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The book “Communication Art“ About psychology of sexual communication

About psychology of sexual communication

Though I am not a sexopathologist, and it is meanwhile sure that I should speak sexual communication, sexual behavior and sexual culture resolutely. It is necessary to tell that most of men, choosing itself the wife, look not for the housewife, but the attractive woman ready and to amuse their vanity... And therefore here at once there is a wish to tell, do not forget to express each other sincere gratitude and to render each other attention signs … Sex, admittedly, is the most important in human life. It also serves as the reason of frequent collapse of family happiness … Let`s emphasize that many couples are illiterate in sexual communication. Sexual communication only one of many factors which give pleasure in matrimonial life, but if there is no full pleasure here then nothing else can be in a sweet … It should be known well.

I want to speak disapprovingly sexual communication which is offered by women - prostitutes. Or that it is even worse, - about “communication“ with those women who, suggesting to look after himself, live “for free“ at the expense of silly men … These women do not recognize in any way that such courtings form - also there is the same form of prostitution, but even more sophisticated... In general it is unpleasant to me to speak about men of similar “profession“. So why and here not to speak to us about mind? Though, unfortunately, such women do not need mind, they need only money and gifts...

By the way, sexual communication with the prostitute cannot and should not bring to the man full sexual satisfaction as in this “communication“ there is a working off for sex service... In this “communication“ there is no natural erotic pleasure. And the prostitute, at the same time, gets only monetary profit, or ware gifts... It is known that the prostitute is called by the man not for intellectual communication, and for sexual “satisfaction“ which artificially causes in men an orgasm and that is quite possible, they leave them different venereal and skin diseases...

Ya I do not understand also other communication, - the so-called “intellectual communication“ which is warmed up by alcoholic drinks. In such state, communication can be artificial and not interesting. Intellectual and sexual communication should not demand monetary expenses and alcoholic beverages. In sex there has to be a natural pleasure, with a sensuality and caress.

Should highlight that the subject of art of sexual communication has to be interesting and well clear to all. To study sexual communication, sexual culture it is necessary for each person and at any age. I am surprised by those people who, without understanding the highest charm of ecstasy, meet the sexual partners from need, but not from overflow by sexual energy. Many do not understand also that at a strong sexual inclination there is a mutual enrichment by energy and, in this case, there comes so deep satisfaction that the repeated sexual inclination appears stronger. It is also provided by sexual culture.

needs to be told also about development of sexual opportunities, extension of a potentiality and the human life. It is known that sexual activity prolongs life for many years if this activity does not overload an organism. Unfortunately, many do not know that from all sexual deviations by the most harmful abstention is. Freud in this regard wrote: “Neurosises arise where owing to external or internal obstacles there is no real satisfaction to erotic requirements“. It is necessary to know that the person feels constant sexual need always - from puberty to extreme old age. And development of intelligence gives further rise of sexual activity. Therefore it is necessary to understand that sexual communication - not only pleasure, but also necessary therapy. It, by the way, can be heard from any urologist. Joyful sexual communication prolongs to the person youth, and life. So it is necessary to have sex regularly. I Want to emphasize

that each man (irrespective of age) can be attractive to women if he shows consideration for the woman in intellectual and sexual communication. And here it has to be helped by the woman … Two participate in sex!

Should note that men should not be upset if sexual intercourse happened to the woman quickly. The clever and able to communicate sexually woman, will be able always to lighten the man mood for sexual communication, and she will never reproach the man with temporary inability to active sex. And the man should not run in a drugstore behind expensive drugs which allegedly treat the thought-up impotence. Not the doctor, but the clever woman &ndash will be able to cure psychological impotence; the gentle, erotic caress...

to Men should remember that each meeting with the woman needs to think over and be not to allowed well in it any haste. Create, dear men, a comfort maximum for sex. Never lose interest in sex, try to kindle it both at yourself, and at the partner. If you have an interest in sexual communication, then your interest in life will remain for many years. Rejoice if interest in the woman excites each your vein in your organism. You are proud if you managed to open in the woman many pleasures in sexual communication, having imperceptibly changed her in usual life. Thanks to it, you will be an attractive man at any age.

Sex always stimulated the person to creativity and was the progress engine. In sexual communication there cannot be no restrictions and inconveniences. For example, the author of the book “Psychological Management of People“ M. P. Sherstnev claims that in sexual communication everything is admissible and even group sex if agree to all this as in such sex there can be a good sensuality. If, of course, in such communication there is no violation is moral - moral standards of behavior (it is impossible to have sex at an entrance, it will not be pleasant to the majority to the passing people …).

Should note that sexual harmony is reached when the man aged has sex with the young woman, and the woman aged has sex with the young man. It happens because with age to the person experience of sexual communication comes, and experience is very necessary for psychologically vulnerable young people.

Sexual communication has to be inseparable from high culture of communication, considering, of course, and safety in sex. Women, at the same time, have to remember well that the man can be won thanks to sex, but it is possible to hold it about itself for a long time only mind and ability to communicate both is intellectual, and is sexual. And ability is sexual to communicate provides fascinating sexually - erotic games which in turn generate illusions and excite imagination … It is necessary to remember that each partner for himself has to establish a framework of sexual game. In sex there has to be a straight talk that at the same time generates a sensuality.

Is sure that reasonable it is intellectual - sexual communication will save the world from bad emotions, from terrorists and from wars. Nobody will want to change luxury sexually - intellectual communication for a campaign behind death which is inevitable in the war. In sex there has to be a lot of sensuality and there should be no bans as here the most natural emotions are shown.

Unfortunately, many men and women are not able to communicate sexually (the statistics claims that more than 70% which are not able to communicate intellectually and sexually) and it is sad. Very few people seriously think of how to improve this situation how to become interesting (interesting) in sexual and intellectual communication. It, naturally, should study always that it was interesting to your partner (partner) ONLY WITH YOU, but not with another. You remember: beautiful erotic games, hygiene and clever sexual communication - pledge not only your health and longevity, but guarantee of long relationship with the partner. By the way, in this case and the jealousy will not be places. Why to go to other partner if with him (with it) there are enough satisfactions?

Unfortunately, there are women, even the devotion which is very loving the partner (husband), and demanding from it, dare to satisfy not completely darlings in sex. And therefore such man also should see a doctor to treat the inflamed prostate gland … Such “love“ happens only at the women who are not able to communicate.

We have to be against long visits with the partners at cinema, theaters, restaurants, the museums. It is worth to remember that after such long campaigns, there can occur the big disappointment in the incapable sexual partner. Only later it becomes clear that partners completely have no sexual compatibility (one does not have what is pleasant to another etc.) .

of the Man have to understand that the women able to communicate intellectually and sexually, do not humiliate the advantage in any way. On the contrary, they want pleasure of sexual communication and, at last, to be convinced as far as both of you are compatible in sexual communication. Or to you, dear men, it is pleasant more when women suggest to go with you to restaurant, cinema, theater? Why to waste a lot of time, and then with horror to be convinced that you are sexually not compatible to this darling?. It is worth to remember also that your partner (partner) can be compatible to you intellectually, but it can be not compatible in sexual communication … It happens and is very frequent.

should tell about far-fetched Here, but strong approved in the person, - JEALOUSY. Lazarev, for example, in the book “Diagnostics of a Karma“ emphasizes that at jealous find also cancer diseases much more often... This dreadful disease arises from - for frequent the nervous tension, failures, depressions. Nervous splashes arise also due to the lack of satisfaction in sexual communication... Therefore jealous I convincingly would ask to become reasonable, calm down and understand that it is very harmful to torment itself with guesses about changes of your darlings. Far more wisely - not to look for “morals“, it is better to learn to be interesting in sexual communication. And it is even better - never to give a reason for jealousy!!! The jealousy is pathology which is generated by stupid love.

needs to give to a thicket each other good and love, understanding that jealousy - it is an illness which is dangerous to hurting... Jealous have to learn to control the emotions. The one to whom this jealousy is addressed suffers from far-fetched jealousy not only jealous, but also.

needs to try to eradicate completely long ago the known postulate: “Is jealous - means loves“. Agree that the clever person will not begin to splash out the emotions on darling and will not be jealous him. You clever and civilized person? Why you need emotions and roughness? It is not necessary to give a reason for jealousy.

For persuasiveness I will quote L. A. Mochado, in it “Training of intelligence“ where the following is approved: “In day when the mankind comes to a conclusion that the thinking is something acquired in the course of training, it will make in the intellectual plan the most considerable step in the history. This day the most considerable of revolutions will come true“. Therefore I suggest jealous to take a step, to make revolution in the life and to stop being jealous darling. You remember, all this - low also went. Though, unfortunately, many do not want to get rid of the templates (from stupid habits), and all the life rejoice to the fact that these templates accompany them. Why not to develop mind, not to be engaged in mind training?

I about emotions which need to be controlled. In this regard I want to speak behavior of the person in a difficult situation - when, for example, the grief of loss of close unexpectedly comes to a family. In this case, first of all, we have to realize that not to raise the dead any more. Here emotions will not help. But, nevertheless, all of us equally cry, we are killed... We do not want to understand in any way that the death is a natural natural process that the death occurs as change of day and night. Death, - as the philosopher Michel Montaigne, &ndash considers; it is useful to generation and cultivation of new generations, and it is more useful to the birth and addition, than their destruction and loss. The death is a transition from one world to another … Human life is very short, and each morning dawn, every day should rejoice and it is not necessary to be killed if already nothing it is impossible to help, - Michel Montaigne spoke. “With death it is necessary to reconcile and not only when it comes at the end of long life, - I. I. Mechnikov, &ndash speaks; but also when it overtakes us at any moment of existence“. “The one who dies, having reached the last limits, - Marcus Aurelius, &ndash speaks; has no advantages before prematurely dying“. And Cicero spoke so: “From the youth it is necessary to learn to look without horror at the last o`clock, otherwise - there is no more rest as it is undoubted that we have to die … The old age for me not only is deprived of sorrow, but opposite, is full of a charm. There is no immortality. Also there cannot be a concept about revival of a body. And it is an indisputable fact. Though, all of us want to live long. And therefore once again there is a question: “Why we, in this short life, cannot enjoy this life? Words of the actress of theater of “Moscow Council“ Faina Ranevskaya were remembered: “Big work - to live on light …“

needs to Write about Art of human communication (intellectual and sexual) much. It is still easy to us to remember those times when it was interesting. Today, good manners in human communication are forgotten at all. For example, why beautiful smiles, special smiles for bows, for answers, for expression of a consent, gratitude, for farewell were gone from our faces? The whole collection of the lovely smiles relieving us of use of the speech when it is difficult to support a difficult topic of conversation, or in other cases … We know that the cheerful smile can be better than eloquent words that it sometimes replaces words which are so difficult for picking up... And witty, cheerful inserts at the right time? They very much recover communication. Why all this is forgotten? By the way, the witty and not much speaking, smiling people always win in communication and attract to themselves many new acquaintances!!! It often attracts women to men and men to women... you Remember

if you want to receive pleasure of full communication, and you want to be interesting in full communication, you need to learn well all listed manners, i.e. culture of communication. Cultural communication needs to study always, both at sexual communication, and at intellectual. And to study it never late! Many often mistakenly consider that for intellectual communication there will be enough mere verbiage of type: “cool“, “cool“, “pancake“, “abruptly“, “I wish good luck“, “super“, etc. Ears “fade“ (and not only ears …) when you listen to such “intellectual“ sayings. It is especially unpleasant to hear it in sexual communication … With such words neither sexual nor intellectual communication will want. Be clever and rejoice to sexual and intellectual communication. Be highly intellectual, competent in sexual communication and you will be happy long in this life.