luxury of human communication!“ … Not once

I had to hear: I am necessary to nobody, I have nobody, even to talk … It became terrible to live: there is a wish to communicate, and there is no person who would share this desire … Why? Yes because many consider: it is necessary to manage to earn as much as possible money in any way … And the opinion was fixed in the people: the person has no lot of money, there is no “abrupt“ car etc. - he is stupid. And with rich it is, allegedly, simpler to live … And still, it is necessary to go to Moscow, there it is possible to earn many money. Also go to be humiliated …

A let`s think that can be better than pleasure of human communication if we consider ourselves as the homo sapiens? I am sure that best pleasure in human life, than pleasure of full communication, we will not be able to find. As it is good when there is an interlocutor understanding you and both know what is love, respect, kindness, gratitude, mutual understanding … It also is - GREAT HAPPINESS!

Is a pity that need of intellectual communication is indifferent for many people. And why we waste the efforts to another, forgetting that the culture of human communication essentially distinguishes us from animals. Surprises also the fact that many people are not able and do not want to communicate. And Big money does not wish to study it …

. Why big money is necessary if this money, does not give to the person either health, or longevity? It is known that most often, big money and the power only take away health from the person. And we receive free of charge big advantage from pleasure of communication.

To surprise of many, I cannot call clever those who to seek “to earn“ at any cost big money and, at the same time, still to be proud of this money, but not the mind … Nonsense all this in short human life! Why people need big money? I am sure that life can be more interesting and without big money when you live it is thought over. And health becomes stronger... Reflect, misters!

Human communication can be very useful and for intellectual development. Unless you do not want to be the interesting interlocutor and to have good friends? Of course, you have to know that it is impossible to impose to the interlocutor the point of view, the outlook, the psychology?

Should remember that only the one who is not able to communicate can be lonely, and it lost feeling of respect, compassion to the interlocutor.

it is possible to Study full communication and it is necessary at any age, it is only necessary to want. You do not want to be lonely? And the loneliness is tested now by many …

Should remember that in the course of intellectual communication, it is necessary to respect the interlocutor and then at you it is obligatory to turn out fascinating conversation. In conversation it is necessary to be acute, clever and to state the point of view in a tactful form.

Should know that communication, with the interesting person, carries away you to live and create in this World, develops and strengthens your reason. We have to aspire to being attractive in communication.

to be the big head, or to operate big money, not always adds to the person of health and longevity. Millionaires and billionaires, as we know, long in this world are not late … Not it is clear why they then organize themselves a pursuit of the power and big money in this short life if in this World there is a lot of interesting and without big money?... And all this - their low intelligence, weak mind? Here it is necessary to think well.

In the work, I get into argument with politicians, religious, church and other figures who the dogmas “step“ on clever communication, bringing human communication to primitive templates... Really you do not know, misters that when the person lives on a template and often is fond of feelings (emotions), his reason becomes weak and in his life there are problems? And at not able to think, there are always a lot of problems … Main property of the person - there can be only a reason!

Ya is sure that time when it wants to each person of free and clever communication will come, and then it will not need to direct in a pursuit of big money. The person will surely want reasonable freedom of speech, and intelligent human life! It is so necessary. Unless you do not want

that each Russian was free, clever and lived in material prosperity? Our great Russia has very rich subsoil. And why we have so many beggars, misters? Long ago N. A. Berdyaev told

: “And each of us through not really long term is waited by the complete unfreedom called by death. We are immortal while we are living …“. Now on the street the 21st century - the Century of Reason … We should think already on another soon … Long it is not necessary to make a fool the people … So why not to make financially poor people why to do richer than billionaires are richer? Why our governors do not want to make the Great Russian People happy?

Should be remembered well that only the reason can be the main and only property of the person, but not something another! And when all of us will understand it, then we also will begin to live better. Never and it is necessary to forget to nobody that the reason can only be fundamental difference of an animal from the Person, and, so then our governors will be obliged to make a lot of things for the clever people! And nobody will consider us as an obedient animal … The people stop fooling, it is necessary to make necessary for the people - bread and circus!!!

it is necessary to Live mind and kind thoughts. And us that we lost vigilance, continue to stuff with any shows to be forgotten about everyday difficulties, silly trying to carry away us Petrosyanami, broadcasts “Let`s Get Married“, etc. When these silly shows without measure end? We know

, the more at us emotions, the it is less at us than reason! In short human life, it is necessary to learn to think, deeply getting into an essence of things. And to become clever, it is necessary to study attentively and to analyze deeply heard, seen, read and to draw adequate conclusions! Who will not want to be the clever and pleasant interlocutor?

without understanding pleasure of human communication, people, unfortunately, often simplify communication, persistently imposing another the point of view, the outlook - the psychology. Try to analyze deeply everything and to rejoice full of communication. we for some reason very much want to look

A only beautiful, without caring for the intellectual level in any way... Why?

Why we are not engaged in mind training, we do not learn to analyze, think deeply? Why we do not want to be interesting in communication, and we try to be only effective externally and very rich?... It, it is sure, will depart soon.

Today, unfortunately, not only Russia, but also the whole world, with pleasure, “bathes in emotions“. The feeling of causeless pleasure of life, instead of the thought-over pleasure of life continues to come to the forefront...

Wants to be repeated once again: if we consider as the main property of the person his reason, then all the rest, naturally, will become secondary!?

Is a pity that still continue to have success, and feel sure and important, - people with beautiful appearance and … with extremely low intellectual level. We forget that long time is easy to communicate with the clever person … With clever it is possible to construct the reliable friendly relations easily! With beautiful, but not clever, it is more difficult to communicate... Really it is possible to be proud of the fact that you beautiful, but not clever? Really it is difficult for you to admit it to be engaged in the mind? And let`s remember: it is not beauty, and in mind!

comes time of intellectual starvation Now. Many are overcome by boredom from the fact that there is no clever interlocutor … To people, there is a wish for show less, there is a wish for clever, judicious conversation &ndash more; both on television, and in life. There is a wish for clever (interesting) transfers … It is sure that there will come soon time when it is demanded interesting - clever person.

wants to remember Here world statistics which says: “The driving part of any people possessing mental capacities makes only 8%, and originally clever people in the world - about 2%“ … Therefore the question arises: till what time we will live emotions (heart), but not reason?

We have to aspire to becoming made in this world (Homo sapiens), and our reason has to be the OWNER of our emotions (instincts)! Otherwise, we will hate reason, “let`s bathe in emotions“ and we will often have a heightened sense of own advantage. And then it will become more dangerous to live … Why to us it?

Should remember that if we do not learn to distinguish essentially the person from an animal, then we also should not react to when us call silly painfully... Why to take offense if we want to resemble animal? And most often our mission is also reduced to in what animals are engaged: ate, drank, pokakat, peed, sex without culture …

Wants to quote from modern philosophy: “Mind without courage - it is fruitless, courage is crazy - it is senseless, and mind and courage without love to people, without the purpose to serve mankind - are very dangerous“. Well all politicians and church attendants should remember it!!! It is not necessary to deceive constantly the people that around everything is good and … God everything will forgive us. It is not necessary to lie also that the belief bears to people good, reason. It`s not true! Read the cruel and inconsistent Old Testament of the Bible.

Life which is offered to us by governors with church becomes not interesting. And therefore this gene pool cannot be perfect, it can boring and primitive...

I your fairy tales, misters church attendants, about resurrection of Jesus Christ, etc. will bother all soon. People need more informative, clever, interesting, truthful. I wanted to emphasize

In the work that it is better to test pleasure of human communication, than to rejoice luxury of senseless material enrichment in short human life! The pursuit of material enrichment, as we know, exhausts the person, he cannot enjoy fully diverse life in this World and early dies...

Clever (interesting) communication calms nervous system of the person and focuses his attention on reasonable acts. Such people, by the way, live on Earth much longer. A great value in human life - at its meetings and magnificent communication, but not in big money, expensive clothes and other excessive material “values“. Let`s remember that we will not starve to death, we will surprise nobody with clothes today. Why a lot of money is necessary? I cannot understand it.

In my work as it seems to me, is a lot of interesting and useful, and therefore I advise to read it attentively. Repeated reading - more interestingly than initial. I did not set

In work as the purpose to offend national, or religious feelings. I only stated the point of view on the existing problems.

Should know what in any nationality is good e) and bad people. But why, by the way, it is very much written stupid by Jews - in the Talmud, the Torah, the Cabbala, the Bible, Zion protocols, etc.?

A in the work I pursued only the educational and debatable aims, trying to open subjects of interaction of the person with the person, the government, religion and world around. I justify the statements only with the fact that very much I want prosperity in our country - in the richest country of the World. I Wish to

pleasant communication with work.

yours faithfully: Marjan Frantsevich Galitsky, on a nationality - the Pole. the INTRODUCTION

Long ago I wanted to share

the thoughts with people clever, kind and progressively conceiving. To be exact to tell, I want to communicate to you, dear reader. It would be desirable to communicate to those people who have realistic perception of reality, realistic thinking. To the same people, it is pleasant to whom more thought up - the fantastic world (not realistic), not everything can do it will be pleasant in work.

Before writing this work, I had a question: Whether “It is necessary to cover this difficult topic if there are realists and autists (not realists)?...“. But, suddenly to me words of the academician Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky were remembered: “I think that now one of the major: will and a firm support in own life. For me, certainly, opinion of surrounding times I for myself found out need or correctness of my strong-willed decision …“. Long I had to think and solved: to whom - that should begin to be written about art of human communication? As me it is represented to

, really estimating the world around, we at the same time learn to think deeply and adequately. Communicating with clever interlocutors, we involuntarily draw to ourselves their attention and we are intellectually enriched. And therefore it turns out that realistic thoughts open for us interesting prospect and we adequately accept world around, we enjoy real life (positive emotions), we interestingly live... And when we are in good mood, our thoughts become deep, well thought over, interesting, clever. Not therefore whether we become cleverer, kinder also capable to more give to people around all the benefit, the saved-up life experience, without glorifying ourselves?

However as I mentioned, on this Earth is also other people who, sometimes, begin to demand for themselves considerably bigger, than give others and World around …

We know that us the feeling of senselessness of our actions and acts quite often seizes. All this complicates to us daily life. And such contradictions carry away us further and further in new problems … For the same reason we “splash out“ unnecessary emotions much and at the same time still we rejoice that we are temperamental (are emotional) … Here we do not want to understand in any way that when we are overflowed by emotions, our reason weakens and we begin to pile on ourselves all new and new problems... In this case, that naturally, all these problems also keep us in a nervous tension, gradually shortening our life... Here according to such plain scheme sometimes also there passes all our life: emotions, vanity …

the Psychiatrist P. B. Gannushkin somehow spoke so: “That the feeling triumphed over thought, it has to distort previously mind“. P. B. Gannushkin`s words, his colleague B. V. Zeygarnik, interpreted in a different way: “That emotions (feeling) got the best of reason, it is necessary that the reason was weak“. Agree that psychiatrists successfully expressed that thought that emotions prevent our head to think productively?! Here it is not difficult to understand that in a nervous state we always think less and we look very unconvincing before the interlocutor... And our actions in such state often become inadequate and human communication becomes emotional, not interesting. And therefore it turns out that emotions do not do well to us, they harm us, prevent to think, work adequately.

Nevertheless, very much is pleasant to us sensual therapy which in turn successfully generates negative emotions, and we with pleasure accept all this in high doses … Here especially it is necessary to pay attention that we, being fond of emotions, cannot force himself to think. And if we are not capable to think, we grow dull. Only then we begin to understand that we are not able to think, we are even afraid to think... We often also hate reason as we want feelings (emotions) more and more... Not therefore whether we can also repeat only that will tell us “authorities“ (God, the government)? We do not want to analyze deeply, to reflect seriously, - as who surrounds us. Only later we begin to understand that we made rash decisions earlier and were guided not by reason, but emotions.

Here to me cannot wait to ask emotional people: “Really to you, misters, it gives pleasure to communicate with emotional people?. “. And it would be interesting to hear the firm answer to this question.

By the way, the words of the psychiatrist P. B. Gannushkin given above cause some other thoughts in someone, and at me these words raise many additional questions. Here, for example: - why people do not think of sense of the short life in this world and in what fundamental difference of an animal from the person why people do not try to give each other smiles, kind words, the benefit? Why, for example, much are not pleasant to live life in a consent with reason? Why we continue to impose each other bad words and actions which cause in the present people the wild emotions developing into scandals, fights and even into dragged-out wars?. Why we do not want pleasure of communication? It very much is not enough today, agree?

We do not want to agree also that our heads can be temporarily weak, and then we cannot control, sometimes, the emotions which, undoubtedly, can do much harm to other person, your interlocutor … So why we prefer emotions instead of being engaged in mind training? Weak mind of the person, by the way, it is very easy to brainwash, that is it is easy to overpersuade the person in other act, - necessary for brainwashing. And our reason is necessary and to defend the honor, the family, the Homeland! And if we show consideration (intelligently) for world around and to draw the corresponding conclusions, then a lot of things will surprise us how unreasonable. So why we, from - for the nonsense, fear of the future, without trying to expand and deepen the knowledge, do not come to that understanding that we very often literally are stuffed with feelings and fear (stuff with stupid sensual therapy) that then with success to overpersuade us. And you ask, - who needs it? Of course, it is necessary for our non-russian government and church which are interested in that was obedient (believers) more, so - silly! It is necessary to understand accurately that the more silly, the there are more believers, and the more believers, the it is more than stupid... It is easier for government and church to operate silly, imposing the point of view easier! It is really difficult for

to understand why clever people are not required for our governors? Let`s follow such example: V. Putin appoints the Russian President of Medvedev D. and the last appoints the first the Russian Prime Minister, and then - on the contrary... There is only a wish to ask misters Jews: “And where Russian people, where democracy?“. Why such shift happens? And you hope that you will begin to live better? Do not hope! Will not give! Only the talk will be talked!

is proved long ago by Psychologists that at emotional (whimsical, not clever) people more often and there come the periods of despair, pessimism that do their life boring, uninteresting... We, at last, have to understand that only clever people are able to control the emotions and not to give in to despair, pessimism, I will deceive. Only clever, but not greedy (not kikes) will make Russia rich and prospering. Then its people will become socially protected and with material prosperity.

Wants to remind that our heads are intended not only for a beautiful hairdress and a cap, and, first of all to control the emotions! Clever brains have to think of welfare of the Russian people, of great advantage of luxury of communication, but not of revolutions, wars and big money. I emphasize it once again as becomes clear that the pleasure of human communication is available to clever (intellectual) people, but not emotional.

If the person has not arranged reason (there is no realistic thinking), to it it is not allowed to enjoy fully in any way to life and therefore such person feels comfortable only in pessimism. Yes, some still thoughtfully refer to A.S. Pushkin`s words:

Gift vain, gift casual,

Life why you are given me?

I why by destiny of secret

You are doomed to execution?

Who me the hostile power

From a pettiness appealed? Heart to me filled

with passion,

Mind excited with a doubt? there is no

of the Purpose before me … heart, prazden mind Is empty


I wearies me melancholy

Monotonous lives noise …

, of course, grudges for me the desperate people, especially those which do not want to understand simple truth: that if you already came to this life, then it is necessary and it is interesting to live it, rationally, with advantage. If you live in this world, then it is necessary to prove to himself that you the PERSON CLEVER AND STRONG MORALLY what you can give to people and World around KINDLY.

In this regard, me remembered words E. To Rekl: “Development of humanity is closely connected with the nature surrounding it. Between the earth and the people there is a harmony and where the landscape lost any poetry, the imagination of the person dies away, mind grows poor, the routine and servility creeps in in soul … Having become, so to speak, “creation of Earth“, the person thereby assumes responsibility for violation of harmony and beauty in the surrounding nature“. And how not to agree with these words E. To Rekl?

We by all means should learn to live it is thought over, and thought over to enjoy this life on Earth, or we will not differ from animals. Already time to learn to live came it is thought over (on Street HH1 the Century), without complicating the life and life of others! If we begin it to understand well, then it will be our big step forward to new intellectual life, to a new civilization. We should enjoy intelligently short life, and you should not bring closer its end! And it is better to die a natural death, having sated with life, having left behind children, grandsons … There is no immortality! And, by the way, there cannot be a concept about revival of a body! It will not occur! It is not necessary to wait for the end of life, it is necessary to enjoy life and human communication.

Wants to tell some more words and to young people. It is necessary to know that the true interest in life at the person comes after forty years. Since this period of life you begin to understand how surrounding life as much you did not see yet is fine, did not make that it is always more interesting to live on Earth, than to leave there where TISHINA and … ANYTHING. Life on Earth can always be interesting, and especially when it, in the majority, is thought well over and there is a communication art. Live interesting - clever life!

I Wish all to lead long thought-over life. Communication art should rejoice. By the way, scientists already proved what at healthy nutrition and the measured (thought-over) way of life of people can easily live also 150 years …

Ya often ask itself a question: “Why we do not think of simple truth that when we give someone pleasant good, in exchange we will surely receive good and even BIGGER GOOD? And when we do to someone angrily, we receive in reply the same evil moreover more …“. So give and here we will think: - who can force the person to do to people angrily, but not kindly? Any person can think and decide how to make to other person good that from this act in the world there was more than a dobra, pleasures, big creativity, happiness! So you hurry to be good to people.

A when we are good to someone, we experience energy inflow, and then we have a good mood. In this case we also become direct participants of the general human happiness! Unless it is not that great happiness which we do for all and for ourselves, with little effort? But, unfortunately, we often turn out

incapable of mutual understanding, to joint thinking, to anticipation of the near future and we become angry. We are lazy to train the mind, we do not care for the moral self-improvement, we do not look for new ideas and therefore we are in a condition of expectation, say, of some Person - Mission and we pray to it... And the church to us successfully helps not to think as there everything is prepared “that it is necessary to do in any cases of life - to pray etc.“ … We do not want to know

at all that our reason develops difficult and therefore we constantly should train the mind! We need to do it at least in order that we in old age were not naive, silly that did not sympathize with us as “silly old men“ … Agree that it is always humiliating to hear it for the person. Not therefore whether many are afraid of an old age? And in vain.

I Ask all, very much I ask - without postponing, begin to train the mind, and only then we will become INTERESTING IN COMMUNICATION!!! Then we will become attractive, and it is better than those who are beautiful and young. Let`s remember that HH1 - y a century - a century of intellectual people, but not naive, blindly believing, emotional.

concerns Me also such question: “What happened to people in our capitalist Russia now? Why we forgot the free ringing laughter, smiles, pleasure of communication? Why together with reorganization, with reforms, with democracy pessimism, indifference, the evil came to Russia …?“. And the answer is clear here: - wild capitalization discouraged to our many fellow citizens to rejoice to human communication, to enjoy this wonderful life... Here only one desire seems - to earn money more! And it is a pity. As it will not seem to

strange, but “the reforms which are carried out in the country stupid - talk“ deprived of many people of the most important - bright mind and kindness! And, by the way, our governors as with stupid it is easier to agree, overpersuade them also tried to obtain it, it is easier to operate...

is not surprising that at many people now and the desire to communicate was gone. For many people began the main thing not to develop the mind, and to devote itself to material enrichment - and at any cost... How without big money? At any cost, but more money is necessary, to receive more and more more money, and all them, probably, to carry on a next world.? Therefore people have no free time for work on the intelligence, there is no time for joyful communication. At such people the desire to create the atmosphere of good absolutely was gone!. As it is a pity for such people …

We do not want to understand that the main sense of money, for not thinking person, consists that they (money) guarantee it overcoming of obstacles at any time and in any state... And clever as it appears, the mechanism of action of money does not concern. Here also such difference at clever and stupid people turns out.

As it is possible to agree with the statement of some women who “philosophize“ so: “If you clever, then why not rich …“? Some Brad. I feel sorry for such silly women. Such women do not need the clever man, they need only his money. And how then to live with silly?

Ya is sure that market economy generated around us psychologically primitive people. Unfortunately, today neither on high intellectual level, nor on intellectual development of the person, his advantages are estimated, and mainly began to estimate the dignity of the person presence at it of a large number of material values. And it is awful! It appears: the more the person of money, clothes, the magnificent dwelling and other material values, the has more at him mind for communication... What is nonsense! It is a pity that mind of scientific, intellectual people quite so is primitively estimated... I am sure that we will surely estimate the dignity of the person on his mind, attention, love to others, the correct speech, good skills and ability to communicate with people.

I Want to quote the doctor of medical sciences, professor Ernst Muldashev from his book “From Whom We Occurred?“, where, in particular, to be told: “People of our civilization are spiritless, angry, they not for a mankind Gene pool … The main condition of entry into a condition of a somata (kamenno - a motionless body, at the same time - live - the Bus) clarification of soul from negative mental energy by compassion is. It is difficult to present, for example, “new Russian“ which would clear the soul by compassion, at least to those old men whose of pockets it pulled out money at the expense of 100 - 200 percent of an intermediary extra charge to the prices of main types of production …“. Further Ernst Muldashev claims that “our civilization is an unsuccessful experiment: the person could not resist self-interest, envy, greed, hatred even in the conditions of self-realization when he is separated from ancient knowledge. Our civilization has to die as unsuccessful … Over Russia and the world the negative aura hung … Deception and libertinism became a norm of life in the world“. Negative aura on Earth, - E. Muldashev, &ndash continues; can lead to pernicious cataclysm, or to the fact that someone will press the button of nuclear war … And Flakk Horace, for example, considers: “The people, the worst the fathers and ancestors, make even more worsened sort, and we will see soon that also still the worst generation … will degenerate“. R. Walsh: “Without denying a role of political and military forces of our society in approach of the world accident, it is necessary to notice that it has psychological roots. The mankind the actions created self-destruction threat which can be comprehended and prevented only on condition of transition to a new threshold of a psychological maturity“ …

So, at us on Earth not everything is good, to be exact - it is a lot of bad and therefore it is time for us to think seriously of the problem which is imminent on our planet (and not only global warming, flooding...) what life on the planet Earth can stop. And for all this as you understand, the human reason is very necessary, and then many bad processes on Earth can be stopped. Oh, as now the strong reason is necessary to change a lot of things on Earth to the best. Where to take the clever head?

If to speak about economy of Russia (our governors everything increase “stabilization fund“, and the people go half-starved), then in the USSR, to Stalin`s death, our economy was much better than the USA... After Stalin there is a moral, professional degradation and degeneration of clever people. Animal and person, - where difference?! It is much presented new people in our new government and Presidential Administration and whether there will better live the Russian person?

Racial incest which is preached by Jews already resulted the majority of people of the Earth in dullness. In confirmation of the words, I will give small excerpt from the book of a ravin of E. Hodos: “… Everything that we do (Jews - the Bus) we do is thought over and it is ingeniously simple. You will judge us on nomenclature officials. It is naive. Yes, stupid, greedy or just we will always put fools on high posts. They our armor and protection …“. So, who in Russia in power?. And what people choose this power?. Russians, reflect!!! It is necessary to draw clever conclusions and to finish intelligently to our governors that the Russian people are worthy the best!

Ya mentioned above that many people do not wish to think also of clarification of the soul (conscience). And it is time. It is time to become reasonable. Oh, as this problem ripened! It is necessary for World around, for the nature, for the people! Once again I will provide the warning words of professor Ernst Muldashev who considers: “The alternativeness of changes of living conditions on Earth is unpredictable therefore there has to be an alternativeness of the choice of the most adapted people for continuation or correction of life on Earth“ …

Involuntarily now remember V. Migre`s book “Anastasius“ where the author describes the young woman from Siberia which was capable to survive in the most difficult conditions - in the wood... Also are for this purpose necessary as the author of the book specifies, only purity of thoughts and a mental component - the moral strength of the person. Anastasia lived light reason (did not pursue big money) and she is happy with the son and her grandfathers … I advise this book to read to all to draw for itself the necessary conclusions. And such people as Anastasia, are in Russia.

of Ya - the optimist is also sure that soon the pursuit of money in Russia will stop as most of people in our country want quiet and moderate life. There is a wish for pleasure of communication. Many already understood that art of communication gives to the person health, happiness and longevity. And big money will never give peace of mind! Big money can give to the person only lishny concern which it by mistake takes for happiness... Think, unless it is possible to buy reason and pleasure of communication for money?

Ya is sure that in the near future in a high price there will be not money, but the smiles arising for pleasure of intellectual communication. And only the HUMAN REASON is for this purpose necessary. The Homo sapiens (Homo Sapiens) will be the most attractive and the most worthy for all. It surely has to occur in life of the Russian Person. And Russians - the cleverest, greatest nation on Earth. We will surely rejoice not to money, but purity of the thoughts and human communication!!! Otherwise people are doomed to extinction, and life on the planet will stop. It is necessary to remember that the reasons of all wars - this lack of mind, is emotions and continuous fight for a profit. All this also leads to planetary accidents.

Many can ask me: “What you write is known to us for a long time“ … It is very good that you know all this. But, then I have to you a question, dear reader: “If you know all this, then why you do not follow the mentioned simple truth in your life? Why you do not stop showing the roughness to others, the greed etc.? Why many became angry to all and all - from - for the thought-up shortage of money? Really you should stop and pursue big money which reduces human life? Why you do not want to think also of the fact that the bad word told someone bears with itself bad power?“. FOR UNREASONABLE ACTS, we are ALSO PUNISHED BY WORLD AROUND (GOD). Why you do not want pleasure of communication?

In World around (at God) collected big offense on mankind. The surrounding nature, the world surrounding us do not maintain our bad attitude towards them, and everything begins to protest in the world, in the Universe. Planet life under the threat! Think of it, people!