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assumes Human communication not only feeling of pleasure, it does not exclude also the conflicts which, unfortunately, lead people to nervous excitement, to wars. For the solution of such emotional problems not only the relevant organizations in each country (army, police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations) are called, but also scientists who offer some practical recommendations about psychological management of people are connected. And it is correct as not everywhere the power method can be applied and it needs to be avoided in every possible way. It is pleasant to hear when, in the majority conflict situations, nevertheless the human reason comes to the rescue. And scientists, in this case, continue to develop all new and new methods on problems of human communication. It also has to be the main thing from main for all conceiving people, for homo sapienses.

However today, with chagrin it should be noted the fact that nevertheless it is not enough progress in development of necessary methods (books) of human communication and psychological management of people. And therefore there is a lot of conflict situations on Earth and they increase with the doubled rates... It is also that big defect of all scientists which needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. And if problems exist, then they need to be solved, reducing thereby, the level of emotional heat in society.

Ya already said that in exchange to emotional heat, it is necessary to offer the new and well forgotten old ways of intellectual communication. And on screens of TVs it is necessary to show more clever, in exchange to militant detectives where the rage, hatred, murders “is savoured“... It is necessary to write more about clever communication, to show more clever, useful, interesting. But alas, it very much is not enough in the Russian mass media, publish books on reasonable communication a little...

Is known, for example, that difficulties in intellectual communication arise also because each person has the point of view, the outlook, the psychology. Therefore it is also difficult for us to find the uniform point of view … There is, of course, also other problem: - it when one of interlocutors cannot recognize that his intellectual level is lower, than we will tell, at his interlocutor and it applies emotions... It, unfortunately, meets very much and very often! The reason is that between people there is no INTELLECTUAL COMPATIBILITY … Much do not want to study communication in any way, there is no wish to find a uniform view of the arisen problem... We often forget that it is necessary to say about what interests your interlocutor … It is necessary to learn to show respect for people. Not therefore whether there are wars what each nation considers itself above other nation? At the same time, everyone wants to receive though a little human heat, sincere attention … It is impossible to forget that it is necessary to be always the good listener and always the interlocutor should allow to be uttered...

This very important circumstance. We need to understand quicker all this and to try to restore pleasure of intellectual (clever) communication! As you already understand, dear reader, it is necessary to study diligently communication as it we can reach the main thing - luxury of human communication.

it is necessary to Study communication everything, and especially now. It is necessary to write about pleasure of human communication intelligibly and to show on TV screens highly - intellectual communication! It is necessary to organize many new telecasts where it would be told about importance of full human communication and behavior. It has to be more important, than something another as not many are able to communicate (intellectually and sexually). And on television, at best, to arrange stupid shows and show primitive sex …

to us should remember that each of us should be the interesting interlocutor both in a circle of the acquaintances, and in a circle of strangers. But, unfortunately, we sometimes forget that it is possible to be the interesting interlocutor only when you well acquire at least one rule: “Each person is always allowed to state the point of view, but it is not allowed to someone to impose the point of view, or to interrupt the begun conversation!“. We have to consider also that, imposing someone the point of view, we, involuntarily, forbid other participant of conversation to state the opposite point of view on the discussed subject. In this case, we involuntarily emphasize that reasonings of the interlocutor, allegedly, are not worthy your attention … And it is also inability to communicate with the person! Let`s think: unless such relation is not offensive for your interlocutor? Of course, offensively!

Today we can agree that many reach for pleasure of human communication. More and more people understand that the person first of all has to have a high intellectual level (there has to be well arranged brain, there has to be a realistic thinking), and other advantages of the person can and have to be secondary. Each reasonable person has to understand that only his mind and its ability to carry away the interlocutors in interesting conversation, in creative work, in process of full communication can be his main advantage. Also only his temporary qualities as &ndash cannot be the main property of the person; that: beautiful appearance, youth, car, magnificent giving, etc. Ability it is necessary to communicate at the person for the rest of life, and it has to be the main thing!

pleasantly surprises Me the fact that now many “new Russians“, coming off a pursuit of big money, think of increase of the intellectual level. Apparently, the rich began to understand too that to their money also mind which, in turn, brings a lot of natural joy in lives and more profit is very necessary... It is necessary to highlight that thanks to communication, the person is capable to develop the intelligence! The pleasure of communication can replace a lot of things. Well noticed it And. Saint - Ekzyuperi, also told: “The luxury of communication, is the only real luxury in human life“. And the material luxury as we already understand, cannot be the main thing for the reasonable person, as well as the fact that we have to eat to live, but not to live that is. And instincts have to serve us, but not we them. That is, instincts at the person have to be slaves to mind, and not vice versa. Only then the person will also differ from an animal.

Nevertheless, is many people who regard money, material welfare as of paramount importance. Therefore these people also do not want to understand simple truth that it is impossible to buy the real pleasure of human communication, it is impossible to claim also that money - “to all head“. As the doctor of medical sciences, professor I. I. Mechnikov wrote: “Habits of material luxury are unhealthy: the satiated lunches, sleepless nights spent at balls in theater etc., are capable to break the correct activity of human organs deeply. On the other hand, the material luxury of one is often based on poverty of others“. And the candidate of medical sciences Stanislav Zolotov approved the following: “And the shower can please absolutely harmless to an organism in the ways: song, contemplation of beauty of the nature, heart-to-heart pleasant talks...“. And further Stanislav Zolotov, referring to Bragg, writes: “In my opinion, the biggest opening of the modern person SCIENTIFIC STARVATION by means of which it is possible to rejuvenate itself physically, intellectually, spiritually is“. And now think how much we spend money for food! And starvation - it is the good way giving the chance to the person to open the second life to improve and rescue the first. “If you want to live longer and highly moral - you eat less“, - here Stanislav Zolotov`s conclusion. But, unfortunately, many still “like to eat“, and therefore turn in so-called “plant on processing of … and“ I, for example, with regret watch on otjevshikhsya people, especially - women.

Nevertheless, nevertheless is many people rich financially who into the forefront in the life continue to put only material enrichment, I go, etc., and not ability to communicate. These “rich“ people very unfortunate, it is very difficult to communicate with them intellectually (them the short way &ndash interests in conversation; how to receive more money …). And conversation at these people always primitive. The rich, as a rule, look very uncertainly in the intellectual company... In exchange, for example, to intellectual communication, they without introducing the clever ideas, take out money that though here to ego-trip from a pocket...

In the life I did not meet financially rich people who were for me interesting interlocutors. However, I did not meet also those rich who refused ever the wealth, for the sake of increase of the intellectual level. And it is a pity. It is a pity that life at the rich proceeds so boringly, primitively. Financially rich people are not even able to amuse themselves... And art of human communication the tasty food, beautiful clothes, big money, etc. is capable to attract people more, than.

By the way, is connected with food also other paradox which is often forgotten: around the world to conversation at a table for some reason give food. And it should not be done as at the same time to speak and eat - just indecently, and it is not compatible to culture of intellectual communication. Eventually, same and it is dangerous - to speak in the course of food... In the course of food and conversation it is, at the same time, possible and to choke. It seems to me that today it is difficult to find the person who would not agree that the main thing at a friendly table nevertheless not food, and intellectual communication with a cup of tea, coffee. Communication at a table where there is a food and alcohol, I always call emotional, and it, for example, is not interesting to me. If at a table a lot of alcohol is drunk … As me it is represented to

, is more interestingly to that person who understands that, having intellectually communicated, and having obtained interesting information in the course of communication, it was intellectually enriched, grew wiser … Such person becomes more interesting interlocutor. Agree that such person, will be peace, kind and clever.

Wants to emphasize that lonely people are in great need in intellectual communication. It should be known. Art of intellectual communication is necessary for all. The person needs any communication, including communication with the book. Intellectual communication, as we know, installs force in the person and helps it to live, enjoy life interestingly. The intellectual person always wants to create, both for himself, and for others. And the confidence is got by the person only at communication with the interesting (intellectual) interlocutor.

Communication, at last, generates fascinating search of the person, compatible to you! To find it is a great happiness, especially if this person is necessary to you for long joint life. Unless you do not want to have the compatible person and to enjoy long together with him this wonderful life? Compatibility pulls together people, and the relations between them become strong and long. Such people become happy. The people initially pleasant each other in communication, can become compatible... Therefore very persistently look for compatible people and fall in love. Once again I want to emphasize

that my relation to a problem of human communication very serious therefore I and want to help people to decide on the thoughts in this life and to choose that only way which will lead it to pleasure of communication will lead to happy peaceful life. Agree that it is much more pleasant to see happy people, than gloomy and gloomy? I think, all understand that when the person tests pleasure of communication, he at the same time gets double, and even threefold force for overcoming of all difficulties of life. And then for the person everything becomes fine and surprising. The person who is a good judge of communication art prolongs the diverse, interesting life for many years. there is no

For me, for example, anything better in this life, than ability and pleasure of communication. Even now, when I at rather mature age, - very well I understand as communication art is big value. By the way, if I was asked now: “What it is more important for you - food, or pleasure of communication?“. I, without reflecting, would answer: “Happiness of human communication, than food and money is better“. I speak about it quite seriously though I understand what without food and water of people long will not live... By the way, I never did a cult of food. I always eat that I am at home (I try to eat not harmful), and only when it is persistently demanded by an organism. In this time, unsuccessful for me: “it is necessary to eat“, - I forcedly stop writing, or to read and is compelled “I throw“ something useful into a stomach, if only having not felt hungry. By the way, thanks to such relation to food, I can be not distracted long from hobby, including also pleasure of communication. It is necessary more difficult on a visit where it is necessary to eat superfluous, and then one or two days to starve … Art of human communication - for me will always be the main subject in life. Though such people as I, for some reason often call vulnerable, sensitive, proud. Yes, it is. But, unfortunately, I will not be able to be another any more. I forever liked clever communication.

, for example, is not pleasant to Much the fact that I consider mind - main human property. In the justification, once again I want to remind words of the writer A. Saint - Ekzyuperi who was firmly convinced that the only real luxury is a luxury of human communication. We well know that each person has the value, but value spiritual, but not material has to be the supreme human value! Really it is bad? I Consider

that only spiritual value can be main in life of the intellectual person. In other case it will be difficult for me to understand human life. For what then there has to live a PERSON on this earth? What then fundamental difference of the PERSON from an animal?

Is possible, the reader had to me also such question: “Why to you, Marjan Frantsevich, it was necessary to undertake such difficult subject how “Communication art“ when it is enough also other subjects to write the book?“. I will answer so: having lived considerable life, I those people who defy not presence at themselves of mind, but presence at themselves of big money, etc. any more will be able to understand in any way. This and much similar very much surprises me. I never understood and any more I will never be able to understand that money, but not reason has to be the main thing in human life. I can repeat more and more time that money - not the main thing in life of the Reasonable Person! To me it is ridiculous when I see and I hear what money, appears, “help“ the person to feel both clever, and sure. Unless it does not surprise you? Unless it is not strange?

also prompted These reasons to me to take up the pen to try to cover this difficult and many-sided topic. Someone should undertake it thoroughly? I do not understand those people who in a pursuit of money cannot and do not want to see around themselves beauty in life which there is a lot of in the nature, it is a lot of in this World. It is a pity to me that the person, having appeared on a racetrack in a pursuit of money (or in a pursuit of glory), does not see anything, and nothing wants to see, except money …. Only much later, money to this person becomes not interesting as in a marathon behind money it lost health, and at the same time and human shape … I am deeply convinced that it is better to live without big money and without “brilliant“ glory, than to be humiliated with “new capitalists“ and to be left without health! And health, as we know, cannot be bought...

Besides, I undertook this subject also therefore to strike blow to our heads of Russia who carry away the people in a pursuit of small change and, thereby, roughly humiliate their human dignity. I speak about those heads who absolutely got confused in the reforms and in the “capitalist ideas“. Are neare heads still consider that only material welfare, but not human dignity, not his mind can be the main thing for the Russian person. With silly it is easier for them to communicate, at silly it is easier to levy various taxes and to it kopeks on livelihood … to leave obvious

In today`s situation that heads can give nothing to the Russian person. These a grief - heads cannot even ensure the simplest safety to the people: terrorists approach the Kremlin, in response to V. Putin`s words closer and closer: “To waste them in an outhouse …“.! Besides, this power deliberately deprives of us pleasure of communication and does not give us free time for realistic perception of the existing reality. Same grief - heads appeared today in a favorable situation as in shops everything rises in price, and therefore and it is easy for them to carry away the people in a pursuit of money (that there is a wish to eat-)... Gore - it became easy for heads to turn us in executive robots as, distracting us from realities of life (gave 100 rubles, took away -150 rubles by means of new requisitions), they also fill to themselves in pockets big money, and we also feel pity for them, trustfully we choose them on high posts …

I when we will learn to think for ourselves and for stupid governors? To our “ideologists“ (destiny of the people three basic factors predetermine: ideology, public administration and economy …) there is no wish to provide peaceful life to the population of Russia in any way! Remember at least war in Chechnya which began from - for Yeltsin reforms (by the way whether Yeltsin in 1996, or in 2007 died how write many about it?) ...

Now in Russia, together with new reforms, appeared also newly made bandits who naturally do not wish well to us and do not want changes to the better life of Russians. The fact that in Russia 80% of Russians, and only non-russian governors govern always surprises … Here also such Yeltsin “flourish“ turned out...

Is sure that there will be no honest and moral power, including presidential, at the stupid government in Russia. British, for example, speak so: all governments do exactly so much harm how many can, and do exactly so much good how many are compelled. Here “reforms“ and in our country where nobody considers requirements of the people where there is no pleasure of human communication are so carried out... And how not to write me that mind, intellectual communication and moderate prosperity in a family has to be the main thing in human life?

Very much surprises the fact that if someone can afford pleasure of communication, then it is in every possible way disturbed by our governors, once again reminding that he has to be the slave to money and, before pulse loss, work for newly made businessmen, having forgotten that he is a Reasonable Person.

But also it, appears, there is not enough for our governors. From screens of TVs they persistently impose us stupid knowledge of surrounding. And it, of course, very badly influences development of human mind and that is natural, this (sensual) takes away the person from real difficulties, from thoughts about how it is difficult for most of the population to live in poverty - in such country rich with a subsoil as Russia. P. B. Gannushkin told

: “That the feeling triumphed over thought, it has to distort previously mind“... In the government all do completely to fool the population for achievement of the primitive purposes. But I am sure that here governors will miscalculate with the GREAT RUSSIAN PERSON, and such invention at them will not pass. “Governors“ will be mistaken and this time since a worthy exit from a similar situation was prompted to mankind in the ancient treatise Bkhagavat - Geeta where it is told:

Where feelings dominate - there desire,

A where desire - mind fading,

Where the knowledge perishes and everyone knows, -

Tam perishes the child human in a gloom!

A the one who achieved over feelings of the power

Trampled on disgust, does not know addictions,

Who forever subordinated them to the will -

Reached an enlightenment, izbavyas from pain. heart at it is blameless since then


I his reason is approved strongly.

Out of yoga to reasonable did not rank themselves: there is no

Out of clarity the creating thought; there is no

Out of creative thought the world, rest,

A where out of rest and happiness human?



It is also a peculiar anthem of a victory of reason over feelings. But, sensory perceptions and sensual “communication“ continue to impose us both the government, and church. Many for some reason find all this enjoyable a gift...

People, unfortunately, continue to listen and watch disgusting, stupid transmissions on television which cause only emotions. Such telecasts of mind to people do not add! But, I nevertheless am confident in the big power of reason of the Russian Person and therefore once again I will tell that all “experiments“ of our governors will fail! It is impossible to fool the Russian long! Governors have to be clever! Will be enough one talk “to feed“ people and to flaunt with “achievements“!

inspires Me and the fact that in Russia nevertheless there are people to whom it is necessary art of human communication, but not luxury of senseless material enrichment pleases. I do not lose hope that the pleasure of human communication will return us into place, and in Russia there will come prosperity. It pleases me also because the hope in pleasure of mortal life which it will be obligatory if we, “having connected“ our heads, make our life rather happy is still live. And how not to write me about it if most of the population of GREAT RUSSIA does not survive and to receive the real human communication?

By the way, it is necessary to tell that it never before was that as now, three died, and only one person was born...

Ya is sure, we will surely return to good mood and we will surely gain wisdom due to communication art. Otherwise I will be sorry that my words did not reach the reader, and I will appear as Nekhlyudov, from Lev Tolstoy`s novel “Sunday“ who spoke: Whether “I the madman, or mentally ill people those which make what I do not see …“.